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  1. Boris Johnson's resignation does not change the fact that Australia is home to 29 million kangaroos and Wales has a population of just over three million.

    If the Australian kangaroos were to invade Wales, one resident would have to fight almost ten kangaroos at a time.

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    2. duzenko


      ...or change anything at all, except the face looking down on you from your TV.

    3. Shadow


      They say Noah's Ark was never found after the waters receded. If they ever find it, perfect kangaroo cruise ship. Problem solved.

    4. JackFarmer



      I'm assuming the worst case scenario, of course, with the kangaroos using a modified super teleporter I originally developed for "The Black Mage".

      I'm already dreading the day my invention will be misused...and I just wanted to do something good for mankind!

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