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  1. I worked on unshouldering in tight spaces a while back. In the current implementation, the unshouldering-algorithm will try to spawn the body in a small set of predefined angles. If the body does not intersect with other geometry, it will be spawned.
  2. STiFU

    Free games

    I liked the general idea of that game, but the controls were so horrible that I stopped playing eventually.
  3. Anyone here clocking in some times in Neon Light?

  4. Sorry about that. Please don't take it personally, I did not want to imply that you might be doing something unethical. When I posted that, I operated under the following thoughts: 1. it could also have been Biker's Words instead of yours 2. you could just have missed the thread about grayman's will 3. I did not know that some of grayman's other FMs had been adopted and my alarmbells just went off. Sending some from Bochum to Ingolstadt right here! By the way, I never ever assume bad intentions in social interactions unless facts show otherwise ("innocent until proven guilty"). Some might call this type of thinking naive, but positive thinking is a key ingredient to a happy life.
  5. Ok, my bad then. Thanks for clarifying that.
  6. I am a bit appalled about this supposed "will". What is the reference you base this on? Grayman explicitly told us not to release his works. His exact words were: "If I die, the story of William Steele ends with me. No handing off my FMs to others".
  7. STiFU

    Free games

    And FYI, the console equivalent to that site is https://www.dekudeals.com/ .
  8. STiFU

    Free games

    The coolest thing about that site is that you can also link your steam wishlist there and also add games not on steam to your "waitlist" (which is what they call the wishlist).
  9. The most critical stuff has already been deleted, as we don't want to foster a harmful environment in these forums. We want to be as welcoming to newcomers as possible.
  10. A sad and heartwarming topic... ...but I have to just take a moment and appreciate, that these quotes are probably gonna turn into a running gag on these forums.
  11. Be honest: Who of you have actually finished Cuphead? This game is freaking tough! It might even be harder than Sekiro. Dark Souls is a joke in comparison to Cuphead! :-Dย 

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    2. Shadow


      Cuphead is one of the toughest games you can play. The bossfights are absolute insanity. I did finish it, but not without cheating. It was a beautiful game and worth a play tho, if only to put cocky bragging gamers in their place.

    3. STiFU


      I am on the final level now. Gonna try it saturday or so... ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. STiFU


      Ok, I couldn't wait until saturday! ๐Ÿ˜„ย @AluminumHasteย the final boss was pretty bullet-helly though. ๐Ÿ˜• Still, you might get into it. I hate bullet-hell games normally as well.


  12. STiFU

    Free games

    Supraland, the best first person puzzle game of the decade, is free on epic right now. I had a blast playing it a few years back and I am still waiting for the DLC to finally become afordable. My Steam-Review: <<This game is so fun! You frequently feel like "is this the intended solution or am I glitching this puzzle?". Brilliant! The mechanics are awesome and open the game up massively towards the end. So many possibilities!>>
  13. I wouldn't just call it "maginally better", considering the crappy image quality of the screenshots you've been posting. I guess some people just don't wanna be helped?
  14. IrfanView. The VLC of image viewers / converters / editors. Super lightweight. Supports almost all formats, and the remaining ones (e.g. dds) can be added via plugins. And there is batch processing of image files. I use it on a daily basis in my job as a software developer in image processing.
  15. Just use JPEG and you're good.
  16. That picture would be worthy of our Facebook site, @Springheel. (If @refl3ks grants permission of course)
  17. Finished Deathloop yesterday. My verdict:

    Arkane Studios showing off once again that they are one of the best in game design: Pick the timeloop mystery adventure mechanics of Outer Wilds and remix them, add "Dark Souls"-like invasions in the form that other players can play your antagonist Juliana, and wrap it all in 60s-stylized first person shooter with abilities and upgrades, and an interesting story to unravel. This culminates in such a unique gameplay experience that "Deathloop" would have deserved Game of the Year 2021 WAY more than "It Takes Two". Especially the invasions add so much tension to your playthroughs, it is absolutely exhilarating. That is, unless your opponent lags incredibly, which sadly happens quite often. Combine this with the performance issues many players experienced, and you know why the game did not win game of the year. It is really sad to see technical issues hinder such a masterpiece of a game from doing well. The only criticism I have with respect to gameplay is that the first shot of any weapon is apparently always 100% accurate, which enables you to headshot enemies hundreds of meters away using your submachine gun, but other than that the gun play is on point. All in all, just 9/10 due to technical issues.

    1. madtaffer


      I wonder why Arkane is not using id tech 7 which is running Doom Eternal since is far better optimized.

    2. STiFU


      I wonder why they didn't use Cry-Engine or Unreal-Engine? Both were apparently used in Prey and its Mooncrash DLC respectively.

    3. Xolvix


      Arkane are all over the place when it comes to the engines they use for their games. Dishonored, Prey and Dishonored 2 all use completely different engines which seems like a unnecessary challenge for their programmers/designers, but whatever. As for Deathloop, I haven't played it yet since I became less interested in it after hearing that it's not actually an immersive sim, and that's what I like most from them. Apparently it's more of a shooter with a unique puzzle element which sounds cool as is probably the reason why I'll eventually play it, but once I found out how it's not really a sim my enthusiasm dropped.

  18. STiFU

    Free games

    Haha, the 2006 Prey was nice and all, but the modern Prey is like a Deux Ex on a space station. A must-play for every immersive sim fan.
  19. STiFU

    Free games

    Can't believe nobody mentioned yet that PREY is free on Epic right now. This game is absolutely incredible! Loved every bit of it! You can also grab Jotun on Epic, which is short and nice, but obviously nowhere near the quality of PREY.
  20. EDIT: Oh, I see stgatilov already replied while I answered. Probably worthy of a code-review, once stgatilov is back online again.
  21. VS probably recommended to change to bitwise OR because a bitwise AND was used in the term before that and VS did not understand that what we actually want is a boolean. I bet if you changed it to AI_CREEP = (usercmd.buttons & BUTTON_CREEP) != 0 || (idMath::Abs(usercmd.forwardmove) <= creepLimit && idMath::Abs(usercmd.rightmove) <= creepLimit); , i.e., convert the bitwise AND result directly to bool, VS would not recommend to change the OR operator.
  22. Soooo, I just got the platin trophy in Sifu... xD Incredibley addicting game!

  23. Haha, wow. It's incredible, how differently people can perceive such things. I found the intro to be very intriguing, actually. First the dream with father to set the scene with a beautiful soundtrack and a drastic turning point, then the ship trip that serves as a short tutorial and to configure your character much similar to the Morrowind intro, then that mysterious veiled lady appears and does the unspeakable, then a dramatic showdown on the ship deck, and finally you're left shipwrecked on the coast of Enderal. All of that so mysterious, that I kept wondering what is happening here and so, I eagerly started playing to learn more about all of this.
  24. Aside from x64 support and some new post-processing features, the SE version apparently also comes with quite a few bugfixes and better performance.
  25. I've had zero issues like that. Hm... You did use Skyrim SE and the SE Version of Enderal, didn't you? Furthermore, there is a mod called "Enderal SE- Bug Fixes" that is also mandatory. If you have further troubles running the game, you can go to the SureAI discord and ask for help. The start is confusing and surreal, yes. That is by design, as the story is based on that. But clumsy and muddled? Here are some further essential mods I recommend, excluding high-quality-mods (except for the NPC-faces and hair mod) Additionally to these, I recommend to install "Alternate Conversation Camera", which gives you a nice oblivion-like camera view in conversations, and some ENB, preferably the pretty but berformance intense Steamin ENB.
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