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  1. In the two I looked at there wasn't any of the torturing going on like in the examples posted above. Personally, I don't want to see either version to be honest. I worked in a seafood processing plant when I was in my teens. I was asked to do 'live tails' that's where you snap a lobster in half and rip it limb from limb for cooking. I did it once and then refused anymore. But if she's excessively torturing the creatures, not cool. There's a lot of stupid on YouTube.
  2. Her choice of food and preparation are not my thing, however I respect that there are cultural differences throughout the world. She's preparing them to be eaten and not simply torturing them for enjoyment as I thought you were implying. Again, not my thing but I don't feel right mass reporting someone just because it's outside my societal norm.
  3. If I recall correctly, there used to be a menu option to enable / disable. I haven't been involved much in recent times, has it been removed? Edit: Just checked and don't see any sign of it. Probably removed at some point with recent updates / optimizations. Definitely a good thing to have for people who need it, but shouldn't be enabled by default. If possible, I would say put the a texture compression setting in the menu for people who can accept the trade off of performance over loading time.
  4. In this instance, I thing playability takes presidence over absolute realism. It simply looks better if there is some ambient in these situations.
  5. I don't see RGTC in the Overdose menu and I doubt compressonator would support it since it's an old program.
  6. I'm confident I could remove the hum. Just need a sample of the room audio to capture the hum, then use that sample to only filter the hum out. I did that with all my recordings back in the day.
  7. Dark Mod was also PC gamers Mod of the year in 2013 and is still mentioned from time to time. It's not that the game isn't well known, but rather that it's not for casual gamers....just like Thief. It has a dedicated audience. I seriously doubt having it on Steam would improve matters all that much, considering Thief hasn't suddenly been rediscovered. Anyway, changing the license isn't going to happen.
  8. I had no idea what PBR was and had to look it up. lol Physical based rendering? Looks interesting.
  9. With Deadly Shadows, it was less a problem of Third person being included as it was a decent first person system being included. It was a hybrid system, not a dedicated first person system. If the first person system from Invisible War had been left intact and the 3rd person also included, I don't think there would have been as much fuss.
  10. I work in QA at a gaming company. Haha. First question would have been if you had tried another mouse, or if your mouse was wireless. Could be something caught inside the mouse. Never hurts to blow it out with compressed air.
  11. That's how the original games did it. The AI would jump back and be like..."What the bloody hell?".
  12. Yes, something isn't scaling properly there. It appears that the same amount of delay is being applied regardless of distance which feels wrong. Even at the nearly blind setting, a guard standing two feet away should immediately recognize the enemy. If possible, I think the delay should scale based on distance. Now, these numbers are not meant to be accurate...just as an example of what I'm thinking. For the most part, except for hardcore, the closest distance would have the same reaction time and scale from there. nearly blind 2 meters or less ------1s-------5 meters -----2s---
  13. Agreed. Rename nearly blind to forgiving.
  14. I'm confused. Wouldn't you want nearly blind to be higher than it currently is? I was thinking. Nearly Blind: 3.5s Forgiving: 3s Challenging: 2.5s Hardcore: 1.5s
  15. I think they should remain separate, as I do set levels differently. Depends on playstyle
  16. Interesting although not surprised to see crashes while noclipping.
  17. The reaction time in those videos feels a bit off to me honestly. The player barely has time to react to the vocal cue. I should at least give two beats after the vocal cue so the player can try to hide. "Huh, what's that?"...1....2...."have at theeee", or if the player manages to slip out of the light..."eh, twas nothing". I'm trying to remember the exact system that ended up being put in place, but I vaguely recall it was like a curve of sorts. The further away you were from the AI the longer the delay in full light....up to a point where the AI wouldn't even respond if it were far en
  18. Well the issue will have to be investigated in order to find out if something has become broken...because reaction time was definitely worked on. I remember testing it myself.
  19. Hmmm. That sounds odd because I remember a couple of years ago that the AI were given reaction times that increased based on distance from the player. I can't remember exactly how it worked, but it might have been something like the further away you were, the impact of a bright lightgem would be decreased over distance. Sounds like that is broken.
  20. Seriously? Holy crap. I recently had an experience where I approached a family member and shared a traumatic experience that happened to me back in 2015. I wasn't looking for any type of sympathy, just hoping to open a dialogue and begin sharing this thing I had kept secret the last 4 years. I received an emailing 'schooling' me on how to share and that my experience was triggering and that I had sent it to her without a warning. It's something I would never say to anyone who shared what I shared. It took an event that had nearly caused me to end my life and turned it into an issue abou
  21. Exactly! You can learn a lot about your own fears, prejudices and weaknesses from those whose views might be contrary to your own.
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