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  1. I would say that the benefit of non-project way is that the mapper is not that committed to the single project yet. Preparing the project folder is work, so if one wants to casually map here and there and have a bunch of files in the darkmos/maps folder to experiment with, non-project approach is better. At some point the mapper gotta start the serious work and at that stage it is good to go into project mode. This works for me quite well.
  2. I usually work like this: 1) first work on the .map in darkmod/maps. If other files are generated, they are stored under darkmod folder (like darkmod/guis, etc) 2) once the .map is done and I move to doing briefing, etc, I package the mission as .pk4 and install it as a normal fm. I move all the unnecessary subfolders out from darkmod folder. 3) I unpack the .pk4 into the darkmod/fms/mymap folder and I delete the .pk4. 4) finishing touches are done in project mode. Sort of best of both worlds. I go into project mode when I get the most benefit from doing so.
  3. I guess basic income must become reality as soon as robots and machines replace humans in most workplaces. It is either basic income and societal stability or few ultra-rich people who own the production machines and destitute people who want to destroy the rich. I do not know what the basic income commoner will do in the future: people get money for free and hang around in virtual realities doing nothing? Or perhaps basic income requires people to contribute at least something to the society: something small that is within their capabilities: the robots will do it better, but humans do it f
  4. God, this topic would be awesome to discuss in person in a nice restaurant while enjoying some high quality alcoholic beverages.. But sadly I do not have anymore time to discuss these online in written form. Dammit!
  5. I do not know if you can track where the player gets damage. A simpler way would be "Do not let the zombies get close to you (melee range)." Bind a trigger on the zombie. If the player gets too close to the zombie and trigger is fired, run a script. The script makes the player play "cough cough" sound effect and whatever you want. For gameplay purposes, you could make it easier for the player. Let's say the mission has a global variable "contagion" it starts at 0. Every time the zombie trigger is fired, the contagion is increased by one. Now you could have various effects like contagio
  6. Yeah yeah, sure, there is real life James Bond stuff going on of course. Like the Litvinenko case. It sends a clear message too, because you can't just buy polonium from the general store. True true, it is horrible stuff. But there are also conspiracy theories which are just junk. And you can really easily provoke consipracy theories from facts just by leaving out other facts. An example: Fact1: "Almost all Titanic casualties died because of heart attack!" *Wild theories go on why the true cause of their deaths were concealed by a ship sinking cover-up. Perhaps a new combat gas was tested
  7. My main question would be: why are people so fascinated by conspiracy theories? I've noticed that Americans seem to love them in particular. What is the main appeal? Is it just entertainment: urban legends and fascinating stories? Or are they something to genuinely to believe: something that affects your every day life and your daily actions? In the reality, there is room for an endless amount of speculation and conspiracy theories. They are mostly equally valid and the evaluation of their thruth-value is equally difficult. Why spend time on them? Sure, if journalists and investigators
  8. Sotha

    Human Nature

    Methinks people just like interesting stories and adventures. And in an adventure or a story, there needs to be an element of risk, danger and other stuff that appeals to the emotions to make it interesting. "Find the killer before he murders another innocent teen girl," "a grand battle of epic proportions." If you want to have an interesting story that appeals to people's feelings, you need to first make the character look like a decent and nice guy, and then have him be decapitated by a douchebag coward teen-king just out of fun. It really feels in the audience because it triggers an outra
  9. Bakery Job gives the player gold and they can buy as much water arrows as they can afford. Easier difficulty level gives more gold. The combo entities work just like normal the light entities: the difference is that with those I can see the light radii in DR (Okay, I admit that making the first combo light is a little more work than just plopping in a light entity, and also the combo light model is always noshadows... but I still feel the benefit of visible light radii is more valuable than the mentioned cons.).
  10. As good example as any: it covers everything and is narrated why I am doing stuff I do. I never use standard light entities, but rather model+light entity combos. Standard lights do not show light radius in DR. TDM is a game of light and shadow: I need precise light control in the editor, and that is the reason for using the combos. Mapping protocol is the same wheter one uses standard entities or you build a combo entity. You just clone the light and smack it into place.
  11. If interested in mapping, I made a youtube series where I build a new map from scratch. It took something like 6 hours in total and shows everything that is needed for a simple mission with no fancy extras. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18680-lets-map-tdm-with-sotha-the-bakery-job/
  12. What the hell? How can it be possible to run out of music licenses in a ready final product? It just does not make any sense me and I've never seen entertainent expire in such a manner. I recommend Alan Wake highly. Although the gameplay is a bit dull and repetitive, the story is great and how it is executed is an example how to do it correctly. It just table spoon feds you with story so that you are always engaged and crave for more. Also the soundtrack is awesome. The American Nightmare is only gameplay with minimal/crappy story. Not worth of most people's time or money.
  13. Just do. There is no try.
  14. I thinks AI has spawnarg idle_anim_interval or something along those lines. If you set that to huge number (in seconds, a day to two) the AI will never play idle anims unless the player chooses to wait for them.
  15. This seems like a really useful site for choosing service providers. Thanks for sharing!
  16. Indeed! Very nice voice and good presentation.
  17. @Spring, thanks for sharing! That listening to that certainly was time well spent. Now, where is the "I gained insight" -button?
  18. Does your mission use custom gui files? Did you overlook copying some files?
  19. Hmm.. I do not fully agree with you. I think settling for less might be a totally viable strategy for happiness. Striving for better [insert thingy here] is not necessarily a good strategy, because that results in a happiness treadmill: "I would be happier if I had a big house" -> you get a big house -> "I would be happier if I had a big house with a sea view!" That way you are always discontent because you already want the Next Best Thing, right? That way, it is better to stick to the stuff you already have and get the most out of them. Sure, there are always exceptions: if your sp
  20. @Judith, Interesting view that you think most people honestly are not happy. Any particular reason why you think so? I was thinking that people are, in general, happy with their lives. I mean, if they were unhappy, surely they would do something about it, and thus unhappiness would be a temporary matter that would eventually be resolved. But sure, there is always room for improvement and people could be even more happier, and the question could be interpreted that way as well. I'm thinking happiness is more like a skill you can train, and not like candy that you buy, consume and need m
  21. One thing to note is that people have more free time than ever. 100-200 years (just a few generations) ago people worked most of their time. Also, before electricity, daylight was so scarce in northern countries, people were sleeping if they weren't working to survive. Working in darkness was perilous. Technology improved the productivity so much that now people have spare time, and the filling of spare time a whole 'new' industry. What people consider 'garbage' is subjective. Some people waste their time playing games (mobile or PC), others watch movies, othes read books (high-culture or
  22. The wiki has a few lines about the City in general.http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_City#Districts_of_Note But that is just for inspiration if mappers are out of ideas. Ultimately, Bridgeport is, if not an empty canvas for the mapper to paint in, a pristine coloring book, which the mapper can color as they please and make it their own.
  23. Howsabout some general sample lines like this? "*casual, relaxed* hello, how are you? A bit chilly night, isn't it?" "*frightened* hello...? Is someone there?" "*sad, shocked* gone.... every single penny. Damned thieves!" "*enraged, angry* I am going to cut you like a roasted pig!" That way we get a fair idea what kind of voice you have and also what kind of emotion you can put behind the voice. Most of the stuff mappers need, is just casual talking, but if you can put emotion behind the lines, people could do some more complex works as well. Thanks for your interest to help us out
  24. Origin placement is important. If the model origin is greatly misplaced and ends up outside worldspawn (in the void), then dmap will fail. As long as the origin is somewhere within the model and makes the module snap perfectly to the grid, all is well. It is very fortunate DR does not rotate stuff around the origin, because many objects do not have the origin dead in the center, because that would compromise the grid snapping. Also, door models must have their origins at the actual in-game rotation point.
  25. One more delightful insight is that I do (in theory, practice not tested) know how to hunt and how to make a fire in a survival situation, because.... ....I watched survival reality television! (The garbage entertaiment!) :D So it is not all bad, I guess.
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