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  1. It was too hard to put in TDM? I remember I could download the files somewhere..
  2. I added this to: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Add-ons Maybe I should have tested it first..
  3. Currently Profile Information has 3 fields, these are shown in forum posts under your avatar:

    1. Gender

    2. Location

    3. Interests

    I think that it could be useful to have an extra field called "Operating system" (under location). It can be useful for tech support and to see what people use.

    Alternatively it could be a more general term, like PC system, so that you can for example state that you use an AMD gpu.

    1. SeriousToni


      If people then keep it by themselves updated it makes sense. Otherwise it's confusing if you forgot to update your profile and everybody thinks you're talking about Linux but you already switched to Windows :o

    2. datiswous


      Yeah, that's also true..

  4. This works well (tested under Linux), thanks. You do have to specify it for all shortcuts, because the shortcut changes the setting for all future startups of DR (until another shortcut changes it).
  5. I created template (and category) Addons, which is listed as subcategory of Editing: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Category:Addons Script, gui, texture, etc. addon pages can be linked to it via: {{addons}} Scripts and gui's are text files, so could possibly be placed in the page itself as text. instead of uploading them elsewhere.
  6. Have you checked the wiki for info? Wiki Understanding folder structure Model files go into models directory inside fm-directory. Wiki EntityDef Wiki Material files I think that the material_setup.txt file has to be editted and saved as a .mtr file and the def_setup.txt editted and saved as a .def file and then everything has to be put in the correct folders. See links above.
  7. Ah ok that's a shame. I was trying to create an x-ray screen which makes an ai visible, but which is not visible and nonsolid when you walk around the screen. I also had an issue with the head not becoming fully invisible, but that's something else.
  8. I added template SEED to Category:Templates . I changed the SEED template into a categorizing template and then created category SEED (subcategory of Editing) and listed all SEED pages under that . Hope that's ok.. The previous version of the SEED template just listed a list of links to the other SEED pages, which now can be found listed clicking on the SEED category. I added template Template-help to Category:Templates . So now it's easier to see what it does and how to use it. Edit: I added templates TDM-FM (+ created description) and Infobox to Category:Templates
  9. How do I make ai nonsolid? Setting solid: 0 in DR doesn't work
  10. It works, but you still have to sign into Google Drive to download it. I think it should be set to free for everyone with the link.
  11. Maybe related: If I (in Linux) start the nVidia config software, quit and then start TDM, I get high fps. If I don't start the nVidia software first, fps is capped at 60fps.
  12. I need to ask for access. Is that intended? I think you have to set the share rights in Google Drive so that everyone has access. Try downloading when not logged in (incognito/private window).
  13. Btw. How can one move to that location? I never figured that out.
  14. One of them is actually from you. Could you make the download link working again?
  15. It's ok if he doesn't change it, but I ask it anyway in case he shows up.
  16. Maybe using Linux in Parallels VM gives better results? See also: https://kb.parallels.com/en/128518 and https://www.phoronix.com/news/VirGL-Mesa-4.1-Capability (not sure if relevant)
  17. @Sotha Can the topic's title be changed to Fan Mission: Thomas Porter 0: Mandrasola by Sotha (2011/04/10) Because this is how it is listed in the mission database and downloader. If I read this topic and then want to play the mission, I can't find it, because it's listed differently (this happened).
  18. So these are 3 seperate missions, right? The first post makes it sound like it's a campaign.. Edit: It seems just that it is presented as a campaing mission, but it's actually seperated in 3 seperated missions in the downloader. But the info pages: https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?internalName=vfat1 https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?internalName=vfat2 https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?internalName=vfat3 Are listing wrong info, which adds to the confusion. I don't know if the downloads are correct on those pages. @nbohr1more (or any other mod), could the info on the website be fixed? Edit: I'm willing to do some research on the needed texts per mission listing if needed.
  19. This issue still remains in 3.6 (under Linux) . If I remember correctly this doesn't happen in Windows (10). Should I create a bugreport in the tracker?
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