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  1. Boris Johnson's resignation does not change the fact that Australia is home to 29 million kangaroos and Wales has a population of just over three million.

    If the Australian kangaroos were to invade Wales, one resident would have to fight almost ten kangaroos at a time.

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    2. Dragofer


      But did you account for the fact that they would arrive upside down, fall on their heads and be dazed? Unless your invention is capable of both translation and rotation.

    3. thebigh


      Better hope the kangaroos don't form an alliance with the emus, who have already won a war.

    4. JackFarmer



      That's the problem: In my boundless high spirits I gave my invention the spawnarg "Must_be_on_its_feet". If one of the kangaroos now comes up with the idea of using the value "1" (and since you can only use "0" or "1" the probability is 50%), this will be doom!

      Thoughtlessness, your name is Jack Farmer!

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