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  1. Gorgeous woodwork. Do you have a better shot of the ceiling?
  2. Steal a silver sword that belongs to a Witcher? Or come across sheet music composed by Dandelion(Jaskier)? JackFarmer gave me that idea in HH:VF; there was some Peter Gabriel lyrics lying around, loved it. FMs need more Easter Eggs.
  3. Best of luck in this endeavor. Copypasta has saved my WIP 4 or 5 times now. When I forget to back up, I am lucky I send it to my brother to screw around with once a week or so, so I always have a fallback plan B and C. A little backtracking and catch up is better than starting from scratch.
  4. Aw man congrats on your first official feature length FM! I’ll try to break away from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. this weekend to show it some love.
  5. This is exciting, if I wasn’t getting ready to go to work right now I’d test it out. Fantastic work, all involved!
  6. Perfect timing on the rat posing. edit: Missed his shadow the first time I looked, now I like it even more.
  7. Thanks, I sent you a PM Right now I'm installing Call of Pripyat mod. I missed some good ones since last I played Complete 2012 mod.
  8. You should! In a sea of FPS's it definitely rose to be among the top for me. Lots of good mods out there, recommend graphics overhauls and SFX upgrades. The setting and atmosphere alone make it worthwhile. If I can't get Anomaly working I'm gonna have to dive into CoP to get my fix real quick.
  9. Man, I was excited to try this. I'm having issues getting it to work. Dove into their forums and did some research and it seems I'm not the only person with my issue. Best I could come up with after 4 hours of trying reinstalls and other workarounds and digging through their forums is "wait a week for a patch and hopefully it works". Bummed cuz I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and was looking forward to trying this with other add-ons. I shan't give up tho.
  10. Nothing SEEDed yet. That’s next on the agenda to learn. I’d planned some alternate routes through my forest, but my entity count is around 7000 so oh well
  11. Whoops, should’ve dove into SEED months ago, I’m already at 7,000 something. But as far decorative stuff I’m pretty much done building, just placing decals everywhere now. I feel safe, it is finally time to combine stuff; been putting it off since no major issues arose. Thanks for relating your firsthand experience fellas.
  12. Just who I was waiting for to log in. Knew you’d have the answer, thanks. Will that number go up with 2.08, anybody know?
  13. Is the max entity limit still 8000something? Wasn’t sure if I should ask this here or the thread about the new version of DR.
  14. Aw man that is awesome. The new posture/gait is a great addition, but is there a way to make them not fast?
  15. The white bricks? Yeah I agree. They need alignment anyway. I’ve held off on fixing that because I’m still not sure if that’s gonna be the final texture. I toyed with stucco and plaster but they didn’t look right. Gonna try a few more cobblestones and bricks.
  16. Sorry I can only manage to get two decent screens per post. Really enjoyed toying with the shadows from statues and placing blood decals.
  17. Been falling in love with decals of all sorts this past weekend. Grime, dirt, moss, and slime. Took areas I once considered boring and drab and really elevated them to a new level. I get the jokes when people say "needs more grime"; because it really does add layers of depth and atmosphere.
  18. That is awesome, my son and I play Minecraft together all the time, albeit on the Switch and 360. I would totally get this if I played on PC. I might actually have to keep an eye out for sales just to take advantage of this. Super impressive, well done!
  19. That’s awesome thanks for this Goldwell. What’s ailing you?
  20. This is all fun and very exciting to read. I am interested in trying it out. But as a noob mapper working on my first map, I worry about impeding or breaking my map. This won’t affect my current build or ability to revert at all will it? I want to try that search function so bad.
  21. Brilliant stuff! As a massage therapist I love seeing more anatomy skins for paper models. I can think of all kinds of applications. Thank you Spring
  22. I hope everyone has plenty of time off work for family and DR and TDM. Happy winter solstice and impending New Year! Let’s also raise our blackjacks high and give thanks to the Builder for looking out for our brother NeonsStyle, by his grace the cleansing fires of his fury spared our brother’s town, so that he may live to Taff another day.
  23. How bout that Ghost of Tsushima trailer finally?
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