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  1. Heh, the future is here! Global value chains means that when you buy hardware, you get china-chips from Chinese subcontractors, russia-chips from Russian subcontractors, america-chips from American subcontractors, and spy-chips from all the other parties of the value chain. Plus after hardware, you still get all the bloatware and malware that comes pre-installed. I find it tragicomic. Bright side is that at least you get extra microchips for the same price...
  2. I think people are tricked by the marketers and confused. It is true that some level of consumption is required for happiness, but after basic needs are fulfilled, increasing consumption no longer increase happiness. People struggle for more and consume more, but they do not attain the happiness they struggle for. Happiness is a simple internal thing in you, which you can activate if you choose to do so. It is not something you seek out from the world and grab or buy for yourself. The expectation of infnite growth must be somehow linked to this confusion. I know a lot of educated and smart
  3. I agree that it is hardly probable that 1 CEO really equals in value 230 ordinary workers for work "value." But there is the flip side of the coin (pun intended); at least in Finland high salary CEO means a lot for government tax income. Also, when the CEO buys their expensive toys and penthouses and palaces, the government taxes those as well. Thus some part of the wealth is recirculated back to the money pool of the common people and pays for welfare benefits, healthcare, road maintenance, and stuff). That is, if the tax money was not squandered in ineffective bureaucracy, corruption, etc.
  4. I think it is a miracle that the capitalistic economy works. Please pause to consider it. It is the glue and an artificial (perhaps sometimes even arbitrary) set of rules and incentives that coordinates massive amount of people to cooperate towards a common goal. And it works! Have you ever tried to influence the behaviour of a large group of people? Really difficult. But here you have it: capitalism + democracy (The System) leads to a more or less stable and predictable society and economy. The incentives direct people into mostly useful activities. Wealth is generated and distributed. Law
  5. Primitive boys, in jungle paradise, build a roman-style brick house using only their wits, sticks and stones. They make their own bricks, too. Awesome!
  6. A nice little project: (no, the AI grumble was TDM's own idea: I did not put it in!) Here is an animation if someone wants to try to do something with it. Even if it would not go to core mod, it could be pretty cool as a scripted city watch raid or something.. And the files as .pk4 are here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PcGb4s1awWWBvdCC2317Sl23rZRuGD0A/view?usp=sharing Enjoy!
  7. Working on an animation now...
  8. Kicking and shoulder-bashing a door does not *unlock* it, but would rather break the door or the door frame, right? (The lock slide cracks through the frame or the door comes down from the hinges.) Would it be a little weird if the AI would violently kick the door, which unlocks, and then is opened normally? Also, if the player has a key to the door, can the door be unlocked again? If so, would be silly. Kicking would be a skeleton key for all doors. The issue is a non-issue if the AI is allowed to open all doors. In my missions, I always give all AI permission to open all locked doors f
  9. I think, map design wise, they nailed the atmosphere of a northern city qu8te well. If you go to Stockholm after playing the game, you see hauntingly familiar places parks and suburbs...
  10. Oh that, we talked about it years ago. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18270-cry-of-fear/ I think it was pretty awesome. Not so good gameplaywise, but the atmosphere was spot on.
  11. I wonder if crushing walls trap could have simple script that detects moveables in the trap space and removes them when the trap is triggered. Add a dust puff particle effect when the walls start to move which would conceal the disappearance of the moveables.
  12. "What if your children will be assholes who'll kill each other over your inheritance and in the end it will just be owned by the state? Or some immigrant polishing children's shoes to get a will with the aforementioned inheritance, that will get because those children were too selfish, leading to being alone, rich and miserable? Isn't that even more pointless to fight so selfishly for life only within your family? It's Santa Barbara type stories but they do happen. " Exactly. If humans really did pointlessly fight each other, we could have never progressed this far. We progressed this far be
  13. "I feel we work ourselves up over semantics; we think alike in that the scientific method is indeed superior, and, in it's idealized form, as an idea, is optimal, at least the best we have for finding truth. I just want to stress that until it produces truth, it temporarily can (and often, perhaps usually in some fields) produces falsehoods; [...] But the central usefulness of science is for helping us to make more successful decisions, and those have to be done right now or soon, and we have very often not the time to wait for science to produce perfect truth." I think we are in perfec
  14. @Destined, I think Stumpy is referring to Indium, which is needed in transparent, but conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) films. Indium is expensive, relatively rare and China is the biggest producer (deposits exist elsewhere in the world, too though). Since it is applied on substrate as a really thin film, it is difficult to recycle from the devices. Last time I looked, there is a furious ongoing effort to replace ITO with variety of methods. It would be so cool if they succeeded... I'm a chemist too, by the way...
  15. After this discussion (thanks everyone!) I think I am revising my position towards "less worried" in terms of climate change. Some thoughts, briefly: 1) Climate change has been identified as a real problem by science, but now there is fortunately at least some building momentum to tackle it. 2) what will happen during our lifetime is probably something between two extremeties: a) Venus-like greenhouse-effect-outta-control (very unlikely), or b ) no significant change (very unlikely). Highest probability event is loss of inhabitable land in some areas (floods, drought, extreme weather).
  16. A good horror story never reveals the horror It always lurks in the shadows. The heroes might stumble through the terror it generates, but in the best stories they do not have definite answers. They can suspect variety of causes, but there are no answers. Only more questions. I recommend some Lovecraft novels, I think most of the books are freely available at project Gutenberg. And I like the journal-like scientific approach in many of them. Also, read the stories at SCP foundation. Those free and delightfully creepy and modern, sometimes outright funny. Also, a treat for anyone enjoying sc
  17. "Doesn't this mean that you perceive reality through a filter, so you see a prettified illusion instead of reality?" Yes. And it also means that you have your own filter, too. I choose brighter filter than what you have chosen. Everyone experiences the reality through their own filter, and -make no mistake- nobody runs without filters. So in a sense, you can pretty much choose how life tastes by choosing your filters. Why choose a dark one when you could choose a bright one? I know one can be forced.to use dark ones if something horrible happens, but one can learn bright filters in time,
  18. "I think you are living in a fairy-land." "I think you seem to have lived a very happy, sheltered life, isolated from harsh reality." This is probably correct. I am aware that in many places life is much more difficult than in civilized western countries, and in those place people probably have to do horrible stuff to survive. And nature is harsh indeed, where the weak are given no chance. Together, we have built these societies, safe havens of comfort. I am glad I've given the opportunity to live in this relative comfort, where life-and-death struggles are not there. The original purpose
  19. Hm... I am starting to pick up interesting value differences. Would never kill even one person for 1M money, because I would have to live with my conscience afterwards. I strive for truth and integrity and for what I perceive to be right. I think most people I know seem to be like that, and it seems to be a norm. Usually if I identify people with psychopathic tendencies, I withdraw from them, because they are selfish and dangerous if their agenda conflicts with mine. (I've encountered a few cases.) I do not crave for more money, because I think I have enough of it for basic needs and happ
  20. Wait a minute! Let's follow this through. "Elite", in general level, is a tribalistic term used of "othering." It means that: *we are we, together. *elites are them. *they are the enemy, the conspirators, the source of our problems. *We are pure and innocent. They are the ones to blame. We don't blame ourselves, we blame them. It is super-easy and acceptable among us. None of them is with us, so when we blame them, they are not around to defend themselves. We do not need to understand them. *they should be defined loosely, so we can blame them more efficiently. We can easily choose from new
  21. @Outlooker, But who is the elite who conspires against the people? You say :(rulers, scientists, top management, actively governing elements of the upper class etc.)" I belong to the science class/caste and know a lot of people in my class, internationally. Not me nor my colleagues are aware of any conspiracy. We didn't receive any letter from fellow conspirators inviting us aboard their little global scheme. I see you really distrust elites, but please define the elite you distrust more accurately. I am a scientist, but I do not consider myself as elite. I do not know elites personally.
  22. Springheel loaded spike trap! I like it! Howsabout trigger_shooter? Shooters hurt everybody, right? Just fire an invisible bullet that does the damage you want? Or make it to be springloaded spike SHOOTER trap, where you shoot a spike at the victim.
  23. Wow! Nice! Like I expected, the folks in this forum never fail in generating interesting points of views. Outlooker really put an interesting piece here. Thank you for that! Some of the topics, I am familiar with, and the arguments sound convicing or at least match with my perceptions. But! I may be cutting some corners here but the main argument seems a little far fetched: "Climate change is a conspiracy by the elites. Its purpose is to prevent the worker class from getting too rich and start slacking off, which would result in the economy to grind to a halt." (Sorry if I misunderstoo
  24. Yes, it is true that the media presents news items with some extra "impact" because it must do so in order to sell (Nowadays synonymous with evoking deep feelings and negative feelings are more easily evoked than positive ones.) I am aware of these and often try to lean to summaries of scientific literature when dealing with news (I do not have access to the actual papers anymore. Earth-Venus greenhouse effect is one possibility, but as you said, nobody knows the probability of this outcome. A more probable result, I believe (no probabilities here), is loss of farmland globally, famine,
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