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  1. Ah right, that's something I used to know. Actually no-AF might work for my FM since it's going to be scripted and not go to ragdoll anyway (I think). I'm guessing it's in the SVN assets trunk somewhere, right? I'm also willing to work on it just to get it into a state where it'd work for that FM. And maybe I'd just package it in my own pk4, since I don't want to have to commit the team to spending time vetting it or taking it for the base assets or anything like that, given that this would be my first project like this and my QA tolerance for the FM doesn't have to be as high as the game's.
  2. All of this is a weird way to phrase things considering TDM is not Thief & built off the Doom3 engine, but anyway for the record: By Thief engine I guess you mean TDM engine, and not the actual Dark Engine for Thief, which is open source and for all I know they may well be also having this debate. If they do it for Doom3, they would have to release the sourcecode, and how possible would it be to port to TDM (which is on the Doom3 base)?
  3. I seem to remember somebody posting that they had a few animations already working for it, so I assumed that meant the AF was working. But I wasn't entirely following what was really going on, and you're the one that would know. If it's any motivation for someone thinking to work on it, I have an FM WIP that really requires the wolfbeast (I started it pre-2.0 when we still had id's version). So if somebody could get it in working order, I can get that out already and we'd have another nice FM to play that really features him in a cool way.
  4. We have a 3/4 completed wolfbeast, that might even pass if you can handwave over a few missing core animations. Speaking of which, I need that wolfbeast for one of my WIP FMs. Yes it's difficult, but he's not-substitutable (and cool) enough to be worth it IMO. I should take my own advice though. =/ (If you really want something done you ought to do it yourself if no one else is.)
  5. If you missed it, I got it and can't use it because I already have it on Steam. PM me and I can give you the Steam code as long as it lasts. (I was under the misunderstanding that "complete edition" meant it had DLC I didn't have, and it's not like that.)
  6. If you read the wiki page for the TDM world, you'll see we already have moors in our world, and moors are the main antagonists in the official campaign (St. Lucia, etc). I believe the character models are already in the package for use in FMs. In the campaign I scripted (The Dark Campaign), the Middle East equivalent plays a big role. The player character, Khursand, is a Persian equivalent, although his family is like 5th generation in Bridgeport, and he grew up in the equivalent of the Arab Quarter. Maybe 1/3 of the campaign takes place in the world's Baghdad equivalent. And a lot of the backstory mirrors the politics and dynamics of relations between the Abbasid caliphate & Mediterranean Europe. I think I can get around to making the first mission at some point. But I don't know if I can get around to the whole campaign by myself. A whole campaign is a lot of work!
  7. You need part of the func_stat inside the leaf for it to show. I mean when one part is inside the leaf, the whole thing shows. So the solution, I think, would to have some tiny or invisible bit of func_stat that you create as part the buildings object inside the leaf behind that portal, then the whole thing will still show. Recall that func_stats don't have to be contiguous objects.
  8. I've been using the strategy from Thief 2 for forests, which is "rooms" that are giant cylinders, skybox above and a brush texture below, that open to each other at portalized kiss points that are strategically aligned so you (almost) never see into a third room through one. And then you stuff it full of trees and brush to kind of hide the walls as dense forest brush. (Cf. Trail of Blood and Baddcog's Relic: Left 4 Dead.) Optimization-wise, it works pretty well. You get really dense mazy forest in all directions that's believable-ish if you hide the seams well. They're also dirt easy to make (make a giant box, I think the hotkey was control-number to make an n-sided cylinder, then you just drag it oblong, duplicate and cut; top half is skybox, bottom half is brush texture). The challenge is that we don't have great brush textures or objects fit for this purpose. I made a texture that does the job. I still wish I could find some better objects I could use. Rocks also work well. I just think impassable brush is a bit more realistic. I don't know if it's the best approach, but I've sunk enough into it that I want to see it out, and it can serve as a proof of concept for everybody else. The other thing I'd really like is individual giant branches that I can add to base tree trunk objects to construct my own forest canopies and make the trees differ, another thing T2 did.
  9. I can't see it happening for Thief from a proper studio. It'd be great to see a fan made Thief movie, and I think that's actually in the kind of scope where a team of fans could make it. You just need to find a neighborhood and a few interiors that look medieval enough, and have a good script, and I don't think it would take much more. But for that matter it'd also be (/would have been) great for a team of fans to finish of the Hammerite Imperium campaign, the COSAS campaign, the T2 Gold missions, our own Crucible campaign, etc, etc. But anyway a fan made Thief movie would be cool & our best shot of seeing one IMO.
  10. The vocal set can be defined in the AI's .def file. If it's a spawnarg, then it's permanently set at spawntime. If it's a dynamic argument then you can change it with a script or whatever in-game. I have an intuition that it's a spawnarg though, which complicates silencing the AI by just changing the vocal set to null or whatever parameters silence the AI in-game since that wouldn't work. You'd have to choose between the AI being noisy or silent from spawn. IIRC that's another reason I leaned towards the teleport trick. I mean in the end, I just hid my AI behind an unopenable door because I still had problems getting the pathfinding to register post-teleport. But if I wanted to do it properly now, I'd go with teleporting in and out route and just make sure the place I teleport from and to has pathfinding created in the dmap (i.e., it's in connected space to the start marker so the A* algorithm reaches it. I think that's what I missed when I tried it the first time).
  11. If you make it invisible and non-solid, you'll also probably need to make it mute or you can still hear it. I found it easier to just teleport the AI to a distant place, and teleport it back in if I needed to, if that could work for you. If you do that, just be sure that the place you teleport the AI to is someplace either part of the main mission space or maybe that the AI could technically walk to from where it started so the pathfinding still works post-teleport. (It's something like that. I can't recall the particulars. The point is pathfinding will break if it teleports in from or out to a place entirely detached from other mission space.)
  12. The advice people often give in this situation is, when you really can't find the source of a problem, you just clear the problem area or brushes and re-build it from scratch with a very clean building style. If you can track it down to a small area, then that's not so bad, but if it's a larger area, that might be more effort than it's worth, especially in your case of otherwise being on the verge of release.
  13. We could have a whole topic just on this, but what is everybody's opinion about drawing out a level in advance of building? I draw a top-down map, and sometimes in the margin I might draw how I think the scene might look. But I draw it out as a guide. Maybe about 80% of it I'll build as it is in the map, but another 20% I'll improvise as I go with buildings or orientations or features. Well, sometimes, if it's like a mazy outdoor area, I'll just leave spaces open with general comments like "trees and brush here" and completely improvise areas like that. My thinking is that, except for a few key things, nothing is sacred or set in stone, and I let myself feel free to change things around once I'm in the editor dragging stuff around. But I plan like that from the beginning. It's part of my more general strategy of node-based plotting. I plot an FM based on nodes of key events, and the whole story is connecting those nodes together. So that works for the mapping too. I'll plan out the rooms for key scenes, but the rest of it is basically connecting the nodes together in a space, and that's what I'll leave open for improvisation as I go. What are all of your thoughts and strategies for the balance between planning and improvising?
  14. The other thing along with face merging is highlighting two vertexes and hitting a button that merge them into one vertex. There are so many times I wanted to do that. (Can we even do it now? I feel like I'm behind in my DR feature knowledge.) So vertex merging and face merging would both be great ideas. This is the first time I'm hearing about that second idea, but I can already see how useful it would be. Building with positive geometry is so often: duplicate, drag, re-size. Duplicate, drag, re-size. Duplicate, drag, re-size... And that looks like it could boil it down to , click-drag, click-drag, click-drag. Or at least click-drag, resize. I already really like it.
  15. I believe we even had a torrent once, or maybe I'm mis-remembering. I'm not against it in principle. But of course once a new version rolls around it's already out of date and the new one may have very few seeds, And it takes extra work to do a job already done, and we're short-staffed as it is. I thought updater does resume partially downloaded files though, because the first thing it does is an integrity check. But I don't remember this well either.
  16. I mean some people on TTLG are fanatical about the retro TG style. So you'd probably even have fans if you brought that style to TDM. In fact, I think some of those types might be the most resistant to playing TDM because they might feel it's not authentic enough or true to the TG/T2 FM roots. So you might even help soften them up for the switch. To your larger point though, I learned mapping originally from T2 levels also, and it's definitely a change of paradigm when I started learning how TDM maps work. You can learn so much looking through some existing TDM maps though, and there are a few great tutorials, like how to set up lines of sight. Some ideas from T2 also don't translate well... Like T2 portalization does the visportal business automatically, whereas we have to thinking about it & do it ourselves, and that affects how you set up lines of sight. And we have to think more carefully about the lighting since it's real time & has a performance hit. Well there's a lot of little things like that. The most important thing is just that you stay motivated. If your favored style of building makes you productive and you feel good about it, IMO that trumps every thing else. Better you get a map out that you feel good about than trying to take on too much, losing motivation, and never get anything released at all. Do what works for you.
  17. There are lots of little tricks you can use too. It's lights overlapping a surface that has the performance hit. So you can tweak the light boxes just so they don't overlap. Or you can have a large overlapping light with shadows turned off, and then sneak in smaller shadowcasting lights to make a few key shadows. (There's a whole wiki page on performance optimizations and tweaks too that every mapper should know about.)
  18. Are you going to make a tutorial for this? It'd be useful for the rest of us.
  19. That was always my opinion. (I think that's what I said above.) Valve's entire philosophy is the entire staff choose their own work schedule, so only games that people know are going to be good get worked on. If one can't get people to work on it, it means it's really likely it'd be a bad game if you forced people to work on it anyway. And I can't say that's much worse than no game at all.
  20. Focus on Indies. There are a lot of great games by thoughtful devs still coming out. Concentrate on them.
  21. Maybe the most ambitious free roam mission is Behind Closed Doors, the first mission for the Crucible of Omens campaign. It's massive and sprawling, but it also has countless tiny places on roofs, through windows, and down alleys that you can clamber and scramble and wiggle into.
  22. You might be able to do a kind of relay trigger to get your pause and then the final end (you can have the final, final objective to be a hidden one triggered after the speech is over). But personally I'd just have that objective call a script and do it all by script, then there's no relay business. You just directly add the commands to the script: the pause, then activate the speaker, then pause while it speaks, then trigger the final hidden objective directly. And you can find the commands either in the wiki, in other example scripts, or it's basically C++ so look up the C++ way and it will probably work.
  23. Does TortoiseSVN work the same when it's on GitHub? The shell for git is kind of nightmarish to work with. I still have to use a tutorial to walk through the steps to do basic things.
  24. I got them. I bought the DVD-R's and mailed them to him with a self-addressed stamped envelope. I still have the folder on my computer where I downloaded them into (well, via probably 4 or 5 laptops in between). It was from around the same time. The top of the readme says *** FINAL-FINAL KOMAG DVDs MAY 2012 ***
  25. Is it possible to delete it and spawn a new one at the new location?
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