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Organic Modeller And Animator :d

Guest Diego

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Hi there! the topic says it all, i belive. but i'm more willing to animate, since you guys seems to have a lot of people available to do the modeling :)

weird the way i found this forum.. I was looking for some references on the internet, to start modeling garrett! i'm determiated to do a short film or something about thief series.. really good story, and i'm a great fan :D

So I would love to help you guys on anything, but i don't know exactly what kind of tools I need to use.. I mean, I work on 3ds max 6, is it possible to work with it?

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I think we need an animator, don't we??


Doom 3 works with .lwo (Light Wave) files, but I bet you could just go through some conversion process.


Check out this link for how to get 3D stuff into Doom 3.


Just scroll down (past the useless Video tutorials section) down to the TXT/HTML tutorials section. There, they are all categorised, into Scripting, Mapping, Lighting, etc. etc.


You'll find everything in there. Especially important tutes on how to get models into Doom3

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Currently we have all modelers that we need. So if you want to model, then we would need to see some very good models as we aim for a rather high quality.


We need some animators, I think, but we still would like to see some samples first.


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hi again! ok, here it is some modeling i've done :)

about the animation, i have only some cartoonish stuff to show you, i would love to try some photorealistic animation.. never had the chance :P do I send the animations to someone? or its easier to upload somewhere?





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We already have some fantastic modelers, but we do need some people to work primarily on animations. Your model work looks good, so if you can demonstrate some reasonable animation ability, I'm sure we can use you.

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We just hired an animator a few days ago, he's working on some stuff for us, we don't know how that will work out yet.

That model shows you have what it takes, so I think we should try you out with some character concept art to model.

If you turn out to be as good at animating, that'll be very useful also)

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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hey thanks! :) glad to know you guys liked my modeling, hope my animation skills don't let you down hehe

ok, these two are from a short i'm currently working on (with some friends) ,they are just tests.




this one i did this afternoon, the model is just for animation tests and stuff (very bad skinning too) so try to look only to the animation itself! hehe :)



let me know if there's anything not working with the links

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His links are fine, just right click > save as. I think you always have to do that with geocities for some reason.


EDIT: no sorry now they've gone screwed. it let me grab the first video (old guy with hat and a walking stick) but none of them work now :huh:

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