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  1. Apparently there was some DOS stuff going on, it will be back sooner or later http://www.moddb.com/members/thehappyfriar/blogs/doom3world http://www.sterlingshield.net/home/steve/earthquake/?e=227
  2. This update has also been shared/posted on the "Free Gamer" Blog: http://freegamer.blogspot.de/2013/04/some-idtech4-games-progress.html
  3. Well it is not like they haven't tried to talk to Eidos back when the first sourcecode surfaced and was given to Eidos, but then Eidos didn't do squad. They ignored requests and played deaf. So I really doubt that Eidos is open for negotiations.
  4. As I said, I haven't even seen it/her because she hasn't made an appearance yet, she 'll appear in the next movie. I'm mad about what & why they did it, no actually how they did it.
  5. What bugs me the most about Peter Jackson's adaptions of the Tolkien stuff is the thing they add, not what they leave out or they interpreted. In The Hobbit this will certainly be the added female character/elf/evangeline lilly to break the male dominance of the story. Tolkien wrote male centered narratives for a reason (not because he disliked women, but because the legends, lore & myths he liked and researched were rather male oriented), and this pc-marketing-crap makes me wanna vomit without even having seen it. Plus there always is the problem that you cannot always wash the garden-gnome image off the dwarves or take the Hobbits seriously as grown adults. They always seem less mature/adult than "real" or grown-up humans. BTW: There are three major edits of the book. The first edition of 1937, then 1951 and the 1965 editions/revisions, which in tone and vocabulary connected better to LotR. AFAIK the 1937 is the most "childish" version.
  6. Yep it is real. Afaik as I know it has been in developement for over a year. And yes, it makes DDfix redundant. Don't know how well it'll work with HRes texture packs though.
  7. I am still using Firefox, I like the addons (Echofon, DownThemAll, Easy Youtube VideoDownloader,) they don't exists on Opera/Chrome or don't work the way I like them to. I also prefer the cookie management of FF, I like to set my cookie preferences to each site individually. Plus Chrome offers no way to open external links from other apps in the background. I fetch my feeds via RSSOwl, and I like to open all the articles I want in FF in the background.
  8. Done! I'll probably replay it soon to locate the ~ 1000 loot I've missed. Here are some of the things I liked: Even though there are a lot of details and open spaces, my FPS never dropped below 30 I liked how you made things easier for the player: Dousing candles just by frobbing them, getting loot out of chests without the usual hustle of leaning, crouching, noclipping. But: Imo you have too much money in the shop / too many items can be found. I wound up using only 3 water arrows, 2 rope arrows, one breath & one health potion. Multiple routes to get where you want. So, congratulations to setting the bar even higher! Again !
  9. Great Mission. Love the "one-frob" candles. Also great job on optimization, had no FPS drops so far. Question:
  10. The City looks nice, winding and a bit gritty - reminds me a bit of the work of DrK ! ..and what Sir Taffsalot said
  11. Apparently you almost never do anything politely or carefully. That seems to be your style. You've been asked again and again to behave and adjust your manners according to the tone on this board. But you didn't. You've tried to "provoke" with comments, signature & avatars. You don't say please or thank you. You troll around asking "Where is new missions?" and after getting an answer you just go again "so,where is new missions ?" which is classical SH "The Troll" style. The community & the admins cut you a lot of slack, but you refused to compromise.
  12. Finished it. Excellent mission. The storytelling was quite compelling, and this is why I hated
  13. Congratulations! This is quite some "beginners" FM. It looks and plays great. Question: The marketplace has some fps drops & sudden ambient changes, i also found one texture glitch (alley behind the inn):
  14. Chiron

    Fun with lego

    The last one are the Daltons & Lucky Luke (I guess)..
  15. Some comments on that: 1) There is no medieval standard. 2) I can only speak about continental europe, but corpses where hardly ever displayed within the cities. Sometime the heads of more prominent executed were displayed at the gates (or in your case a bridge), but please keep in mind that that was a custom introduced in rather late medieval or even early modern times. Corpses were displayed at the execution sites, which usually lay outside the cities, often in an elevated position, so it could be seen from the road(s) leading to the city, telling travelers :"Behave!" Sorry for the wiseacring (is that even a word??), but clichées about the "dark medieval times" bug me sometimes !
  16. The image captures a grim and gritty atmosphere, I like it :-) The hanging corpses are bit too much tough. No one would hang people/corpses within the city limits / in a place like this.
  17. Good and fun mission so far. A bit too easy when it comes to the guards/thugs though. One question:
  18. I am having the same problem. I cannot read the book, and now that I tried it, I cannot drop it, clear my inventory nor can I do anything else.
  19. German magazine SPIEGEL Online posted an Interview with John Carmack. There is an interesting section on stuff like the release of source code an such.. Translation SO: Id software releases the source code of its games after a few years. Are you going to continue that practice, now that you have been bought by Zenimax? Carmack: Before the acquisition this was one of my greatest concerns, that the suits may say "Why, in god's name, should we give something away?" I was glad that I found a valid argument while we were porting "Doom" to iOS. Instead of using our own code, I've rebuild it on the base of the improved Open-Source-Code, which orginated from the original code that we had released earlier.[..] So far I haven't signed any kind of statement that we actually can release ID Tech 4, but I'd be suprised if it won't be happening.
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