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  1. I've been seeing this more and more. It's quite concerning and not at all the environment I grew up in. Differing opinions were welcomed. You learned to see from perspectives other than your own.
  2. OK! Enough with the post deleting. It's completely destroying the context of the conversation.
  3. Are you referring to Outlooker though? Outlooker is not a core developer. I would like to know where this is all coming from. The majority of that thread is rather measured and mature discussion. People of differing opinions, backgrounds and experience sharing ideas. I wish our world leaders would be as mature and considerate. If you wish to grow as a human being, learn to understand your adversary. People arrive at positions we may consider extreme due to circumstances we may have never faced. If we continuously slam the door in each others faces, we are limiting our own potential to
  4. Yeah, I have idea what this is even about and even if there was a so-called Alt-Right person in the team, that has absolutely no bearing on TDM. We expect our political representatives to work through their differences and find common ground...yet take rather extreme views when someone differs from our perspective of the world. Nobody knows how to have a conversation anymore. It's totally bat shit insane. Talk, listen, disagree and learn something about yourself in doing so.
  5. As long as it looks nothing like the Deadly Shadows from. A mix of the classic Thief look with more attention brought to detail, rather than washing it out would be cool. Bringing attention to the edges of the item so it pops out of the background more.
  6. My personal feeling is that it could be confusing to have two versions floating around. That and there being so much left to do on the latest version.
  7. Yeah, I spoke to him a few years back and he had absolutely zero interest in doing anything in cooperation with TDM, and yes he did a straight port of the TDS assets into Doom 3.
  8. I force installed AMD drivers on a laptop years ago when Quake Wars came out. Prior to the forced install, the game played with mostly black textures and stuttered. After, all textures displayed properly and the fps increased substantially.
  9. The AI don't wake up after being knocked out, because it would encourage the player to kill rather than knockout. Now, the player can still kill if they so choose but that is then reflected in their stealth score. Knockouts are a non-lethal way to remove an obstacle from the players path. More hardcore players may choose to ghost a mission and never touch a single AI. The game is balanced a certain way for a reason.
  10. It's a game. It's meant to be fun, not a perfect simulation of reality.
  11. Nice to see this finally happening. I had requested a feature like this years ago. It could have so many uses.
  12. Because we wanted to give him another chance to correct course and prove himself. Banning isn't something we take lightly, but when you defend someone and they repeatedly let you down...well, you have to draw a line somewhere.
  13. I'm inclined to agree. Thief 3 level creation was pretty much all based on using existing modules and skins to build your own environments but copy / pasting an arrangement someone else made and just changing the skins and adding a tree here and there doesn't count as an original creation. He's a talented mapper with some really great skills when it comes to optimizing, but I think maybe the praise has gone to his head because he just charges ahead making changes to another persons work. It's just not common sense.
  14. Sorry, but no there is no general dislike of Biker as a person. His actions, yes, but not him as a person. I don't know how many different ways it can be said but here goes one last time. The plagiarizing is only the latest issue, he had also been making unwanted changes to other mappers work. Asking to 'bug fix' a few particular issues and then redesigning their maps to his liking. That is NOT acceptable and we have given him a pass for long enough. This has been going on for several years and we lost talented mappers because of it. He has been spoken to again and again and again. Yet,
  15. Where are you getting the idea that his posts have been nuked? That would destroy the flow of many threads and render them useless.
  16. The community is far from tearing itself apart and I don't think it's appropriate to post private drama publicly. It's bad enough that so much has spilled over into the public forums already. I and others have posted that this has been going on for a few years now. We have lost many talented creators because of this. We gave Biker so many chances to learn and change his ways, but every time the same stuff just kept happening. It's NOT right. Whether he is actively sabotaging anything is irrelevant at this point. He needs to sort himself out. We gave him numerous chances to course cor
  17. What about all the equally talented content creators we have lost over the past few years? Not a tear shed for them? The situation with Biker has been getting worse and worse. He is a talented mapper but he is certainly not the person holding the mod together. There are a handful of humble people quietly working hard behind the scenes, rarely making a peep in regard to seeking recognition. Biker has been spoken to so many times, and I have long been one to defend him and suggest patience, giving him chance after chance. This time was the last straw for me. Whatever personal issues Biker
  18. Pardon my ignorance. What does that mean?
  19. A coworker who bought and VR headset brought this to my attention since he knows I'm a Thief fan. The guy playing it in the video is a bit annoying, but it looks pretty good overall.
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