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  1. I'm having a weird issue where I get a black screen whenever I click on objectives before jumping into my mission. I'm not sure what's causing this, and can't find anything on the wiki/forums on this glitch. Any help is appreciated.
  2. UPDATE: They do not just come in black. I'm getting semi-transparent red blocks here. They were gained while staring in this direction, I am unable to replicate this on video. Edit: Better view here, angle of execution. Lower right.
  3. TDM x64 starts with blank screen. Music is playing. I get these warnings: WARNING:shaderCompileFromFile(glprogs/shadowMap.vs) validation 0:1(10): error: GLSL 1.30 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, and 1.00 ES WARNING:shaderCompileFromFile(glprogs/stencilShadow.fs) validation 0:1(10): error: GLSL 1.30 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, and 1.00 ES The same happens even if I use the settings described in the http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=What%27s_new_in_TDM_2.06#Old_TDM_Look . I also used the patch provided on the https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/downloads/the-dark-mod-206-intel-glsl-fix without success. I don't know if I applied the patch correctly. I have simply overwritten the file. Is that OK? The operating system I use is Linux. The VGA Controller is Intel. Abayo.
  4. r_glCoreProfile "0" Here's the screenshot (with r_glCoreProfile "2" - 3.3 core profile - I *CAN'T* take a screenshot, the screenshot is all black! ) https://postimg.cc/fJ767nhV Performance is pretty the same, still BindlessTextures NOT working right (if set to 1). No need to vid_restart, just setting it to 0 solves the issue directly in game.
  5. I have the latest version of TDM, but the game launches windowed despite enabling full screen in the options. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  6. Do you say it does not happen without OBS? Is it well-reproducible (slows down on same location)? Did you try different recording mode (e.g. screen capture) ? Is it on Linux or Windows?
  7. Hmm... the shape of this black thing might be explained by how bloom blurs light. Does disabling bloom really help to remove it once it appears? Does enabling it back restore the artifact?
  8. Hello all, I am trying to compile and play The Dark Mod under my platform (Gentoo Linux). After patching the patchable to make it compile, it turns out that no rendering is shown on screen at all: black screen (with resolution change), mouse is responsive and I can hear the reaction of the GUI to its movement (clicks and all); also the background music (soothing, charming, beautiful... but that you know already) cuddles my ears. I started the bisection of the code from version 2.05 (I think... it was r6753) to r7203. It took me a while (none of the commits compiles out of the box, and different ones require different patches), and in the end I found that r6834 works for me (at least the menu screen!), while r6835 does not any more (as above). I have the output to screen of two runs. In thedarkmod-r6834.txt, I started it with no arguments, and then quit. In thedarkmod-r6835.txt, I started it with no arguments, then I switched to a text console and killed it (because I could not see the GUI to quit). The only files that changed between the two runs are thedarkmod.x86, gamex86.so and tdm_game02.pk4. Any suggestion for me to have this work?
  9. So I was playing a mission when TDM decided to shoot itself and lock up. After resetting my computer, I found that the screen was smaller: Now I have two black bars on both sides, with the actual screen compressed between them. I tried playing with the screen size and aspect ratio, but all I can seem to do is make the graphics sharper or force TDM into a window instead of the full screen. Is there some ideal to get the screen back to where it was? Or should I just go with this, since the game seems to run a little better. Essentially, I've gone from this: http://imgur.com/a/mV6Hr to this: http://imgur.com/a/a43xn Apologies for the poor quality, I'm mainly trying to show screen compression. First one is wider, second one is narrower. EDIT: Current settings for the second pic. 4:3 for aspect ratio. 1024X786 for screen size
  10. Hello all. I've installed the game using the tdm_update_win, downloaded today, and upon launching the Dark Mod, a gray screen appears, and nothing else seems to function. Ctrl-alt-del'ing makes the program stop working, and I close it. I've tried running it on compatibility mode (windows XP), and as an administrator, and that does nothing. I'm in a Windows 7 64 bits, AMD Phenom II X4 955, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6gb. There's no mention of this gray screen on the FAQ. Please help, I'm itching to play it.
  11. Try "r_skipGuiShaders 1" and check if the black quad is gone. Since it overlaps console, I think it is some GUI element, which is for some reason. Also, various backend switches don't help. Also it is worth trying to set "com_smp 0" and "r_useParallelAddModels 0" (this one is "Frontend Acceleration") before the quad appears and see if it will show up again. I have a feeling that when the quad appears, toggling options is already too late.
  12. Have you updated the AMD GPU drivers recently? If you didn't and they worked before in TDM than imo it can't be the GPU drivers. Not really connected to TDM but after some recent windows 10 updates, I started having serious problems in visual studio 2015, so is no surprise to me that recent windows updates could be f things up on TDM, because of messing with OpenGL. edit: Tested Requiem and did everything you said, lean forward, frob and no clip and saw no black box. TDM 2.09/64 (not final version) my GPU AMD RX 570X, so if it ends being the GPU, perhaps this only happens on modern Vega cards?
  13. Something I've changed in my map today caused it to show nothing but a black screen after it loads. I can see my lightgem and hear sound speakers that are near the starting position, but no music, no equipment, no movement, no crouching. Things I've changed: - Reworked the script file - Added a few nodrawsolid brushes and trigger entities, moved some items around - Deleted some patches My guess is the script is to blame, but even if I delete the script it loads black. I've seen this happen before in my test map that I used to test my scripts, there it got solved by dmapping again, but I've dmapped twice now for no gain. There's no leak. Has this happened to someone before maybe? [solved] Figured out the dmap wasn't updating the .cm file, only the .proc file. I've deleted the outdated .cm and ran dmap again, now it works.
  14. This has been happening for a while (since 2.02 at least) but I'm just now getting around to posting about it but when I try to use the spyglass all I get is a black screen. Any ideas? Fully updated TDM 2.03. Thanks, Richard
  15. Just tried loading that, and it's looking promising for me. One odd thing: when I started the map I briefly had the following message (or something like it) at the top of my screen: WARNING: AAS_RAT OUT OF DATE No idea what this means! Edit: Maybe I misremembered the string: ran it again and got WARNING: AAS32 IS OUT OF DATE
  16. As the refactoring in 5323, there would be option to skip success screen completely. Although it probably won't work for campaigns. Also there would be option to replace music/background for success screen. The music along can already be overriden, although the approach cited by @Dragofer is not the best one. Better find this text in mainmenu_custom_defs.gui, uncomment it and set the sound shader you want: // Uncomment this to override the default mission success sound //#undef MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD //#define MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD "music mission_complete;"
  17. TDM 2.09 locks resolution to Desktop resolution in Windows. Try lowering the Render Scale to 0.75 or lower and set Sharpening to 0.7 That should give you better performance with better image quality than up-scaling via your LCD screen.
  18. Wow How many fps in Painters Wife? What screen resolution? I remember having <10fps on a Core M5 Lenovo Yoga 11 in 2016 with small maps like Thomas Porter 1: Knighton Manor
  19. Image - https://i.imgur.com/zJS8zFj.jpg Solutions? Im using a custom resolution on windows 10 (140% in custom setting) Is there any workaround?
  20. @stgatilov Yes the crash dump was taken as TheDarkModx64.exe was hung up. I did it as the tutorial suggested and did not close it before exporting the dump. I had tried to open the executable a few times before however if that matters. "r_useFenceSync 0" - No change "com_smp 0" - No Change To confirm, 2.09 TheDarkModx64.exe does not work, TheDarkMod.exe that you linked to does work. EDIT: While the executable runs and I can get to the main menu, trying to download a mission causes the program to crash to desktop. Also tying to play a mission leaves me hanging at the loading screen at which point Windows says its not responding. @nbohr1more com_forceGenericSIMD SSE3 doesn't seem to be in my config file. Adding it in had no effect. Also thanks for all your efforts. I grew up loving Thief and it is so awesome that I get to continue enjoying that experience through the efforts of dedicated folks like yourself.
  21. Hello, In "now and then" mission, the game crashes shortly after the video sequence where it shows the city watch has located my hiding place with: Changed location from 'location_city1' to 'location_aboveCarla'. The ambient 'snd_aboveCarla' (city_tranquil_01) for location 'location_aboveCarla' is now playing. WARNING:Couldn't add entity book1 to inventory of player1 Sauvegarde_rapide_1 Switching to EFX 'location_city1' (#3) Changed location from 'location_aboveCarla' to 'location_city1'. The ambient 'snd_city1' (city_silentnight) for location 'location_city1' is now playing. Sauvegarde_rapide_0 seeStakeoutsignal caught: Segmentation fault si_code 1 Trying to exit gracefully.. --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- WARNING:Door func_static_957 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door func_static_1471 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door bureau_doorD2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door bureau_doorE2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door bureau_doorA2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door bureau_drawerB2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door bureau_drawerA2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door bureau_drawerD2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door bureau_drawerC2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door func_static_1832 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door CabinetDrawer9 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door CabinetDrawer10 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door DoorWardrobeA2 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door DoorWardrobeB2 is not within a valid AAS area ... ModelGenerator memory: 57 LOD entries with 62 users using 24536 bytes, memory saved: 25132 bytes. WARNING:idClipModel::FreeTraceModel: tried to free uncached trace model (index=0) --------- Game Map Shutdown done ----- Shutting down sound hardware idRenderSystem::Shutdown() ...shutting down QGL I18NLocal: Shutdown. ------------ Game Shutdown ----------- ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries. Shutdown event system -------------------------------------- shutdown terminal support About to exit with code 0 I run Darkmod on a Linux worstation (i9-10900F, 32 GB, dual screen, Radeon RX 570) and I have tried several different configurations without any success. Game always crashes. Any idea ? Best regards, JB
  22. I've updated to version 2.08 and on every mission I now get what I can only describe as a blinding light in the middle of the screen. Turning away from the light in the mission does make it disappear but as soon as you turn back round it's there again. Bear in mind I'm not great with computers so if anyone mentions going into the files you're going to have to walk me through it. I'm not using a gaming PC either. Game is running on a HP Pavilion laptop with what ever graphics and sound card comes as standard on windows 10
  23. I'm running antergos linux. The game is installed, I've changed my resolution in the config file, and everything seems fine, until I load up the game. As soon as I get to the opening menu, my mouse locks to the edges of the screen, and it's nigh impossible for me to move it anywhere else. I've looked through a ton of different articles but nothing seems to help. A fix would be greatly appreciated. I cannot use the ingame config because I can't move the mouse to click on anything. I've tried running it in windowed only to have the same thing happen. I've posted this same thread on reddit but didn't really get a lot of help.
  24. Hi there ^^ After launching thedarkmod.x86, i get a complete (and sometimes partly) Black Screen on openSUSE 12.3 (Updated)
  25. When I have a crash on TDM 2.03 I find that the screen display is very light and the only way I can fix it is to log off from Windows 7 and log on again Is there another way round it as I assume that a change made by TDM isn't reverting to the previous standard setting
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