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  1. I couldn't really believe the writing in this was that dire, so I tortured myself by making a full transcript of the v.o. (what I can make of it), and, yes. It is. Read only if you want to share my pain: I haven't got worked up about any of the changes that the reboot seems to be bringing; just thought, ah, I'll get it in a few years for $5 in a sale. But if this is a indication of the level of literacy the game's going to offer, $5 will be too much. *Settles firmly into saddle of high horse* *Heads off to find a misplaced apostrophe he can gnash his teeth over*
  2. *fires up FM again in hope that after 4-5 playthroughs he may actually find the map this time*
  3. Did someone make a demo showing an effect of clouds passing over the moon which affected the ambient moonlight levels? Or am I confusing this with Thief FMs?
  4. I'd definitely recommend Miasmata. Most immersive game I've played since Thief, and pulls off the pretty amazing trick of being able to be utterly terrifying in bright daylight and beautiful surroundings. Downside: needs a powerful computer, and (for me) hits the limitations of its gameplay near the end, but until then - wow....
  5. And is there a teeny-weeny texture glitch in the top left-hand corner of the fourth pic? (Hope this doesn't sound nit-picky - I wouldn't normally notice something like that but the rest of the pic is so gorgeous it kinda jumped out at me.)
  6. This will hopefully be useful, especially for TDM newcomers (it doesn't happen very often but can still catch me out sometimes): Most successful jumping depends on you standing up when you make the jump. Unfortunately, sometimes the crouch indicator will indicate that you're standing up when you're actually stuck under something that's keeping you stuck in crouch position. To check whether this is the case, toggle the crouch key - if your viewpoint doesn't rise and fall, you're underneath something (a window ledge, joist, rock, whatever) that's stopping you from standing up. The answer is to put yourself in standing position, then edge out (away from the wall, usually) until your viewpoint raises. You are now standing and can plummet your death anyway make that jump! Thought I'd mention it as there's one particular climb in Requiem that I had this problem with, and others seem to be too: -
  7. I'm intrigued by the fact that Serpentine has Plato's Republic open while he's doing all this techie stuff, but I guess (like many us) he needs a bit of light-hearted Socratic dialogue concerning individual and social justice, the immortality of the soul and the position of the philosopher & the poet in society to lighten the technical load every now and then.
  8. And the ghosting definition debate continues... Pretty exciting to watch that speed run, even though I'd never want to play it that way myself. (I don't have the patience to do all the research and planning needed. Blunder round cluelessly and luck out, that's my general policy.)
  9. Penny Dreadful was particularly dark, IIRC - had to use my lamp at times (which I very rarely do). I was under the impression the low ambient light was a deliberate design choice by Melan, but could be wrong.
  10. That's a game that needs to be made NOW. (Actually, someone probably made it for the Sinclair ZX80 decades ago.) But really funny.
  11. Check out this thread: http://forums.thedar...page__p__323737 They were discussing doing a trailer for TDM with some hardcore music as background, so maybe you could contribute something - ??? I mean, the music for the intro for the very first Thief was pretty hardcore (once it got going):
  12. Like SirGen, horror missions aren't usually my taste, but I make an exception for the following: Full-on horror: Glenham Tower, Flakebridge Monastery Partly horror: Requiem, In Remembrance of Him (only one horror section but it's a doozy). First part of No Honour Amongst Thieves 1 is quite horror-ish too. Probably doesn't fit as there are no undead at all, but I find Patently Dangerous quite chilling.
  13. Man - I think the last time I played this it was on my Intel HD graphics laptop nearly two years ago and it lagged like mad. But it must have made an impression cuz I'm just getting flashback after flashback: Really looking forward to seeing how many more memories get stirred up...
  14. Can't help with the running issue, but re alt-tabbing - you may find this thread helpful: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15135-fullscreen-windowed/page__hl__windowed__fromsearch__1 I use crowbars82's Autohotkey tip. HTH.
  15. Not recommended for Game of Thrones fans with no sense of humour.
  16. Just a few games in the last few months apart from TDM - Miasmata (flawed but still amazing) and (after I discovered you could now get it legit for free) Battlefield 1942. Also started to play through TDS again for the first time in years, and after having played only TDM and T2 FMs for 2-3 years, I can finally understand all the complaints about it (TDS was the first Thief game I played, so I didn't have anything to compare it against). Borked movement and light gem, wretched loading zones, quickloads that should be sued under the Trade Descriptions Act, etc etc etc, but you know what? I still really like it. Sounds and looks great, especially the dynamic lighting. It's a real shame moving shadows cause such a performance hit in TDM cus they add so much atmosphere.
  17. Erm - is this meant to be the original? Cuz it is. (Which I'm not complaining about as I prefer the original.) But the fact that it's called oldhabits2 makes me think it's meant to be the rebuild. Just checked the fms folder in darkmod and there's a darkmod.txt file saying it's the first FM, and a readme.txt saying it's the rebuild.
  18. Thanks Obs. I may be in the minority but I preferred the original (wasn't aware of any major bugs, gotta say). They were both excellent though, and I think both should be available.
  19. Just wanted to flag up that I can't get 2.0 to register this mission. Tried the in-game downloader - came back with an error message and nothing appeared in the fms folder. Downloaded it from southquarter.com and put it in my fms folder, but it doesn't show up in the available missions page. Dl'd from fidcal.com - same result. Just downloaded Glenham Tower in-game with no problems. Am I doing something wrong?
  20. You may want to keep an eye on this (I know I am): http://www.ttlg.com/...ad.php?t=135188 Been years in the making but may actually be released this year.
  21. The 1:16 jump is really tricky - think I may have got stuck once or twice, but more often I do what I did in the first attempt and end up saying "Arrggh! Hello! Aaargh!" to the Builder's hammers (if the fall hasn't killed me first). The 1:27 jump is mainly timing - get as far back as you can (which isn't much), stand up, start running and then almost immediately jump (I'm guessing it's something like 1/10th of a second between starting to run and making the jump. You've got hardly any run-up). If you get the light gem lined up as it is at 1:30 in the video, you should be pointing in the right direction. Hope this helps. BTW, since making the video, I've discovered there are good mantling opportunities even before you get to the guards' station.
  22. Remember all the gloom last year about the future of the mod? Nah, me neither. :o)

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      TDM FMs:

      2009: 8

      2010: 25

      2011: 18

      2012: 8

      2013: 9 (so far)

      Can't blame people for being disappointed about 2012 stats... That number should have been 3x times that much. Anyway, here is to a great 2013, 2014, 2015...

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      Yes, onwards and upwards! And huge kudos to the dev team for steering the mod to where it is now. Seriously good work.

  23. Works great for me! Many thanks.
  24. Haven't enabled/disabled anything cos I can't see what I'm doing. Is there a setting I can adjust in the cfg file?
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