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  1. Is it possible the forum is showing you the decompressed file size? EDIT: nope, that's not the case, if I full screen the image and download it, it's twice the size in MB, but it's image size is smaller, so the forum is resizing and recompressing, but probably doing it as fastest path instead of smallest path.
  2. I would expect both approaches have roughly similar speed in general, with the exception that stencil shadows are culled to light screen size projection while shadow maps are usually fixed in size. E.g. when player is a room fully lit by a couple lights (Officer Lounge in Fence) stencil light will draw in full screen size twice, while shadow map could draw in 512x512 buffer. But then player is in the street with many small lights stencil could draw each light in a screen region as small as dozens of pixels, while shadow map is still 512x512 (not that there's no way to add LOD's to that as well
  3. freyk, I performed the following from the link you noted: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxext6:i386 libxxf86vm1:i386 libpng12-0:i386 libasound2-plugins:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libglapi-mesa:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386 wget unzip sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/games/darkmod sudo chown -R nobody:users /usr/share/games/darkmod sudo chmod uga+w /usr/share/games/darkmod exitI moved all of my darkmod files to the new directory (which makes sense), reran 'tdm_update.linux', made 'thedarkmod.x8
  4. Yesterday I installed 'The Dark Mod' version 2.05 on my computer. ('tdm_update.linux' worked great, but took FOREVER. The resultant 'thedarkmod.x86' file is 6.5 MB in size.) My issues: When starting the program (./thedarkmod.x86), I get great audio, but only a black screen (window).When running on full desktop mode (not in a window), both monitors go black.I can hear clicking when I move the (invisible) mouse pointer within the black screen. Unfortunately, the only way I found to get things back to 'normal' is to do a 'CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE', since I cannot get the mouse pointer to my desktop
  5. Check for in game video resolution? And what is system wide screen resolution?
  6. So I was playing a mission when TDM decided to shoot itself and lock up. After resetting my computer, I found that the screen was smaller: Now I have two black bars on both sides, with the actual screen compressed between them. I tried playing with the screen size and aspect ratio, but all I can seem to do is make the graphics sharper or force TDM into a window instead of the full screen. Is there some ideal to get the screen back to where it was? Or should I just go with this, since the game seems to run a little better. Essentially, I've gone from this: http://imgur.com/a/mV6Hr to this:
  7. Personally I recommend people to start with C instead of C++, imo C is much easier to learn, i also think functional programming is easier to grasp initially than OOP. Btw idScript and in some parts the idtech4 engine itself, imo look more C like than C++ like, the engine is indeed written using C++ and OOP, but i just think that John Carmack was so used to the C ways that he still used it for many things. For example this is how you print to screen: in idScript: float someNumber = 10; string someString = "Hello World!!"; sys.println("I'm printing" + someString + "and the number" + s
  8. And if you get a black screen, there is a error in your gui-code. And the console will display the number of the codeline.
  9. So I was following a tutorial on GUIs, and I since discovered that my installation (or TDM itself) seems unable to load both the custom GUIs (when you use the console command "testgui xxxxx.gui"), or the GUI editor that is supposed to come included in DOOM. The first simply fails, saying that the game cant load the gui, and the screen turns black (I´ve tried with a few different ones, even stuff from the startmap pack, and the results are the same), and the editor actually loads up, but when you click "new", nothing happens; when you try to load any gui, it says it cant import it or load it, a
  10. Yes, the proper way to do this is to take advantage of shader branching. I remember looks at the backend awhile back and seeing that it creates black textures for any stage not supplied in a material so that the ARB shaders always have a texture input... (and I thought that was pretty dumb). Branching would also solve the issue were TGA normal maps require a different interaction than RGTC or other compressed formats.
  11. I dont see any this-problemrelated-errors in the log. Could you create another log using full screen? Set r_fullscreen from 0 to 1 in darkmod.cfg Then run tdm with arguments: thedarkmod.exe +condump pbhallamlog2.txt +quit upload the new log To solve this screen problem, i think you have to change the screenresolution(s) of the game to lower settings. But first you have to detect the screenresolution that works. First set a small screensize in darkmod.cfgChange to following values in darkmod.cfg: seta r_customHeight "600" seta r_customWidth "800" seta r_fullscreen "1" If this works
  12. Nothing explicit there but Windows 10 has problems with DPI scaling. Try the workarounds here: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=FAQ#Does_TDM_support_widescreen_resolutions.3F also, it's worth creating an autoexec.cfg with seta r_displayRefresh "60" (or whatever your screen refresh is) to ensure that your video driver recognizes the correct refresh rate.
  13. Hey! Thanks for the great help! I was able to get it running in windowed mode. There wasn't an existing darkmod.cfg file, so I created one with the seta r_fullscreen "0" command as the only line in the file. This allowed TDM to run successfully in a small window, from which I was able to adjust the video settings to run in a larger window. The game is now playable and runs great even at a 'Very High' LOD. (And, it is a spectacular and very worthy continuation of the Thief series!) Prior to getting TDM running in windowed mode, I did not see a darkmod.log file (that doesn't mean there wa
  14. That above to run TDM in a window, instead of a full screen. Thanks for the update log, but that is for the updater and not for the darkmod executable. Are there any darkmod.log-files in the folder? If not, here is a manual to create them. And use the command to create a appropriate log for us: thedarkmod.exe +gfxinfo +condump pbhallamlog.txt +quit (this will automatically launch TDM, generate a log and close tdm)
  15. I am unable to get TDM to run. I installed TDM using The Dark Mod Updater v0.66 into the C:\darkmod directory. When executing the TheDarkMod.exe application, the screen goes black, my monitor indicates that there is a 'HDMI' cable connection and then briefly brings up the monitor menu buttons overlay for a few seconds. After which, the screen is completely black. At this point, neither Control-Alt-Delete nor Alt-Control-Tilde work, the computer is frozen, and the computer requires a hard power down and reboot. A second reinstall of TDM shows the same results and behavior. I have attache
  16. The blue windows, the multi-colored windows, and the black windows are all back to normal now. Good work. Thanks!
  17. Another mission to look at is Lords & Legacy. The transparent windows in the opening poor section of town are now a mix of things: okay, rainbow-colored, bright blue, etc. A good example is where the open window where the female is wandering around is clear, but the closed window on the other side of the door from it is blue. Go to the central part of the map where the guard station is and look at the surrounding transparent windows. They're all black. Lots of problems in this map.
  18. I edited my previous post with the updated log. I can only dump the log when I'm on the first screen after loading the mission. The console won't open when the screen goes black.
  19. Don't need the DMAP log. Just open TDM, try to run the mission as normal. When you get to the black screen, then drop down console.
  20. Still this lol. The console will usually show the cause of such issues, black screens are sometimes caused by failures to load textures or gui files etc.
  21. Ok, apparently the problem isn't solved. The mission worked fine on my laptop, when trying again on my desktop, I get the same issue. I have tried reinstalling the Dark Mod with no luck either. When deleting the mission from the fms folder and just loading the mission from console, everything works fine as it should. It is only when I make a .pk4 file and load it via new game that I get the black screen when hitting objectives... When I put that .pk4 mission in my laptop, it worked fine... very confusing...
  22. I know that engine is the most modern but also more similar to the original one, it has full support for all vanilla idtech 4 features and tools, for example the vanilla GUI system, where all engines based on Doom 3 BFG source require Flash, at lest for fullscreen GUI's. There's other stuff on it that is cool has well imo, support for Qt GUI based tools, for example the fhDoom engine light editor is made with it, and looks very nice imo, unfortunately is the only converted tool for now plus i don't know if you can do game based GUI's with it. It also has direct support for GLSL shaders, th
  23. I'm having a weird issue where I get a black screen whenever I click on objectives before jumping into my mission. I'm not sure what's causing this, and can't find anything on the wiki/forums on this glitch. Any help is appreciated.
  24. That was weird. The difference between vsync on and off was basically that when it was on, it looked more or less as if it was off, just without screen tearing. Only when I used com_fixedTic 1 command, the movement was smooth again. That helped, thanks.
  25. the texture files are not the same size so it looks like one has been altered. maybe the alpha channel has been removed on the later texture. it might depend on a texture editor some use 0 as transparent value and some use 255 as transparent value, if they've been swapped then the alpha channel would appear black.
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