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  1. I finally got around to play Prey and I truly loved it. It is an incredible homage to System Shock and Deus Ex. While the gameplay is not en par with those two titles, the game makes up for that with its well written lore and story. The whole "world" just feells so authentic and it features a ton of really god environmental story-telling. Recommended for every immersive sim fan, i.e., everyone on this forum.

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    2. Xolvix


      It's not really a stealth game, or at least the stealth is only there to help you get a better tactical position to take out enemies. There's no reason NOT to kill the Typhon because it's the primary method of getting raw materials for a rather important item. If you don't like the combat, just level up Combat Focus and you'll be completely unstoppable, it's probably the most broken of the powers. Also I feel the gameplay is in some ways superior to Deus Ex if only because of the wide variety of ways you can tackle objectives and explore the station. Someone else explained it here: https://old.reddit.com/r/truegaming/comments/r5ottl/the_amount_of_ways_you_can_work_your_way_around_a/

    3. STiFU


      Oh boy, you could do things in oh so many ways in Deus Ex 1. Aside from that, you had actual stealth there, you had more melee and ranged weapon options and the levels were very open-world like, with tons of options to achieve your goals. Granted, that's not as much the case with the more recent titles, but I specifically meant Deus Ex 1.

    4. STiFU


      @Epifire the DLC is also excellent, but you should have the mechanics of the main game down before trying it. I'll just quote my Steam-Review:


      The DLC is so different from the main game that it deserves its very own Review. It borrows the gameplay mechanics from Prey and wraps it all in a rogue-lite experience, which somehow works surprisingly well. That is, unless you're looking for a deep story. While each of the 5 playable characters you can unlock has a nice little story quest chain (that you also have to unlock first), there really isn't that much story to tell here. That being said, I still loved the DLC, as the 5 characters with their different skilltrees force you to play the game in other playstyles than what you were used to. The game poses quite a challenge at first, but after some time, you figure out its mechanics and can bend them to your will so that you finally escape with all 5 characters in one run. 🙂


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