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Game of the Year finalists


Which 2007 title will be crowned Game of the Year?(By most game websites)  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. 2007 game of the year will be...

    • Crysis (PC)
    • Assasin's Creed (PC, Xbox 360, PS 3)
    • Bioshock (PC, Xbox 360)

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These 3 were based on the previous poll. Vote for who you think we will. Personally I voted for Bioshock. It looks to be the most complete game so far. They have a solid storyline as well. Crysis I don't really see like they have the storyline set and Assasin's Creed they do but it's not as defined from previews. Overall I think Bioshock has the best team so I voted for them.

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Seriously Unstoppable. Get yourself a project or something. Ok, it's nice to have a "conversation" here, but if you invested as much time into gamedevelopment as you invest into meaningless topics and posts, you could create a game or at least a mission for TDM on your own easily.


Anyway, that poll only consists of 3 options, which is way too less. I for my self would vote for call of duty 4.

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Thief 3 and read this and be edumacated!






That is a really old thing. I guess it was six years ago or something. I, however, have a happy recollection of myself laughing my ass off because of some silly flash movie.


I'm not going to vote, as I've not played any of the games listed, and am not going to do so in the immediate future.


Still we shouldn't complain as it is allowed to post anything here.

Unstoppable seems enthusiastic, and let us allow him enjoy of it while it lasts. He'll transform into a cynical old grumpie like the rest of us soon enough.



-The mapper's best friend.

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      They're quite a weak creature as of right now, it's merely a walking corpse that slashes you, making attacking them to kill them an actual strategy.
      Would be better if they had some cool mechanism to it that truly makes them a danger, such as the resurrection idea itself.
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      I tried to upscale the TDM logo video. First try:

      briefing_video.mp4 You can test it ingame by making a copy of the core tdm_gui.mtr and place it in your-tdm-root/materials/ , then edit line 249 of that file into the location where you placed the new briefing.mp4 file.
      What I did was I extracted all the image files, then used Upscayl to upscale the images using General photo (Real-Esrgan) upscale setting and then turn it back into a video.
      I might have to crop it a bit, the logo looks smaller on screen (or maybe it's actually better this way?). My video editor turned it into a 16:9 video, which I think overal looks better than 1:1 video of original.
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