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  1. And it has OpenAL soft with EFX support already implemented
  2. I don't really know about thief but i'm certain not all games have reverb on the sounds at lest not that obvious like yours above, but i'm not really a sound guy so perhaps they all include a subtle reverb to their sounds and i don't really notice. Can you tell me about a game with obvious reverb in all sounds, apart from thief like you said (always though EAX was the one giving that effect on thief games tho). I don't mind waiting if the original sounds will be safe guard or is true that reverb on top of reverb like Deadlove more or less said is not a problem them go for it, you don't need my approvel so.
  3. I would use a flat plain for the hanging laundry using a normal map or even parallax mapping to give it some fake depth, about the broken barrel i have one here and also different pieces for a exploding or breaking model. Image https://www.dropbox.com/s/novnqfn7iugt9q4/shotpipo.jpg models https://www.dropbox.com/s/jnhr5poolh0hqtr/broken%20barrel.7z
  4. Ok but i do hope that day comes relatively fast.
  5. Fantastic!! i would love to know how they did that.
  6. IMO i would not do this, but wait for the engine with EFX support to become ready, because if you give all the sounds reverb now then it will sound very strange when you also apply the EFX reverb on top, then you will need to remake all the sounds again or lose the ability to give location based reverb to the sounds with EFX. Remember a cave has different reverb to a cathedral to closet or a small corridor.
  7. Yes show a screenshot and i will see what can do about it.
  8. First only Creative Sound cards support EAX 4 is your sound card a creative one? Second forget EAX, after the TDM team implements the new reworked engine with EFX support instead, then EAX will be gone for good, and it is already gone on the game world btw, i don't remember a single game on my colection from 2012 up that has any EAX support not even EAX 2.0 that is open to all sound cards, creative has even killed their OpenAL API version of the software it seams.
  9. Theres something definitely wrong with your computers not TDM, it is heavy compared to Doom 3 because of the Artificial Intelligence stuff they needed to implement, but not that heavy, and the engine is very Nvidia friendly so is strange that you're having so much performance problems with it. First thing reinstall your graphics card drivers, don't forget to uninstall them completely first, use CCleaner to delete any stray registry entry. Second did you overclocked some part of your machines? If yes put everything to their default values. third always check the temperatures to see if they are not overheating.
  10. The selection also bugged me the first time i used DarkRadiant, my first ever radiant type editor, coming from Modo it was a really different way of thinking about it, but now i don't mind and it is also how selection works on all radiant editors i tried ever since, so is nice to at least have consistency between them. The thing i love about darkRadiant is the camera navigation you guys really nailed it. One thing i would love to have on DarkRadiant was the ability to scale models.
  11. Is much easy to do this on TDM then it was on source i think, and would look much better, has TDM uses idtech 4 a full per pixel dynamic lights engine, you can do the "scripting" visually on the editor by binding and linking stuff to another and using triggers or func objects to do some game logic, for example i was able to make on a test map, a light that would turn off and on and even swap models without even touching a line of code, it was all made on Darkradiant visually. The physics is a problem has idtech 4 uses a much simpler physics engine and source uses Havok, but from what i saw on the video the bowling stuff should be doable, there's even code for a gravity gun on idtech 4 don't know if that is available on TDM tho.
  12. IMO the TDM water looks fine, not like the water on the Source engine but it does look like water, the "strange wobbly contour on the blackjack" is indeed a problem with the water shader.
  13. 1 - Don't know about that, but SSAO is just a post process shader that should not affect the real lighting values of the game or the gameplay code. 2 - Has a post process effect it has no real effect on the game textures, think of it like a real time photoshop filter over the final frame. 2 - It does have a toll on the performance (not much if you only use 8 or 16 samples) but you can counteract the small drop on performance by disabling real shadows (not important) on the game, is all a balance. That is what i think also, about only being a cosmetical feature, that is true but is more than that imo, for example like i said above and you can clearly see on the video of the Frictional Games guys, SSAO has the ability to fake "soft shadows", even on the moving objects, with that you can disable real shadows on the game and still have the feeling the objects are on the ground and not floating. Frictional games used this to full effect on their Amnesia game, some rooms only have one shadow casting light and i don't remember seeing more than two per room on the entire game.
  14. Is just like the HL2 ( Half Life 2) cinematic physics nice btw is that vertex animation or bones?
  15. Guys look to this Frictional Games article about SSAO it is fantastic, they even give the code they used away perhaps it can be of any use to you guys? http://frictionalgames.blogspot.pt/2014/01/tech-feature-ssao-and-temporal-blur.html
  16. This is what i say "thinking outside the box" fantastic work Obsttorte.
  17. The new characters look very good nice job Springheel
  18. Ok guys decide to make a thread where i will post any model i made that can be used in TDM. Here is a stone archway for you guys, it has a shadow mesh for optimization. https://www.dropbox....oorway_arch.rar Image below https://www.dropbox....8/shot00002.jpg Hope you guys like it.
  19. Apologies accepted , i will try to explain what i mean next time before using abbreviations. Theres two images there one is a simple link another is a image link, the dead soldier is on the first image, sorry for the confusion.
  20. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion sikkmod for doom3 has it but is really not ideally implemented has it doesn't not take into account alpha mapped surfaces. I'm not trying to obscure anything, i don't know why you would think that, SSAO is a very well known (or so i thought) tech in the game dev world, it was invented by Crytek and used extensively on Crysis 1 and later games. SSAO doesn't only darkens corners see this two Crysis images to now what it really does. http://bassemtodary....-occlusion1.png See the contact "shadow" of the dead soldier on the ground, with doom3 to have the same effect a real shadow would be needed, i'm not saying that with SSAO you don't need shadows what i saying is with SSAO you can use less real shadows and still make the world objects with no shadow seam like they are grounded. Theres also HDAO for ATI and uses dx10+ geometry shaders it looks and runs better then SSAO, but the later works in all GPU's For better info: HBAO also runs on AMD/ATI cards and the same is true for Nvidia with HDAO, but is best to use the tech from the respective makers in their cards because of optimizations.
  21. It is based in real historical events and that is good to me, play a game and learn about our history at the same time. Supported them just because of the no magic stuff.
  22. A way to minimize that floating looking would be to implement SSAO, that has also the benefit of making the levels require less real shadows, thats how Frictional Games worked on their Amnesia game, for example they sometimes only have a single shadow casting light per room but none of the objects feel obviously that they lack a shadow. SSAO makes wonders.
  23. hum...neither doom 3 nor thief 3 brought full real time lighting and stencil shadows to the gaming world, that belongs to a 2001 game called Severance Blade of Darkness (edge of darkness in US i think), doom 3 was indeed the one that made it cool. And AluminumHaste afaik Stencil Shadows and Shadow volumes are different names for the exact same thing, for example the marketing in the days for Severance talked about Volumetric lighting and Volumetric Shadows, Carmack just found a new way (after Creative add already patented it) to create them that was better and faster, but in essence in this shadow method you are extruding the game object polygons edges in a volume and creating a polygon silhouette in the floor to represent the shadow, that's why making a low rez shadow mesh is used has a optimization trick in Doom3.
  24. No, but the engine source is around so support can be implemented.
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