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  1. I'm not doing any modelling atm, but maybe Peterspy or Epifire could help? Don't know how often they read the forums, but they're active on Discord.
  2. The third and final mission has the plot written, and the map (which is almost 3 different maps) 60% done. There is some beautiful work there already completed, but far too much work remains for me to ever finish it. I'm going to be packaging the three sections up for adoption this summer (which is going to be a big task given all the custom assets). Anyone here who wanted to try and bring it across the finish line would have my full support.
  3. We have thousands of textures now. Upgrading them all would be a project that would take years for a small group of dedicated artists. Since most of our textures exist only in .dds format, they would have to be remade, not just resized. And any time you remake a texture, you run the risk of it not working as intended in missions where it has already been used. And beyond that, you ultimately run into the comparison trap. If you increase the quality of one thing, it makes the weaknesses of other things stand out more. The rigging of our character models (done by me, as far from a competent animator as you can get) is already our weakest link (followed closely by some animations themselves), and the better everything else looks, the more that is going to stand out.
  4. There is no open flame, so no reason to assume a water arrow would disable it.
  5. Very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing dinner parties happening behind mansion windows, as well as a distant scene of ships sailing to and fro for dock maps.
  6. Can you post a screenshot of what you mean? You don't have to download the missions that come with the mod--they are already downloaded; you just have to install them. If that's not working, either your original download was corrupt, or there is some kind of folder permission issue.
  7. 1. We use ambient light because it's not fun or entertaining to stare at a black monitor. 2. They can be. 3. We do.
  8. This should be fixed now on SVN,
  9. The animations are present in the release SVN. It's possible they were not included in the release package, as the werebeast used to be excluded. Although that doesn't make sense, as the mesh and the animations are in the same folder. If the mesh shows up in DR, the animations should as well.
  10. I think just the editor image is missing. Do you see any issues in game? These two should be fixed in revision 15885 The other ones are super old models, so either something has broken, or they were never finished and were uploaded by mistake.
  11. And even if you're not worried about either of those things, you might be concerned that you'll run out of TP because the people who are worried bought it all.
  12. You can put them on a separate layer and then hide that layer.
  13. What is it you think needs to be fixed?
  14. These don't work? The degree and frequency of modulation can be altered via cvars: cv_pm_swimspeed_variation cv_pm_swimspeed_frequency
  15. I've always thought it would be a useful way to fake windows.
  16. No one educated on the subject is saying anything close to that. Best case scenario is that we have a vaccine in a year's time and the virus mutates into something with less of a mortality rate.
  17. I downloaded the SVN for the release branch, and although I did find a missing definition for one of the new zombies, the beastmen were properly textured. Unless someone else can confirm the problem, I'm not sure where else to go with this. On another note, is the game supposed to default to windowed mode now?
  18. That feature has been known to create random crashes.
  19. There are no patches in that area that I can see in the map. The closest thing is a dirt decal, but it's on the other side. And the stone texture, textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/cobblestone_blue_black, does not have a specular stage.
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