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  1. I'm excited for this Jack! First real working area I've accomplished, a little forest meadow that leads up to some skinny trails. I hope to rival BD's forest from Alberic's Curse at least in terms of atmosphere. If I portal it properly it just might be doable and run ok. Sorry for garbage resolution. How's that, Jack fixed the brightness for me.
  2. Ah, thanks fellas I’ll just rebuild it from scratch. It was popping up elsewhere too. I had to shrink the screens to fit them all in one post but that’s moot now. I’ll remember that band-aid trick. Thanks again!
  3. I've got an invisible/disappearing texture happening on a staircase. The stairs themselves are prefab but the bricks around it were just brushes with some cloning and resizing. Everything looks OK in DR but in game it definitely does not. In the last screenshot I can actually walk through the wall and behind all the white brick. The yellow is sealing geometry beneath the ground. Does the issue lie in the copy and paste of the brushes or shaders, or something else entirely? I might just rebuild each piece from scratch and see where that gets me.
  4. Damnnnnnnn that was cool. The builder humming at the end as the vid faded out gave me goosebumps.
  5. The key word is fun, otherwise what’s the point? Playing missions from different authors you can tell after a few FMs, folks develop their own style, atmosphere, brand of mapping. You are finding your groove, so just dig it! You’ll carve out a niche for yourself, and I can’t wait to see what kind of retro madness your mind comes up with.
  6. I personally would love to see some retro style maps. As the others have said, just keep mapping, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, this community is full of geniuses.
  7. Oh so like Age of Empires mixed with Sid Meier’s Civilization?
  8. Yes, yes please, this is extremely exciting and something I’ve wondered about a ton. Like, are you saying we can use this for custom ground patches in FMs? Because that would be life altering.
  9. Shot in the dark; The Lost Citadel? Did I read some foreshadowing between the lines in Gilbert’s journal? Can’t recall, but some readable was alluding to an upcoming expedition??
  10. I had the luxury of running through a preview build ( my sole purpose at the time was to check some voices ) and let me tell you it’s a pretty mission. Can’t wait to take my time with it and actually go for objectives this time. You guys ain’t ready for this work of art?
  11. I would love to get in on this. I am in no way getting mapper’s fatigue yet but I miss playing missions. My last batch I played I finished WS 1-5 then did HHI over a month ago. What kind of criteria are you looking for us to keep in mind while playing?
  12. Just finished with that one and now I’m about halfway through Springheel’s video series. The hard part I would say is simply restraining yourself until the learning curve is behind you. They literally break it down Barney style 101 and make it so easy. And never be afraid to ask for help. Being afraid to ask for help had me stuck on my first room for six months and the fix was a mere matter of folder structure, talk about dumb. Someone, somewhere has had the problem before and usually already has a solution. And time is never on our side; many of us have kids and full time jobs. I can only inv
  13. A wise man once said the best way to say thanks, is to learn Dark Radiant and give back by contributing your own FMs! If I can do it, you can do it. I’m a caveman who hates technology but in the last month alone I’ve learned a lot and I only have a few hours during the week at night to productively sit down and learn. William Steele 5: Commerce Bank has a bit of what you are looking for, so I recommend starting with the first one.
  14. Pssh they’ll release HL3 when VR is on par with the HoloDeck from Star Trek. So uh like forty years from now. And Newell will just feign they were working on it the whole time in secret, claiming it didn’t meet standards or whatever typical BS we all hate him for. From a business standpoint I guess he is smart but from a gamer’s, yeah he’s a sellout.
  15. Thanks we appreciate it. I reached out to him so hopefully he figures it out. Yesterday he stated he’s gonna stream a whole bunch more and plans to get busy next week. I assume once he’s registered he’ll post a link.
  16. Have created the files darkmod.txt and startingmap.txt in your project folder?
  17. Thank you so much taaaki. Could you please look into the confirmation emails? That streamer tells me he tried to sign up but isn’t receiving them.
  18. I saw that Twitch streamer playing A Score to Settle. He tells me he couldn’t find the link to register a new user on the forums. I tried looking too and logged out thinking it’d be in the top right by sign-in, so we are blind or it’s gone.
  19. I second the Wiki. Crucial for newbie mappers like myself. So long as the forum works I am happy; functionality before aesthetics. Thanks again for all the diligent work. Seeing a plan laid out I'm sure helps to ease a lot of troubled minds. I for one felt lost for a little bit there lol. Edit: I actually saw a Twitch streamer yesterday playing Tears of St. Lucia, chatted with him a bit and he said he just got the mod but only had the first two missions. I explained he stumbled upon TDM at a dark time and he ought to keep a close eye on the site. I suspect if you get the missi
  20. Thanks a million. Really appreciate all the efforts! And ditto to what Grayman said, yall got a PayPal for donations?
  21. Ok so moving stuff around and changing the path in DR, Ive simplified(seems to be the key word here) it further and its now C:/thedarkmod/fms/tut/maps/tutorial.map Not sure if I missed or forgot the step to create a darkmod.txt file with the mission name and install it but doing so seemed to help. In the console I ran dmap tutorial and bam got it. Im now in game looking at my first meager room. Thanks a ton for all your timely responses.
  22. Thanks a ton for your quick replies, I really appreciate it. So I've moved things around and below is the new file path. Should that make it easier? With this I've tried dmap tut dmap tutorial dmap maps/tutorial dmap tut/maps/tutorial I'm clearly still missing something but I can't tell what, forgive my lack of knowledge here, I'm really quite a caveman. Should I move stuff up and eliminate the 'tdm_update_win' folder and move it's contents up into 'TheDarkMod' folder? Thanks again.
  23. So I'm stuck at the bottom of page 1 again under Dmap: Compiling the Mission. I know my blunder lies somewhere in folder structure. I've tried every variation I can think of along the lines of dmap maps/tutorial/tutorial but still keep coming back with "Couldn't load map file." I've attached a thumbnail of the top of my DR window that has the full file name, hopefully that will help to clue me in to where I goofed up. Any help finding a better way to organize my folders is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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