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Strangely enough;


This mission came up in an internal discussion yesterday, and I've since left LordSavage a PM/mail, hopefully he notices :)


That said, I went ahead and converted everything in-case he's too busy etc and cant do it himself, but I'll wait on a reply!


Great !


Doesn't sound like a complicated job then.

Just make sure it gets recognized as '1st TDM FM ever' - if LordSavage is willing to accept the honour.

If I got it right he is now a member of the TDM-team, right ?


Thanks !

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He released it years ago. So I think it's safe to assume it's allowed to be updated to run now. No one is CHANGING the mission, just fixing a few broken bits to make it work. It's polite and nice to ask for permission, but after this long with no reply I say it's fully acceptable to move forward with it.

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Yeah I just realized he's a beta mapper anyway. I hadn't noticed that before. I'll coordinate with Serpentine to get this polished off and send another pm saying unless we hear from you we assume etc. etc..


@Serpentine: Do you want to finish this off or upload your conversion for me to finish off? Needs a briefing etc.

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I havent heard anything new from him. But considering how little has changed, I dont really see a reason against releasing the updated version.

Fidcal, I uploaded the version I changed to the contrib svn a week or two ago, I did add a few decals here and there, neatened up some brush work and added a few really minor details. I wont be changing any more really as I have piles of uni work for the next few days and loooooaads of texture work for next weekend (svn time!). Please feel free to finish it up.

*The fireplace thing had a bad brush part in it, just check nothing is being removed by dmap.

*The door skins are quite ugly, but were the ones he used as far as I could tell.

*I did not update the objectives/objective entities items at all, pretty sure they wont work!

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