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Fan Mission: Home Again (by grayman) (2014/2/12)



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They sure were, Ronald. They sure were.

Another highly enjoyable mission. I was amazed to find I only got 6300 out of 8300 gold, must have missed more than I thought in those street mazes, even though I got to places no mere mortal was meant to reach!

My favourite part was the guard station,


and I am really curious how this whole "shipments to the north" business is gonna tie together in the end. Only regret is touching those jewels in the cell after reading the note in the evidence safe!


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Hi, just tried this mission and hit a progress halting issue... might be a bug?


At the start there is a fight amongst AI. One of them dies. Whenever I get down to the streets I get a 'mission failed', presumably because of the dead AI (not sure what else it could be)? Not sure how to continue. Seems like the game thinks I did the kill? I've tried restarting a few times. All that changes is the AI dies in different places. I always get mission failed once getting to the streets though.

I'm on the latest DarkMod.

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Completed it! It was a good mission! Thanks for creating it. I enjoyed the atmosphere of creeping across the rooftops and the story/notes along the way. Looking forward to try the next in the series.

Got stuck on one bit and had to look at the guide. Maybe it's just me? You can add it to the pile of subjective feedback if it's helpful.


I didn't find the connection between the builder temple and the inventions guild area without using a guide. I went towards the other area where the women jumps to her death and then combed that area over and over about 3x. I thought that maybe I needed to sneak in via the water through the sewers. I viewed the guide and went back to the path I'd missed.

Also I went back and checked the objectives, I don't know how I missed the 'stay off the streets' one now, just didn't read it properly I guess. I'm trying to remember if it got highlighted as a failed objective when you go on the streets...? I'm not sure and can't check right now.

Thanks again. Next, mission 3...

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