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Found 5445 results

  1. Not sure, I've never come up accross that particular problem. Might be best to visit http://ttlg.com/forums and check the FAQ. If someone else has experienced the problem, it's likely there.
  2. That's a cool take on them, Saxmeister. With them floating, they can gracefully float in or out of a scene. Gives them a sort of "heir apparence" to them. I suck with cliches, so I have no clue if that's the right one You know what I'm trying to say, ROFL. EDIT: Dude, just went over to the TTLG forums and someone wrote something about an "air of mystery." Heh. Please toss this cliche into my above description also. Thank you very much.
  3. Hippo

    New To Thief.

    I couldn't give a damn about hockey. I haven't never really been keen on any sports. Yes, call me a nerd. I've no life. Maybe that's why I'm writing on these forums.
  4. Okay, since it hasn't been done yet, I'll kick it off. First let me say, I assume this thread is to contain requests out of the ordinary, as stated by sparhawk at the TTLG forums: QUOTE I'm not talking of the standard features like buttons, switches, or similar stuff. Rather I'm thinking of things you might have wanted to implement in an FM but you couldn't because of limitations in the engine or in DromEd as opposed to the obvious, like rope arrows, swimming, etc. So here's a few ideas just to get things going. -random treasure spawns. An author would place a piece of optional treasure, and set a percentage chance that it will appear or not. -optional path nodes (although I think this might already be possible with Dromed). The AI can choose to ignore a node or go on a different, separate path altogether. -AI actions similar to NOLF2. I never played the game myself, but I'd heard they do things that are unexpected, at unexpected times. Many times I've played Thief and thought to myself, "why is that cook just pacing back and forth?" Clearly for gameplay, NOT realism. "Why would a guy just be standing here in a dark room, facing the wall, then turn to the fireplace, back to the wall, back to fireplace, etc?" Again, gameplay, not realism. I'd heard that in NOLF2, AI will often kick a can around, or fidget (already in Thief), or even leave patrol to go to the restroom. That sounds like a fantastic addition that might really lend some tension to the overall experience. -AI ladder climbing. Touchy subject, that, as it eliminates some safety and comfort in the game, but probably a good addition. Okay, there's a few for now. What ideas would you suggest?
  5. TYROT

    New To Thief.

    dear Kris ! HEY i just noticed ...Thanks for stopping by...I dont know what to say.. I m about to finish that Lost souls.. status report to Phobos Mod from the DARK mod forums...But HEY accept me as i am.....I have three sides in my brain. 1-Thief side... the DARK MOD 2-Sci Fi side...Phobos MOD..(Im the only guy here actually fell in love with DOOM3) 3-........side... .......... MOD... Wait for 31 th of JAN. Finger! calm down..i cant help it!.. i have to make a teaser every month otherwise Life is becoming BORING and DULL.. Kris I am definetly so happy that you loved the thief...Every thief player acting like a evangelist and spreading the word of thief... so ... it s your turn...GO outside and find a stranger....Tell him to play THIEF if he doesnt ..Push him..if he still doesnt care...you know the first rule of Fight club.......IF you cant reach Tyler Durden...call garrett ...he must be in that particular room in T3 and waiting for help..SO..remember we do not have names...we are not snowflakes...(*)... BEST (*) mixture...(**) (**) in case you dont realize... (*) see i have created a DEEP NOTE WARP
  6. Fingernail


    We sorted a lot of stuff out, reorganised the forums, set clearer targets, but I think the big step was assigning department heads. We'd be nowhere without delegation, and at the very beginning it was just me trying to coordinate the whole thing.
  7. BlackThief


    actually I was just too lazy to change dave's wallpaper edit: oh and before I forget: as you can see your painting-model is rather small ingame, Oddity. we could use some bigger versions as well. and I noticed a little uv-mapping mistake on the edge - nothing important though. @ dave such areas are great, but I think we should really start to try to make some bigger maps for playtesting (performance etc) now. If you need inspiration check out the mansion reference thread http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=1038
  8. Quote: ---------------------------------------------- Thief 1 and 2 are still the greatest games in the world... but sneaking past AI will never be as intense, difficult, or fun as sneaking past people. The thievery formula is probably one of the best multiplayer thief formula's out there. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than most people give it credit for. They should try it. ---------------------------------------------- you should try my mod . (lockpicking that ai can hear which is also gui, as in it is on screen, not the normal thievery way. Moving the slightest bit lights you up to 20%, and walking or running to 40%[this the ai can see easy] and when walking or running, the player model becomes unlit [cos i put in silhouette mode, making it hard to hide in those annoying tiny shadows but the shadows in every map are tuned automatically at start to be REAL dark]. Basically, it makes the game super-intense [even against the ai]. LOL, I have'nt even passed my version of Bourgeois ) BTW, SE, I heard the nightblade torches couldnt be taken out on the forums cos of lighting problems (theyre apparently not dynamic). Quote: ----------------------------------------------- If we ever do a multiplayer I would prefer it to be like a normal Thief map. One thief and the other players are taking over what would be the AI. ----------------------------------------------- Sparhawk, I agree with you on that
  9. When that happens, I think I'll throw in the towel too. I vowed never to, but if even the biggest modding Doom 3 forum kicks the bucket, I don't think there's any more point in me modding I really don't think so though, cos BNA himself is a modder, and theres still a lot of activity going on (even id developer Brian Harris visits that place from time to time) Sure wish someone would go hack the HL2 forums though. Time to teach them a lesson or something
  10. oDDity

    Charles Babbage

    I'm often surprised by how much of a guilt complex some young Germans have about the Nazis. There was a German guy on the ISA forums who was almost grovelling to be forgiven, even though his grandfather opposed the nazis and helped jews escape. I can't imagine what must be in the minds of those who's grandfathers were actually nazis or gestapo officers and were responsible for murdering 1000 people or something. Of course it's nothing to do with them, but they can hardly ignore it either.
  11. Domarius

    The Main Man

    HEY GUYS Cloak has been discussed and decided. If you want to rebuke the desicion, read here first. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...indpost&p=14844
  12. What is with the "guest" bashing? Just cuz I'm not a member and new to the forums doesn't? Why does it matter? I just don't understand the climbing glove hate. I'm not trying to make you change your minds (as if!) but if you know that your dislike comes form TDS, you must also realise that it is a little unreasonable.
  13. TYROT has a little too much on his plate right now, so he's asked that I assign the lightgem to someone else. Here's what we need: A lightgem model based on the first design on the page: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=703&hl= The design should stay fairly close to this, although there is room for modification. Specifically, the gap between the outer ring and the lightgem isn't necessary. Adding certain design elements from either oDDity's or Atti's model would be fine. The gem and the compass should be modeled separately, even though they should look like one model when on screen. The gem will have 16 different textures (from light to dark). The metal parts should be textured in a dark and rough fashion, like oDDity's version on the page above. Only one spike (the North one) should remain smooth and shiny. The gem itself should be very similar to Oofnish's version, as everyone quite liked this look. Any takers? Now that Spar has the lightgem more or less working, it would be great to have the actual model in-game.
  14. For now I'm going to spawn the hanging light for the rope, but its going to get in the way, with the huge light fixture at the bottom. It would be really good to have a working rope mesh to work with. We have a lot of aesthetic models, but nothing functional. No weapons or anything. Does anyone else think that the modelling really has to start to focus on the things us programmers are going to have to test with? Modelers will need to go here http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...indpost&p=14120 to see my post on how to find the good tutorials, and learn how to name joints ready for rigging in the game to rag-doll physics, which is what I need for the rope arrow. Well the direct link to the tutorials is here http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic...3017&highlight= Just remember to follow my tip (in that post I linked to) about scrolling down PAST the video tutorials till you get to the text tutorials. Then scroll down to the modelling section, it has the info you guys should need. (If you see "modelling the plasma tick" then you're in the right section) (Also there is how to get animated models in the game, which you guys will need to know to make the weapons) Well the most pertinent link I could find quickly is this http://www.planetdoom.com/leveled/videotut...ain/index.shtml Which actually has tutorials on animating and rigging. However, they're all video tutes. They are all about 20mb, but you should only need the one that has rigging in it (down the bottom). I'm sure if you search, you'll find some text based tutorials. I found built in stuff for a ROPE in Doom 3 - yes a rope, that has physics applied to it and everything - however you can't climb it, it's just another form of rag doll. What it does mean is that probably the hardest part of the "visual" part of the rope has been done already, but the game is missing a rope mesh. Looks like they half implemented it and didn't make the mesh. So all you guys really need to do is model a rope mesh with the appropriate number of joints, and name them correctly. But I'm going to tell you guys how to look into the parts that links your model to the physics in game. At the very least, you can see where your joint names need to match up with what's listed in the .af (articulated figure) files. Either you'll have to make your own .af files, or at least give us programmers a list of joint names in your model. So here's how to get your hands dirty by looking at .def files. There's no programming in there, its just a bunch of file name associations and settings for individual objects. It's where meshes and animations are linked to the in-game objects. In pak000.pk4, there is a folder called "def". That is where all the def files are. The one with the rope in it is called "env.def". Open it and search for rope. Here you can see it is pointing to mesh files at models/md5/environments/ropemesh.md5mesh and models/md5/environments/ropeanim.md5anim But if you go to the "models" folder (in one of the other pak files, I can't remember which one), you'll see that neither of those files exist. You'll see a line that says "articulatedFigure" "env_rope.af" To get to the env_rope.af file, no need to delve through pak files - in the Doom 3 editor, type "editAFs" in the console tab. It brings up a window where you edit "articulated figure" properties. Choose "env_rope". Now you can see a bunch of settings, but really, I think I will take care of the details there. But you guys should know about it because I THINK that's where you start telling the game what you named your joints when you were modelling. That's pretty much all I can tell you for now. The rest should be found by searching www.doom3world.org or the rest of the web. The link I put up there is still a good place to start.
  15. Actually, I think Tyrot's got the finished/colorized fountain, according to his post over here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...indpost&p=13323 However, there are two fountains in that thread. I think (though, don't know) that Tyrot was only going to do the colorized one. I didn't get a chance to finish this one, but maybe there's enough here to work from. The only part of this fountain I didn't finish was the base. Whereas the other one was completely made of stone, I envision this one here having an aged metallic top of some sort (brass? copper?), maybe with some gold accents incorporated throughout the remainder of the fountain? Scratch that, how about the whole fountain being ivory marble with gold accents?:
  16. Hey, wow! That T1/T2 effect sounds pretty cool! See this thread for more info: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=938. Maybe we should be doing the machine types of sounds in stereo rather than mono, to achieve this effect? What do you think we should do, Pak? Here are the above files re-done in this sweet T1/T2 style. Compare them with the original mono files posted above: machine_hum_4-swirltest.ogg machine_hum_3-swirltest.ogg machine_hum_2-swirltest.ogg machine_hum_1-swirltest.ogg Also, Pak, I've made that 'wet finger around a wine glass' sound less pronounced here in this "humamb" file than in my original one, per your request. In doing this, I noticed there was a slight sparkle sound hidden in this file. I liked it, so I brought it out more for us to hear (humamb_1_sparkle.ogg). I could imagine the sparkly one used in a crystal cavern or something. humamb_1.ogg humamb_1_sparkle.ogg And Pak, I've removed the "hiss" from the Harp sounds, per your request. Also added a new one (harp_loud_2.ogg). harp_soft_1.ogg harp_loud_1.ogg harp_loud_2.ogg Additionally, I've created a new Ocean Shore sound. I made this sound as though it's off in the distance rather than really close: ocean_shore_1.ogg Comments are welcome.
  17. Thanks Saxmeister! I'll try this out. PS: FINALLY! Something Sparhawk is not good at or doesn't understand! PPS: Just created some sample files using this cool effect. See the following thread: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...indpost&p=14256
  18. Just throw in however many joints you think looks right. The model will stretch and shrink in-game, and we can decide how many joints we need for the maximum length to look right. For now, anything will do. Make it 5 or something. Here, please have a read of this http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=1052&hl= It describes what the rope will be, in detail.
  19. Yes. You can throw punches from different sides and do a counter-attack, which usually leads to death of your enemy I just recently (not a week ago) played the game through. Here're some of my thoughts: What I didn't like about it was the feeling of me running in a tube. The levels were too narrow and pretty straight forward. You never really got any choices to make, saying which road to go. And in a sneaking game that's pretty much the worst thing you can do IMO. I did like the whole Riddick character. Anti-heros are always my thing. And yes, Vin Deasel do rock your socks, and so does the other voice actors. Also liked the 'preying mode'. Kinda succesfull. The HUD is pretty much perfect: when you're just running along without no combat or anything, there's nothing disturping you on the screen. Very well done. (Take a hint Dark Mod team. Oh, and when you were hanging on a rail and moving sides-to-sides the view throwed you in the 3rd person mode. Otherwise it's always 1st person. This system could allow you guys to make the Dark Mod game environment even more usefull, like I've stated in my previous topic -> http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=679 This way it wouldn't look bad to make the thief more acrobatic. The drawback is of course can the thief fans take it. Overall it was worth the 36 euros I payed for it, but it could have been A LOT better.
  20. now that's why we dont give access to our forums for any greenpeace activists... btw do i underand correctly that you throw these things together on one day?
  21. You know you're playing too much Thief when... ..you start making posts on internet forums entitled 'You know you're playing too much Thief when...'
  22. I thought we had an agreement that we keep silent on public forums about the new abillities of Garretts special moves and martial arts capabillities.
  23. Yeah, the requests were the main reason why I started this thread. Maybe we should let the others know about it.... post a link in the other forums, maybe?
  24. I only wanted to discuss it here before I knew you were being added as a contributor Now we can discuss it in the dev forums of course.
  25. Hey guys, feel free to use stuff from our "official response" (thread hidden to the public) and let me know if it needs changing. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...indpost&p=11426 One of the major selling points for me, is this; http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic...=asc&highlight= This tutorial shows how any texture can be used just like "stained glass windows", to project a colour image the same way an overhead projector does. This can be used for many dark moody effects, such as dappled moonlight coming through tree branches or windows, and obviously stained glass windows in churches. The effect will fall onto static geometry and moving objects the same, because of Doom 3's dynamic lighting. Try and imagine what someone walking under the coloured image cast by a stained glass window in a church, or under the dappled moonlight through the leaves of a thick tree. Also, the Doom 3 renderer excels at dynamic lighting and lighting quality. The shadows and lighting effects look much better than Half Life 2. The downside is that having many intersecting lights can slow down the renderer more than it's worth, hence, the Doom 3 engine is suited to really cool dark looking levels. Guess what Thief has always been about?
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