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    As promised, here is the Arx: End of Sun fish set up as a wandering 'ambient' AI in TDM. Download link Remember to credit the EoS team if you use it (their asset licence is Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported). It should work as randomly moving scenery. Anything else might work - I hit one with the blackjack and it bit back - or might not. EoS stopped its fish flying out of water with some custom code to allow a maximum flying height. In the absence of that, if you want to put one in open water all I can suggest is seeing whether a monsterclip 'ceiling' works. The AAS and scriptobject are from the Elemental, but the dimensions are taken straight from EoS; you may find the swim animation occasionally clips into the floor (presumably preventable with monsterclip if it's not sand/mud/etc.). This is the first AF/ragdoll I've made. I think I generally got rid of the bad behaviour, but fish are slippery creatures. Textures are in TGA format straight from EoS; you may want to convert non-normals to DDS before FM release. (Normal maps are actually unused by default; see .mtr for details.)
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    Making some lava flow and sculpting some rock today.
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    Meanwhile, in the kitchen, things have eggscalated ^^ https://streamable.com/gbth8
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    First mission I played after the two that come with the mod. What can I say, absolutely amazing. Did not expect an animated opening sequence and voice acting. The atmosphere was great and the decoration awesome. Got ~2600 gold, found 5/6 secrets. Btw, did I understand this correctly:
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    It's that time of the year where I come here to recommend a game that really blew my mind and I wish more people would play it. Lair of the clockwork god on Steam This is from the creators of Ben there Dan that and Time gentlemen, please. Lair of the clockwork god is, at its core, a point and click adventure game. Except the gimmick is that it's also a platformer. You can control either character at any time, one wants to be a platformer the other is still clinging to the point and click genre. OK, so the gimmick is just a hook and it fades to the background quickly; that's not why I recommend it, I recommend it because the game itself is just utterly brilliant and hilarious. It made me laugh out loud many times. And the cleverness of the puzzles made my jaw drop many times. It's hard to take someone's word for it, but it's harder to give examples without spoiling the game. It was launched recently but I already think it has been criminally overlooked and underrated.
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    I really don't know much about it. I follow the dev on twitter and that's my source of info. They made DUSK, a FPS inspired by 90s shooters (blood seems to be a specific influence), and Gloomwood seems to be the same but for Thief.
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    @STRUNK That worked! That worked! Activation of both func_movers and subsequent frobbing of the map does not cause crashes anymore! I removed the def file but kept the reusable_script as removal of the latter prevented DM from starting in the first place. Thank you very much for your help! In my potential mission "The Inventors Guild", you will not only get a mention, you will get your own statue - in the "Hall of Inventors"!
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    Ok, I just finished a script and map for 8 of them : ) You can simply copy stuff to your map and bind to bob1, bob2 etc. Be shure to read the script file and adjust if needed. So if this works you can get rid of the former .script and .def files The script file goes in the maps folder and should be renamed tot the same name as your own map. Bob.map Bob.script
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    Everytime I check this thread now, I get hungry... Those are looking great though @STRUNK
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    Well, credit goes to the person who actually made the model; I just did the format conversion to get it working in TDM. I wasn't planning to have a wholly Lovecraftian mission, just one of those moments when you swing through an open window on your way through town and stumble upon something sinister. Of course, anyone else could use it too.
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    Siege Shop has a "school" of Arcturus' fish swimming the moat*. They were rotated and resized so there was variation. Then I bound each to a mover on a spline. My WIP pagan village map also has the same fish in a river. They are nice, but would love to see more animated fish. And birds! I need some ravens. *One pass in about a minute or so, swimming upstream.
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    Well, speaking of Lovecraft... (Asset source)
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    Hey! How's everyone doing? Found this neat project in development by the dev on twitter, called Gloomwood. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves: http://gloomwood.com/press/ The dev's twitter: https://twitter.com/Jollyrogers99 . I'm surprised there isn't a topic about it yet here, because he's most definitely part of the thief community! Anyway, I really like it. It's cool to see people embracing dated visuals as if it was by design. It wasn't, we know, but it has its merits besides nostalgia, in my opinion.
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    @Geep instead of triggering the whole entity, you could maybe get by just by re-calling the objectfunction if condition x (m_bobbing) is true. void scriptobjectname::bob() { move up wait move down wait if(m_bobbing){thread bob();} } Or use a while(condition_x) to only repeat movement for as long as condition x is true. void scriptobjectname::bob() { while(m_bobbing) { move up wait move down wait } } And condition x could be toggled like this. This should get called when the func_bobbing is triggered(/frobbed). void scriptobjectname::toggle_bob() { if(m_bobbing) //if m_bobbing == 1 {m_bobbing = 0;} else {m_bobbing = 1;} }
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    And I've discovered why my initial attempt to disable searching had no effect: the spawnarg is canSearch, not can_search as in can_drown or can_unlock. And I put the wrong one in the updated def, so I'll need to change the download again. Coming momentarily. Edit: done.
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    Catching some of these new fishes: https://streamable.com/qb49h
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    Thanks for the help. I imagine they might be missing something that the search internals expect; I didn't give them an AIUse value, for example, but they inherit visual and communication S/R so maybe they ought to have one.
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    @VanishedOne I tried 4 times now with only can search off ... with 24 fish in water and 10 mines ... and they don't care and don't rush together.
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    I'm stoked to check this build out! Congrats. #5201 The apebeasts are missing some wearable objects. One of which is used in an animation and I think if the system can't find an animation object it throws up an error and kicks the player back to the main menu. See bug for more details.
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    This is one of the most bizarre requests I've read in a long time.
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    @JackFarmer Maybe replace the def and script files with the ones below, where I got rid off a lot of code that you don't need. custom_func.def tdm_reusable_script.script
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    Welcome to the Dark Mod! Glad you had a good time with my mission too
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    On phire wit the food puns today.
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    Oh yes, ravens. Vultures too. I'll have to check those Siege Shop fish out.
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    @Dragofer This decal text making is interesting indeed,thanks for the link. I have it all in pieces because I want to do stuff with it, but if you like to check out if and maybe why it''s blocky, here's a link to the parts: Coffee Grinder Parts
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    Very nice! I'd suggest exporting it as .ase instead of .lwo, though. DR doesn't export smooth .lwo's in recent versions; DR's .ase's are also glitched in a similar way (every tri gets its own 3 verts instead of sharing with neighbours) but at least it looks ok ingame.
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    Since TDM was invited to use Arx: End of Sun assets, I decided to try adding the fish AI to TDM (as wandering ambient AI, though it would be possible to make them dangerous again if desired). Whereupon I ran into the same experience Obsttorte had with the werebeast: there's something about TDM's handling of AI that makes going near them trigger a crash if they lack an AF. So: The fish is now usable in an aquarium - or a kitchen - but I'm not sure whether it'll be possible to put it in open water without scripting its behaviour. It's possible to tell AAS to calculate 'swim reachabilities' but I don't know whether they can actually be used for anything; EoS calculated both swim and fly reachabilities, had the fish use MOVETYPE_FLY and added some code to let a maximum fly height be set in a spawnarg.
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    Not as much as you'd expect. A while back, Aluminium Haste benchmarked loading times using hdd, ssd and RAM-Disk. Loading time went down from 1:45 min to 1:28 min at most. I also did a quick benchmark just now in order to check what the effect of the zip/pk4 compression is. I used 2.08 Beta 1 and compared it to SVN (where everything is unzipped), while using the same executable. I loaded Saint Lucia for this test. Loadtime zipped: 0:28 min Loadtime unzipped: 0:23 min Again, not much to gain here. I wonder how loadtimes would be affected if all normals were converted to RGTC?
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    Mmm turmeric and ginger! Keep it coming STRUNK, this is awesome.
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    Spices! I modified the bottom of the jars a bit: And added a .pk4 with all the spices: Basil, Chili, Black Pepper, Coriander, Oregano, Ve-tsin, Cacau, Curry, Tyme, Cinnamon, Black Thea, Tumeric, White Pepper, Nutmeg and Salt : ) Spices.pk4
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    It would be great if mappers could define EFX within DR. The info location entities are needed for definition of relevant areas anyway. Thus, I wonder if there is the chance to add a new property there, something like: "efx" and when applied, it should display "Select Reverb" (similar to "Choose Model/Choose Skin" for other entities).
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    No problem mate. Thank you for being part of the community! And for creating those missions : ) I'm gonna check Accountant 2 now and your other FMs I haven't completed yet. Cheers.
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