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Other Fan Based Game Missions - Vocal Work


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There's the TTLG community for the original Thief games by which The Dark Mod was inspired. There's always a high level of activity making high-quality fan missions over there. Their engine is older than ours... but damn.


Edit: saw now that you already know of Skyrim and co. I don't have contacts with modders, but I'd look at the Skyrim Interesting NPCs mod. Their purpose is to create many uniquely voiced NPCs with large amounts of dialogue.


One place to look would be moddb.com (mod database), where you can find countless fan-driven communities creating content for their games. A good place to start would be the Top 100 list.


You probably know this already, but there are voice acting forums where one can go if one wants to make or obtain voice samples.


In all events, good luck on your future projects. The voicing you've done here so far has been very well received.

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Don't forget about Amnesia. That game has some excellent fan missions and I'll guarantee that authors are looking for more voice work.

(TDM is better though cause we've got Thieving stuff... :P:) ).

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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Thanks! Always happy to have the chance to do voices...good training for Oneday.

Stop in at www.everybodyandme.com for all the latest demos and commercials!

Keep listening!

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