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  1. I guess they are trying to avoid giving credits to the perpetrators.
  2. Yeah but no fixes to have Bloodlines 1 working straight out of the box on Steam, only GOG. I have the feeling that despite good intentions to make profit, Bloodlines 2 will not surpass the original like Witcher 2 and 3 could not be better than the original game (which was the most faithul to the books).
  3. Anderson

    Hedon is out

    Nice techno OST.
  4. Did anyone have memory leaks with RAM? I do not know if this is a Win 10 issue in particular but the most common advice I see is to buy more RAM ( I have 2 Gb atm). The problem is that if the laptop idles for 20-30 minutes or more then it just stalls whenever I return from any distraction I was busy with because RAM is full apparently. I think it might be the Antivirus but, could it be the main culprit? RAM is 70-80% busy in task manager even shortly after startup and so is the hard drive.
  5. When Facebook banned some Moldovan accounts by public servants working for the government party, I definitely would not complain, even though their ads in the campaign were equally toxic to the other parties. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-moldova/facebook-voids-accounts-targeting-moldova-pre-election-idUSKCN1Q312B However this is balanced and proportionate in comparison to the toxic censorship employed by Russian social networks like Odnoklasniki or Vkontakte, which leads to many Russians who worry about their safety to use Telegram.
  6. Ancient, but bugs with getting stuck in an animation ( ladder climbing animation) are not always a bad thing:
  7. Windows 10’s File Explorer Will Soon Let You Access Your Linux Subsystem Files: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/199652/windows-10s-file-explorer-will-soon-let-you-access-your-linux-subsystem-files
  8. Thanks for the book, I will look for ways to torrent it. Atm stuck reading Plutarch, but on the subject of negativity/nihilism I love Emil Cioran and even A. Camus with numberous existential crises. Who needs dumbed down psychological consultations when there is philosophy? I think people are always fluctuating between extremes in their tribalism and this tendency is today mostly created in the US. I do not know if populists are the problem. Saakashvili from Georgia in recent history is also a populist but he was arguably the best leader the country had in years. The problem for second rate countries like mine and even worse in poorer countries is that the smartest, most capable people choose to emigrate for economic purposes and they will never return. Thus, they leave the poorer people who do not have enough resources/time to inform themselves and make an intelligent guess at elections, thus doomed to repeat old mistakes of history in endless cycles of nothingness, misery and despair. Returning on the subject of UBI, perhaps more examination is required upon how this tool should be utilized not just as an economic crutch. Even if it is a leftist idea, it can anyway be part of a larger social, ideological fix for a broader target audience if it is more than a glorified experiment and I hope that's not the case. We can't afford to be pro's at math, dividing and multiplying whilst returning to old historic errors, else it compromises everything, therefore looking at UBI as something more than an instrument that will create quality human labor if the person gets a job will probably fail at mass scale (when it gets popular and you get protests for attempts to scrap the system, but it will then be too late), yet costs for retaining this system will keep rising. Hopefully none of this will happen. We'll see what works and what doesn't.
  9. IMHO it's too early to say that capitalism is dead when many countries are still very feudal prisons for cheap labor. Most of Africa and Asia and various second hand or third hand countries. In addition to that, do you believe we can reinvent the wheel when the public discourse is like this? I wish it was a parody, but it's not and I'm terrified people in my country seriously think in these categories, minus the funny accents (the pastor mostly): https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=2760s&v=LKP-PUAI96U
  10. I think a huge factor is also if you consider having a children a "want to do" thing or a "have to do" necessity for survival and all that jazz. Because it is a huge hit on finances and maybe the ensuing divorce actually let's both spouses get a life because then the husband just pays the alimonies but at least there is no more pressure to keep that psychological work in maintaining relations with the wife and vice versa - the wife gets more time to do what she wants at the best capacity of her time management. This is the worst case scenario. I like to think that no victory is final and no defeat is fatal in the end. Need to keep going and do something with this life.
  11. I don't read Buzzfeed but Amnesty International is straightforward like other NGO's on the subject. Money is not necessarily discarded for free but fair opportunities to integrate and seek work matter a lot when you're not a local, for if your country of origin are as an example places like Sierra Leone, Palestine or Afghanistan - you realize that nobody really needs you. That is sad.
  12. Though the idea is nice, I wonder how do politicians prioritize this next to helping minorities, especially immigrants that are persecuted and discriminated today ( Arabs ) and those who were segregated for centuries ( Romani people ) in Europe. Among all the Nordic countries, even Norway with a rich strategic supply of oil and other natural resources needs to figure what it wants. If you want to do charity, immigrants are the ones who need that. Not so much the nationals. In other words, Universal Basic Income may not take in consideration the customs and life goals of other ethnic/national groups living in the respective country and become ineffcient.
  13. The devil hides in the details.
  14. You're right. But if it is permanent, maybe it can be included as a setting in the menu for older systems. Or we need new drivers or some such thing if TDM will not support ARB shaders anymore in the future.
  15. That is the case for a few laptops I had as well. But there are problems for my desktop which is on Win 10 Pro 64 bit can't install the new updates even if I take the Microsoft Windows 10 Update assistant for the 1809 version (from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10).It just restarts and at a certain point reverts to previous version due to something. Cannot figure out what. Another laptop from HP freezes during restarts (it only turns off but it freezes at restart so you have to press to button to force it which of course kills the power supply thing, I try not to rape it) so I guess it doesn't update at all, though I didn't bother to troubleshoot it more. I guess the only way is to force install that new Windows version but files on hard drive are more precious than bothering to see through their integrity and the proper installation path for all apps that I need. I suspect that the case here is that the Windows copies might not be genuine. Might explain why it's bringing this weird stuff. Though as I understand that should not be a problem anymore for pirated Windows copies but who knows. Nobody is obliged with anything to nobody. But you know, each time something like this happens, even if it was a genuine Windows copy originally, IT dudes just reinstall a new pirated Windows and that's the easiest shortcut all the time. Whatever, at least it works. Another possibility is that PC's that originally had Windows 7 and were updated to Win 10 are more vulnerable to this than PC's that were upgraded from Win 8 (like my older Asus laptop on Celeron) or that had a Win 10 version preinstalled. Probably there is some legacy problems from Win 7 that bring their issues in a nice package with each update. The funny thing is that this current laptop I'm writing on - Asus on a Celeron updates flawlessly to 1809 with no problems while the others have much, much better hardware. Literally the most pathetic computer updates well, while others keep running into problems. I have seldom seen flawless Win 10 updating experiences across different computers. The result varies wildly! So if I need to do urgent work - it is absolutely excluded that I update and then to be forced to run across town to figure how to reset it back and get my files from the hard drive (in the worst case) With the latest 1809 version what I liked is that they have this dark theme for the file explorer without any customized UI skins.
  16. Updates always going to feel awkward in timing when you're in the middle of something.
  17. Confirmed that 1) Set "r_useGLSL 0" and restart to revert to old shaders looks to be the easiest solution to fix this issue.
  18. Okay, so here is a condump file for tdm64bit version and the gconsole.log file as you requested earlier (remove .txt extension from it). Working on trying to catch a crashdump in the meantime. Thus far cannot buy enough time for crashdump to do its job. But I confirm that 1) Set "r_useGLSL 0" and restart to revert to old shaders works to bring back light sources. tdm64bit.txt qconsole.log.txt
  19. You are probably right but I tried and I had to reset my PC to a previous Windows version by getting those latest drivers. I can try some more of course but later on when I have more time. If even Bikerdude could not figure it out - it would take me ages to find the culprit of why these drivers will not work (and any troubleshooting to make it work, because my priority is to be able to work with documents, read mail and other routine stuff). I am after all very satisfied with the game showing Minecraft pixels and a tolerable framerate just so I can immerse myself a little even in low quality.
  20. Thank you very much, 32 bit bit TDM launches and works fine, but for some reason when launching an FM there is no visible light sources from torches/lamps (probably I need to fiddle around with darkmod.cfg or something else because I remember I had this issue with previous versions of TDM on this laptop in the past). TDM 64 bit shows black screen and still does not work, which leads to a crash in a few seconds. I did not have time up to the end of the week but if it is still of any use I will provide tomorrow gconsole.log as you requested.
  21. duzenko, on 06 Feb 2019 - 3:26 PM, said: Did you try other graphics drivers? https://ark.intel.com/products/71141/Intel-Celeron-Processor-B830-2M-Cache-1-80-GHz- Yes, I have the latest drivers. I tried to force install newer drivers and even Bikerdude tried to help make a hack to let Windows install it but they don't work on this laptop. Which we tried on another issue in this thread: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19450-fan-missions-stop-loading-and-go-back-to-menu-solved stgatilov, on 06 Feb 2019 - 2:38 PM, said: You said that 32-bit and 64-bit versions behave differently: one of them exits itself. Does it look like a crash in this case? What are the contents of qconsole.log in the case when TDM exits itself? If there is a crash, please record crashdump and share it. The difference in behavior for the two version is that the 64-bit version does not even show the TDM mouse and it crashes without having this screen with "TDM is not answering would you like to close the app or wait for it?" , what would you like to do, and after that it is logical to close it and "it sends information to Microsoft" and then it closes itself. But both versions do not launch the game and they have a black screen. The 32 bit version has a mouse on a black screen and it is freezed with the situations that Windows proposes to "wait for the app of close it". I made a condump off of this moment because when it sends information to Windows when I choose to close it the app closes too fast to make a condump file. Clicking around leads to the game "not answering". Which brings the necessity to close it because it won't work after this anyway. So, here's the condump off of the 32 bit version link - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvGDCLNzgVKKhMFlH-BzTMHk8AT8yA I will work to see If there are any changes in troubleshooting with gsconsole.log tomorrow when I come back!
  22. Yeah, I meant that you received some answers on them in comments.
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