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Is it possible to increase FOV?


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I wasn't aware that we could change the FOV. This might come in handy with scaling issues when running triple monitors.


EDIT: Nope


Running 5760x1200 or 5916x1200 and changing seta g_fov to "105" or any other number does nothing.


It does however increase the fov when running on a single monitor @1920x1200 which is curious.


gah... need to check in with HaYDeN from WSGF.org and see if he's made any progress on the triple monitor fix :\

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This is new for 2.0? From the wiki:




From v1.06 onwards you can also set a custom aspect ratios, simply set r_fovRatio to a value > 0, and r_aspectRatio will be ignored, and the aspect ratio will be r_fovRatio : 1. The following for instance sets up the resolution 3120 x 1050 with a ratio of 2.97 : 1:

seta r_customHeight "1050"

seta r_customWidth "3120"

seta r_fullscreen "1"

seta r_mode "-1"

seta r_aspectRatio "0" // ignored

seta r_fovRatio "2.971"




So I'm running bezel corrected now @5916x1200 which is an aspect ratio of 5.93 : 1.

I put seta r_fovRatio "5.931" and voila!! It works! As it states in the wiki, the aspectRatio is ignored if something other than 1 is entered in the fovRatio.


3 screens of beautiful TDM with no stretching at least in the rendered scene. Menus, light gem, weapons (any of the overlays, really), readables, are all pretty stretched but it's bearable for me with the game render not being stretched.


I also have my additional settings in autoexec.cfg and they work fine, not autocommands.cfg. I think that was added with 2.0 as well.


Nice going whoever did this work, I sincerely appreciate it. If it was already in 1.08 than I just wasn't setting it correctly.


Now we just need a centered HUD :)

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Oooooh that fixes the stretching? I'll have to try it... I've been accepting the stretching tradeoff for the on the sly spyglass effect you get from it...

Intel Sandy Bridge i7 2600K @ 3.4ghz stock clocks
8gb Kingston 1600mhz CL8 XMP RAM stock frequency
Sapphire Radeon HD7870 2GB FLeX GHz Edition @ stock @ 1920x1080

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I'm pretty sure Tels added this for v1.06. Not very prominently documented:






Someone needs to tell the Wide Screen Gaming Forum:



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Actually I found that same WSGF thread which is why I tried a different way. The TDM wiki is linked there and explained by Nox and he acknowledges its working.


If only we had a centered HUD so readables aren't stretched. Actually static readables are ok cause you can mouse a bit left and right and they move out from the bezels so you can read everything but readables you can pick up are covered by the bezels.


Workaround for that is to not use bezel compensated resolutions and aspectratio.


EDIT: I updated the WSGF thread.

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