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  1. Exacly! ... like Bioware/EA did that exemplary with Dragon Age. Fact is many European gamers prefer to play the english version over the translated one. And the localized versions are even cut sometimes as well. Needelss to say why pay a domestic price if most often European mainland people get it for half the price from UK?? To lock the UK version is very much dissatisfing indeed!
  2. I had a playthrough of the revised v2. I will try now to fairly review and focus on the map. Please people get back from unconnected negativities to that too. To start with: There had been really a lot things polished. Also some of mine feedback for the inital release. In detail: I'm glad to see SH/BD did listen to the feedback, squeezed many of the bugs and also improved this mission really a lot. That should be acknowledged. So it is a huge pity that the FM lack just one more sentence in the briefing about the friendliness of the forest people to sort out one of the biggest remaining complain. A FM shouldn't get negativity just because the author decided to go for a fantasy tale in this example instead of a taffing scenario even if it is unconventional to a First Person Sneaker Mod. I applaud diversity of gamplay or "where no FMA has gone before" with a mod. In the case of Winter Harvest v2 I enjoyed the mood and the different gamplay. It's up to the author what he likes to build and accomplish. And to the players what to enjoy. I can recommand a playthrough of Winter Harvest v2 to decide yourself. Just know the fact that people in the forest are friedly fellows!
  3. Thanks for that experiment! I liked the innovations and the focus on a nice story. I also liked how the carriage moved along at the start of the mission. For all that I'm sorry to say that my playthrough had been mainly a trail-and-error, quicksave and quickload experience in the outside areas but the labyrinth. Not your fault. TDM just seam not to be suited well for daylight environments. Kudos having been courageous in trying Fieldmedic!
  4. I agree. Blood remains and dead bodies parts alone don't make violence.
  5. well... only because something had been originally used for a certain purpose in real history doesn't mean that a group of people take some symbol or mask and give it a new meaning. That's a not uncommon practice through history as it still is today. To me personally the best fiction and games are rooted in some historical background but do create an own altered universe based on that. So I think TDM isn't and shouldn't be a 1:1 history simulation. TDM shouldn't hesitate to change real world history things if it enhance the world, gameplay or atmosphere. For an example George R.R. Martin's work wouldn't be such appealing to so many people if he would have put his settings in a pure and historically correct medieval world. I think dogmatically to stick and simulate history for the sake of it has been seldom fun to see, create or play. Therefore the fact alone that this mask had been used in for plague doctors in European Middle Ages is no reason for me it couldn't be adopted for some other purpose or mystical reasons by a group of people in the world of TDM or single FM's. thanks for explaining. Make sense now
  6. Arcturus, is this "practically abandoned" work the map you passed on to Bikerdude to complete?? If not, please consider commiting it here for adoption.
  7. Yes indeed. This would be an example of a pagan mask made from bark: Animal masks would be pagan as well. A group of people wearing Nosslak's mask may - but needed to be - tight to the inventors. There a lot of possibilities with preserving a mystery around such group. An feared secretive assassin faction to name just one other example. I really like that! Could be. But needn't be. There is no functional need for (fictional) tech attached to such a mask unless someone make it a live preserving device in a FM for some reason. But would such kind of "Daddy Vader" Star Wars gasp mask really fit TDM?? Masks usually aren't used due to an illness but to hide the identity of it's wearers. A group using the same type of mask make it also a symbol of some identity or belief. A mask like Nosslak's might also have a third function: spreading fear and terror for the whispered myth and/or known actions of the people wearing that certain mask.
  8. That new model Nossalk created inspire my imagination... ... so what do you guys thing about having the campaign introduce the "Untouchables" - a new fraction playing a major part in our main story theme? - The Untouchables could be folks with an illness or curse that is THAT horrible and contagious these people do wear this mask. Maybe they are the only faction feared enough for that which have no fear to be approached by the city watch or hired thugs to buy this something the protagonist had been stolen. Or maybe they longing for a cure receipt the protagonist may get them or Mandasola to ease their distress (both possibly to be found in my hospital mission). Or maybe they are the main enemy through the missions - for example a feared assassin guilt feared for their infectious touch and paid by the inventors to go after the player. There are many possibilities to come up with such a mysterious new fraction hiding behind a plague mask ...
  9. chiming in to say what an fantastic, very useful model, ... !! can't wait for this one into the mod. 'opening up lot's of story possibilities ... Superb job done Nosslak!
  10. Reminds me on this keep up your drawing passions GS!
  11. That would be a helpful feature. If I may add another one that is loosly conneted to filters and layers and bugs me. Reason is convenience for growing maps as well: I do work a lot with the Entity List. This can grow rather huge. Yes I know typing the entity name do find things. But I think it could be an additinal good and helpful feature if there would be a selectbox at the entity list called "show only displayed" (or some name like that). And if that selectbox is checked do hide all filtered entities (through filter menu and hidden layers) from the entity list. So that the entries in the entity list only do match the entities shown in the mapping views. And if the selectbox is not check-marked the list show all entities like today (this should be default) . I think such could enhance usability of the Enitiy list, Filters and Layers even further. Thanks if giving that some thoughts...
  12. good point indeed. Deafening would be enough for a better possibility to use of Fleshbombs.
  13. +1 to me specially lowering AI sound awareness for the time of effect. For me most issue is what is mentioned in the other thread that the AI still hear your footstep the same as the AI being undistracted.
  14. Thanks for the effort you put into the fixes and updates to improve the map SH and Biker!
  15. My advice Brethren is to sketch hand-drawn layout plans along with basic design ideas before even doing a first brush room. That way you are able to brainstrom through some various ideas and quickly feel what might work (and what not) without your setting get out of control only after many hours into mapping. Did so about three weeks and a few discarded ideas, sketches and settings before even firing up DR. I think it's because of that that geometry setting and ideas work much like sketched still in my map as a result.
  16. Surprising opinion Radiatoryang That had been the PR Mantra Ion Storm told us all the time during development of TDS as excuse just to dumb down down Thief making it console audience "compatible". The result speak for itself I think! After many disappointments in game sequels with "improved, easier accessibility" I meantime avoid every game which has the words "broadening the audience" or "more accessible" in the PR & marketing bla bla... and welcome any bold game and mod that is courageous not to succumb to the mindset that accessibility stand for bringing gameplay to the lowest common denominator (hence my sig. quote). I think a lot more players are into quick-witted or unconventional game design as commercial publishers do embrace these days. One reason some great mods and an increasing share of indi games fill the gap. I do belong to the group who enjoy Thief most "when I understand the level layout / patrol paths / obstacles and use them to my advantage" and voted static (but would have 'static with dynamic variations' if choice given). But the same time I think that "dynamic" map routes could make sense and will be fun if the the TDM map is suited and build focused for the kind of gameplay. Increased diversity of map styles is my favorite kind of "broadening the audiance".
  17. Right. That's this all about .. both for players and mappers. Some more thoughts and considerations added: I think dynamics and randomness will suit classic "empty that place from gold" heists more than tense story-focused FM's. Also likely will add replayablitity in unlinear maps more than linear ones. And in a small rather than in a huge FM. ... Or in other words I think methods like dynamic AI path design, random loot placement, varying spots for objective items, etc... are imo. worth the efforts and would work great for increased replaybility in FMs like "Knighton Manor" or "Beleaguered Fence". But would probably less succeed for "Glaham Tower" or "The Transaction" type maps. And yes, if you implement methods of added replayability do let folks know about!! ( Mission Notes in the downloader readme or where ever seam best... ) Whatever each of us feel about that, please keep on whatever you enjoy and feel worth trying to implement Sotha.
  18. The new hair Springheel just did might also come right in time for you for more proffessor/teacher variants Dussander.
  19. Good work Springheel!
  20. If it comes to design or play video games I think gamplay fun is always more of weight than reality. Many video games heroes (as well as in film and literature) are able to achive things a human could never do, not even a very well trained one. For good reasons. Among other it is often central part of the hero's journey of a game or film because most players/viewers simply enjoy identifing with an alter ego with skills a normal human rarely or never would have. And to go through and get thrilled emotionally by situations they never will experience in reality themself. There are countless examples. Indeed it is harder to find games where this is not the case. So if a FM author like his protagonist slightly super-human in strengh to overcome gravity climbing some banners, why not?? ... In my opinion one beauty of projects like TDM is just that every mapper can try his own vision and preference in these things where different opinions and taste exist (climable objects, door handles, AI paths, etc ...). And players will get especially attracted to FMs they share preferences of the decisions chosen by an certain author. Therefore I think diversity between FM/authors regading such decisions is good for TDM. as long as the mapper remain consistent in his decisions through an FM! better even through all of his FMs so players get to know and can rely on an author's style ...
  21. Talking about reality of climbing a banner while undead roam the streets and mages wielding fireballs at you guys ? cool video post Siyha!
  22. ... also having a possibility having human male AIs become distracted by a female by would be a nice addition to think about. Sth. like: after_whistle_woman court_woman
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