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  1. Oh my gosh is that a hover boat haha sweet! Love this Jack. As always the little details really shine. I too was hoping for a Christmas beta, but life happened. Don’t think I’ve opened DR in 4 or 5 days. ?
  2. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, think Kyle Broflovski’s mom from South Park. That’s the accent we should avoid.
  3. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but this always works for me. Select something nearby first that’s at equal or close elevation, deselect and THEN place your entity/model. Should come out close to where you want it then you can floor and nudge it. Why it’s not for you by default must be a preference setting. I’ve also wondered about your second question, thought I saw it somewhere but haven’t searched. Right now I just fly around camera view toward the red highlighted thing in question.
  4. Through VO’s and internal monologue I want my thief to grow over the course of my campaign from being arrogant, cynical, self-absorbed and cold-hearted, to someone who forced into a predicament uses his growing taffing skills to unravel a mystery for the greater good. The last mission will see him take up more of a Robin Hood role, as opposed to “steal this to pay the bills”. a four and a half year necro ain’t bad, I revived a decade old dmap thread one time lol
  5. I love seeing the beginning stages of maps when they’re in their most rudimentary workable form. It makes before/after shots really satisfying! Keep it up Petike!
  6. All are awesome WIPs! Can't wait for this lighthouse, been craving another good lighthouse level. Been tossing that idea around for sometime but couldn't work it into my story so maybe a side mission. That street looks sexy! Can't wait to hear what kind of sounds that thick air is filled with. And those arches! Probably heard me say it 5 times by now, can't wait to use those builder assets for my church in my third FM
  7. Could the exposed skin on the model be fixed with a custom skin texture? And would that be a matter of matching the correct rgb values?
  8. Do we even need a sequel? Not saying it’s a bad idea, just the time. IF 2.07 ( which just came out this year right) was the LAST version, would we all suddenly stop playing and creating for it? I’d still use it for years to come, so why abandon more than a decade’s worth of collaborative hard work? The code isn’t perfect, but hot damn for a spiritual successor to Thief, it’s pretty taffin’ perfect. Why don’t we just ride this wave til it crashes to shore?
  9. Anybody around here know if it’s terribly hard? I wish to learn this. There’s a dope history museum near me but doubt they allow flash photography, regardless it’s something I’m interested in for this very reason. They have a permanent Egypt exhibit with sarcophagi, embalming tools, hieroglyph carvings, organ jars, tons of cool shit. Down in the Bonehoard was one of my favs back in the day so I would like to see similar style mission, and placing it on a different continent would be really unique. New hobby for next year is definitely gonna be textures, seems like it’d be fun.
  10. This is an idea I’m putting on the back burner for between missions in my campaign. Side missions that could take place before or after my story. An ancient tomb on another continent would be dope indeed. Why don’t you learn DR? It’s not that hard, just a bit of a learning curve.
  11. gah Builder's balls! I don't know why I can't move that pic into the spoiler tags, sorry
  12. Congrats on the release! I hope to play it after work tonight. I'm in deep mapping on my own first FM, and in the middle of Thomas Porter campaign, but I am dedicating my free time to show some love to a fellow newb mapper. I read some of the test notes and it sounds like eye candy, CAN NOT WAIT.
  13. That’s awesome, I’m glad this is getting traction. I’d push my wife to do it but she’s already reluctant to give a couple one liners for my own mission.
  14. It sounds cool, but how come the pictures in that link are of a Dead Hand from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
  15. Ah sweet I was decorating in the meantime I’ll check my filters after this dmap. Edit: Filters > Clip Textures, that did it. Duh. I had like 20 monster clips floating around down there lol. Thanks for the timely response Judith ? Here goes my first test of an AI patrol on uneven ground patches. So exciting.
  16. Super newb question here, I must be doing something wrong. How do I prevent a monsterclip brush from disappearing after I deselect it? I'm working on monsterclip stairs underneath some uneven terrain patches, and every time I do anything, such as try to make another brush, the first one goes away. Can't tell if it gets deleted or disappears or what, but I've consulted the wiki and nothing hints towards this. Thanks in advance.
  17. I often wonder if I came around at a dark time in the mod’s lifespan, what with the aforementioned fallout, and recent technical struggles with the site. Im still super newb at mapping and have yet to put my first map out. But from a mapper’s perspective, I’ve beta tested here and there and talked to a few folks about help with things in my own map and seeing all the great new maps since January, this mod seems to have a very steady heartbeat. There’s always people working in the shadows to bring us more fun content. I tell everyone I know who’s even the least little bit interested
  18. Yes that’s the one. If you have time to kill, I encourage everyone to watch it. It’s fun, interesting and informative. Let your imaginations run wild.
  19. YES. Didn’t even know Epic was doing that. The guys at id need to catch up.
  20. Jedi_Wannabe

    DR VR

    I know. Probably a pipe dream. But imagine. I watched the making of the Lion King remake and Jon Favreau basically built a video game world, used VR to explore and edit things, and filmed in engine with camera men using VR cranes and dollies. It was a very fun and informative doc to watch and got my mind reeling. If we can imagine it, it's possible; the obvious factors being the usual manpower/resources/time. But suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine us 10 years in the future, how quick and easy it would be to create maps. It's not realistic now, but if I win the lottery I'm buying a
  21. It’s been a few months since I beat it, but I believe
  22. What is the file name of those covered chairs up in the attic by the door, the ones with the white sheets draped over them? I can’t find them in DR, but haven’t opened up your map yet in DR to inspect them in your map.
  23. Man that was a perfect mission for a stormy Halloween night. A couple moments gave me goosebumps; really liked your use of sound. Job well done Bienie!
  24. I had wondered about that too. If the werebeast ever gets working, I wanted to toy around with the idea of an AI who transforms. Have an invisible model that swaps under certain circumstances. Is that feasible?
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