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  1. Time to upgrade I'm afraid. Ryzen 5600X on b550 motherboard with dual channel 16GB DDR4 (2x8GB)
  2. Did you ever try deleting the darkmod.cfg file in your broken install?
  3. Hmmm, maybe. For me, I have creep bound to Left CTRL key and I lean my palm on the ctrl key instead of using a finger. With a little bit of practice, I found l like it that way a lot better.
  4. Yes we already figured it out man. The legacy code works fine. We got this thanks Here, this is for you. It's a portal_sky rendering on a floating brush, underwater, covered by a fog volume. iDTech4 was pretty cool.
  5. Based on how skyportals work, it doesn't matter where they are, just like mirrors.
  6. Skybox is sealed with brushes, it doesn't matter if it's outside the map or inside really. It was also just for testing, it doesn't matter in this case whether it's inside or outside. But you can move it all around if you want and try again.
  7. Bug tracker filed. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5365
  8. Yeah this was broken in TDM 2.05. There was some code changes to skyboxes: duzenko Optimize Skybox rendering by changing it's render order (takes better advantage of hierarchical-z) Might be related. 2.04 2.05 Guess I'll file a bug tracker?
  9. Ok I think I figured it out. That box only works if it's completely sealed. (I have the front brush hidden in DR). If I take that brush away, it breaks.
  10. LOL I've been working on this map since 2011......this portal_sky textured box has been in it's position since around that time and it's always worked. Also, it HAS worked just fine sometimes when I delete and recreate it. Also, that's not true. Here's in game: Here's in DarkRadiant, the box is floating in the middle of the map, not touching anything.
  11. EDIT: EVGA 980ti on latest drivers, if that matters. I've been plugging away at my cave map, but I keep running into issues so it's taking a long time. Now, the skybox isn't working. Basically the sky texture is just transparent. I fixed it by deleting the brushes, creating new ones and texturing just one face as sky. After DMAP that worked. So I then textured the other 3 sides and then it was broken again. Changing the other 3 sides back to regular textures didn't fix the broken sky rendering. Now, even deleting the skybox prefab, the offending textures/brushes etc, won't
  12. Looking good, but it definitely needs an ambient_world light.
  13. That orgy of church pews is sacrilegious in the builders temple!
  14. Kind of, they made massive changes to the engine, so it's not the same.
  15. Use a gpu overclocking tool to decrease your GPU core clocks to something low like 200mhz. Do the same thing with your CPU. This will simulate a garbage potato.
  16. Yeah, deleting GLprogs folder should not be 1.6GBs. Mine is 400KBs. More than likely one of the archives needed to be freshly downloaded. When your run the updater, it has a log that shows which archives fail to match and will be redownloaded.
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