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What did you think about my idea a couple of posts up? Is that possible?

I think this is what the "The Dark Mod 2.0 (Standalone)" game type selection is supposed to be, but I guess the wording can definitely be improved. Though not for this release, we can take a look at this after 2.2.0 is out.

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To save the forum software the overhead of processing 53,000 likes everytime the developers announce something cool like this, I guess

Everything works perfectly now.   Thanks so much!

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Hey, I didn't have internet for a couple of days so I wasn't able to submit this. Going into Filter > Edit Filters... then clicking OK makes the "Filter" drop-down menu to disappear from the top bar. You can get it back by clicking on any other item in there and mousing over to the next one, at which point the "Filter" menu will reappear at the end of the top bar. You don't have to make any changes while you're in the "Edit Filters..." dialog window and in addition clicking "Cancel" doesn't do this. e: submitted as #4482

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