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  1. There's also a menu button to move the 3d view to the currently selected leak/lin.
  2. I think that's just your specific assumption. You can use filters for very map specific things. It's not difficult or a lot of work to make them. So you're saying you use hotkeys for layers? I never use hotkeys for filters. Accessing them in the menu is just 2 clicks.
  3. Yeah this is something I wondered too. What is the point of having things in multiple layers? Instead maybe add a filtertype for layers, so you can filter everything that is part of that layer.
  4. Ok, so it turned out to be just a stupid mistake in my fm_root.subs file. All is fine.
  5. I think this was fixed by @OrbWeaverin source, but that is after release 3.8 . So it will be fixed in 3.9 for sure.
  6. I was wondering if it's possible to make a program that generates a subs file from a folder with a bunch of srt files. I know this is too much to ask for, but I just mention the idea.. The lines are usely: srt "sound/sub-path-to-sound-folder/sound-file-name.ogg" "subtitles/sound-file-name.srt" Edit: I think I already figured it out using Python code. Just putting it here quickly so I can reproduce it later. import os, sys path = "C:/Progs/tdm/fms/mandrasola/sound/sfx/mandrasola/" path_sounds = "sound/sfx/mandrasola/" path_subs = "subtitles/" listfiles = os.listdir(path) for x in listfiles: print("srt " + '"' + path_sounds + x + '"' + ' "' + path_subs + x.removesuffix('.ogg') + ".srt" + '"') Generates: srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_guard1.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_guard1.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_guard2.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_guard2.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell1.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell1.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell2.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell2.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell3.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell3.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell4.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell4.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell5.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell5.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell6.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell6.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla1.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla1.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla2.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla2.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla3.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla3.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla4.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla4.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla5.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla5.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla6.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla6.srt" srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla_iwarnyou.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla_iwarnyou.srt" Man this would have saved me so much time yesterday..
  7. I added this to the included mainmenu_briefing.gui : //stgatilov #2454: display subtitles #define SUBTITLES_NAMEPREFIX Briefing #include "guis/tdm_subtitles_common.gui" I thought that would do it.. Btw. this is for mission nhat. This section doesn't really need subtitles, because they are already included burned in the images, but I still want to figure out why it doesn't show up.
  8. I think it would be best if he returns, but as a regular forum user with a new account. A fresh new start.
  9. Do subtitles for voice audio in non-video briefings actually work? I have an instance where I can't get them to show up. Or I'm missing something.
  10. I'm not sure if that's true. I think it's his own choice (at least that's what he said to me on discord). Although you're a teammember yourself, so maybe you know best what the status is. But when he's so involved with TDM it's a little strange. He's active on the wiki, he's active on the bugtracker, he has active contact with teammembers and mappers on discord, working on different missions.
  11. No it's just a video showing how to setup that specific config that was asked for. I personally have 2 monitors. On the first monitor I have the 3d view + one of the 2d views and I can cycle through the 3 2d-views with a keypress. On the second window I have all the special windows, like entity, ai, etc. Which are tabbed into one window.
  12. https://postimages.org/ creates actual image urls to the file (a lot of image sharing sites share links to pages, but not to the actual file) optional: resize on upload optional: specify if you want them removed after a specific time. When you copy the url-list in a post and then after press enter, they get included as images into the post automatically. Example:
  13. So aparently this image uploader has a plugin for Invision Power Board, which, I think is our forum software: https://freeimage.host/plugin So I was wondering, could it be integrated somehow?
  14. So I was reading the DarkRadiant Script Reference and it gives an example to move the cameraview by setting coordinates: import darkradiant as dr camview = GlobalCameraManager.getActiveView() camview.setCameraOrigin(dr.Vector3(50,0,50)) This works, but then I wanted to use the tdm position coordinates that you can get by doing getviewpos in the console in tdm. But these coordinates donĀ“t give the same position in DR. Why is that? Is there an other way? Edit: WHOOPS it does actually work. (some layers in the testmap were disabled)
  15. Congratulations. Sorry, I was going to beta test it as well, but it didn't happen.
  16. datiswous


    I said something about Timeshift. This could have saved you from a reinstall.
  17. Yeah I guess you could make a script that loads missions, then teleports to different area's and makes screenshots (actually I made a similar script for envshot a while back), but then you have to review all those screenshots? Maybe just a script that changes calc in something else and don't look back (maybe this is dumb)?
  18. I guess it warns about a core decl being overriden?
  19. datiswous


    So you moved from Solus to NomadBSD, or.. ? Do you also have the sound stuttering in System Shock? It's the only thing bothering me a bit.
  20. What does the code fix actually fix? If fixing something breaks something else, it's i.m.o. not a (good) fix. Edit: I would agree that maybe it's better to fix the mission(s) instead.
  21. Indeed. I did a quick test on a Windows 10 pc and there I can move..
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