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  1. Uhm, where did you find the mysterious key? I do not know which key you mean. The quarters key can be found in the chapel. You can take get that key once you have solved all four puzzles in the ritual room with the large columns. This is optional, if you do not wish to complete this optional objective, you do not have to return to the station now. Go into the library and examine every room closely for more information, then you will understand, what to do in the room with the paintings and in the library, you will also find additonal hints how to solve the painting puzzles. All other rooms (excluding the chapel and the quarters) include hints in form of readables and other things how to solve the "paintings puzzle" once you understand its function from a certain readable in the library. In general, the key to success in this mission is: explore, explore explore.
  2. This is one of two stand-alone WIPs Grayman could not complete anymore. He asked his son to donate both WIPs to our Abandoned WIPs thread. Bikerdude is working on the other one called "Seeking Lady Leicester".
  3. tHe bLAck MaGE If my recollection is correct, Grayman posted a few shots of this WIP (from the outside) back in 2017 or 2018. I've added one larger and two smaller new areas and decorated the remaining rooms similar to Grayman's style (that is, I tried to do so). Here a few shots from the rooms/areas in question: It took me ca. four weeks to finish all of this. Since most of the other essential tasks (efx, ambient sound) had already been set up by Grayman, I can already start with gameplay/puzzles, readables and dialogues. His text briefing will be translated (without changes!) into a briefing video with voice actors. Based on this introduction, I have created a number of (mostly manic) additional characters, all of which will appear in dialogues or via phonograms in the game. This mission will not be a sad bow to Grayman. On the contrary, building on his story abstract, the entire mission shall become a humorous experience, not too difficult to play, as everyone should have the opportunity to complete one of his last creations. I can only hope Grayman would have liked it.
  4. Absolutely cool, I fully agree with you, but I would add Led Zeppelin to your list! Thank you for sharing, I will try to get all their CDs! I am asshamed that I missed this band till now. I even knew a song from them that has been used in the first season of True Detective, but I did not investigate the band name. Clicking on the first track you have posted, I immediately recognized the voice and then was able to verify my assumption:
  5. Galaga! Man, I had been searching for years for that one, will send the link to several friends, which cannot wait to play it!
  6. My three cents: 1. Volta 2 is a masterpiece for me. 2. I love the complexity, the atmosphere is fantastic and thus the mission deserves the attribute "TLE" (=Thief-Like-Experience) 3. I hope that your next missions will be similar in size, complexity and atmosphere!
  7. I also wondered why he was doing this and consequently I am not surprised if he has problems to understand the entire level design. After all, the placement of AI and lights fulfills the essential purpose of the game. Hm...
  8. This really hurts me. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/09/06/entertainment/michael-k-williams/index.html I admired him very much.
  9. Exactly my thoughts and thus I prefer the DM tiles sounds.
  10. The whole time I was wondering what this button is supposed to be good for (never pressed it, thank god). I totally agree with you: With this accompanying text, the thing is really like a landmine.
  11. These girls are the reason I want to fly (with appropriate environmental charge) to Oregon next year. I've got two records from them. Outstanding.
  12. Nothing from them that is really bad. Just thinking about that certain @ # *! bands from 1994 for inferior scrap on the island and here on the continent were celebrated! This tune is from 1989, the album name is "Waking Hours":
  13. Well, this really deserves the name :
  14. That's not what I mean by that. Rather, I wanted to say that I had the impression that everything has just gotten much easier and that the appreciation for games has declined in general. However, we have had this topic here several times in the past. The people here work on the mod for free in their spare time, and as far as I can tell, everyone is passionate about it. So I find it even worse when the work is mindlessly put down by whoever.
  15. Extremely apt examples. One would wish for the old home computer or PC times back when the players still had to show a certain standard knowledge in order to be able to install and play games at all.
  16. This is a musical scene from the super hero musical film "Captain Invincible". I think this was shot in the late 70s and thus the audio quality is not that good, however, the song is cool and funny...and great singing of course!
  17. Awesome to the max. One of my favorite missions is shining in new splendor, and now that it's also equipped with EFX, it's more atmospheric than ever. Thank you guys for your hard work.
  18. Very good looking and great atmosphere! Did you include customized ambient tracks? I recommend you to define efx as soon as possible cause it will definitely add to the mood and can become quite tiresome when added once everything has been finished.
  19. My mistake, my former post should have read: Is "Weltschmerz" a word that made it into British English? I have no doubt that this is a German word as I am from Bavaria, and we speak (what Amadeus as a Standard German speaker doubts! ) German language as well. However, I would not be able to give a clear defiinition for the word as I never really thought about its true meaning. Moreover, it was new to me that Jean Paul (a famous writer from Franconia and thus a fellow countryman of Destined's) first coined it to describe something from Lord Byron's work. But in the context with Charlie Watts' death I find it fitting - for lots of people around the globe and some of my die hard Stones fans friends the world has turned more depressing with his passing. One more for Mr. Watts, the Stones' version of a Buddy Holly classic, could not find the excellent live version from the "Stripped" album, but this recording from 1994 comes quite close: ...and let me conclude my tribute with something from David Simon's Twitter feed:
  20. @Zerg Rush Is "Weltschmerz" a word that made into British English?
  21. Maybe I do not understand correctly, but the mixing of different objects to new ones is not that new now, it was already in the old Silent Hill and Resident Evil games. A newer game that comes close to our Dark Mod is probably Dishonored, and this game doesn't have such a system either. I wouldn't want that as well, because then I can play Skyrim right away. However, TDM is mainly about sneaking, and therefore - if new play elements are considered for implementation - this aspect should then be in the foreground. Apart from that, as a mapper you would have to be very careful that players don't want to generate advantages that you don't want to have at all (because you did not take it into account). So I would definitely not use it in my next missions; After all, there are already enough things to consider. One a different note: For you (as with many of your other suggestions) it always sounds so simple. You have probably already noticed that many problems arise with every update of the Dark Mod (and fixing is tried during beta testing), because the insertion of new features is not as easy and problem-free (and above all sometimes absolutely not predictable because of too many parameters involved) as you make it appear. So I've always found it not really helpful when you always claim that this or that can basically be easily implemented if you only take one or the other simple thing into account. If so, then I would suggest that you really think things through and work them out yourself, then it would show whether it is so easy to do or not. As you know, there are a lot of open construction sites here (missing animations for characters, new characters in general, problems with path finding, leaking lights through brushes, etc.). If you have the skills to work on any of these really fundamental problems/improvements then that would be great and valued.
  22. Not to forget the problem with doors having the property "should be closed_1", see video below, running time 19:20. Had to learn that the hard way.
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