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  1. Aside from the Museum. Good venue for a Mission could be a theater during a play or opera or concerto. Like make it funny. and have the player sabotage the whole thing at the end.
  2. I would love to see more challenge with the AI. Most specifically more options to the hearing values in the difficulty settings. Like at hardest hearing setting the AI will notice if the player is moving the mouse too abruptly to look around at close range while in shadows and also hearing lock picking from a particular distance. Long ago I suggested the concept of the player making a soft coin in bag sound when moving the mouse abruptly. Similar to Alien Isolation.
  3. It makes perfect sense the AI to stay knocked out during the whole Mission. Missions are supposed to be completed before dawn in most cases so just a couple of hours. I do like the concept Judith presented from Dishonored. Having AI wake knocked down enemies forces the player to hide the bodies and be more aware of where the AI is going.
  4. Like you stand behind the AI in front of a mirror and the AI doesn't notice the player moving around behind them. That was a letdown for me in Hitman 2016.
  5. Obsidian released a Turn Based Mode in the New Patch for Pillars of Eternity 2. Pretty smart move imo. I purchased the game and looks Stunning. I never finished the first one because of Real Time fights which are to chaotic for my taste. I really wish they do the same for the first one and hope to see something similar for Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition. This sort of solves the issue I had with the first one that made me feel the dungeons were too small. Turn based gameplay forces the player to spend more time in Dungeons and sort of compensate for it. Everything feels more balanced in this one.
  6. Lock the Topic? Ewww. Under what premise? Arrogance? I find it marginal and distasteful. The Topic will die eventually anyway. Bikerdude is a liked member here (At least by me) so the news of him getting banned is already pretty severe. Logically it will create reactions. Let it flow. Locking the thread will create an undesired sense of despotism in the Forum. No like.
  7. BTW the Soft Shadows give TDM a more T1, T2 vibe.
  8. I also hope to see more Graphic options in the future. The more the better like RE 2 Remake. So many options to tweak in that game it's a bit overwhelming at first. I'm Shook with the performance boost with 2.07. It would be interesting to see a side comparison between this version and the first ones, fps count included.
  9. It can be used in game play like Syrim and can be tweaked to be much less intrusive too. So it's a matter of personal taste. That's the best part of the New Reshade. You can experiment and tweak as much as you want and every single effect can be restored to default independently. And yes for cut scenes as well as many other effects like Chromatic Aberration, kaleidoscope etc. For some reason the DOF makes TDM Look like a Toy World and I love it. Eye Adaptation works pretty well also which is something I was hoping for in TDM for a long time. I tweaked it so the effect takes longer and also toned it down by a big margin so it's more subtle. At this point my game looks totally different than original. It really shows this game can go much further in terms of aesthetic effects and doesn't really need much to get to that point.
  10. Or even more boxy like an old Piano. But Clavichords sounds very obsolete and depressing which is perfect for TDM. Hopefully this serves as inspiration.
  11. No Reshade: Reshade: smaa fxaa combined. Same effect as 18 AA with minimal performance hit.
  12. I thought most of those issues were solved after 4.0. Doom 3 now appears in their list as working perfectly.
  13. Has anyone already tested FPS drop for TDM with Reshade smaa and fxaa effects in comparison with in game AA?
  14. Mission Idea: The cursed Clavichord. (This mission needs this particular asset). So this Mission would require a Clavichord to be made but I think this would be a great asset as well for future FMs.
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