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Dead mirror?


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I tried to run tdm_updater, but saw this:




Nothing seems to be progressing and the update seems to get stuck until the installer chooses a new one.

These "yourvserver" mirros seem to work very poorly... Should they be removed from the mirrors file? The updater seems to really prefer this mirror, and each file takes a long time while I need to wait for the mirror timeout. This could lure away new players as the updater seems to hang.


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The log output says:


Picking mirror v22013101845014932.yourvserver.net
Downloading to temporary file G:\Pelit\Darkmod_pure\__crc_info.txt
Initiating Download from http://v22013101845014932.yourvserver.net/thedarkmod/crc_info.txt
Download failed: Couldn't connect to server
Connection Error.

Removed file G:\Pelit\Darkmod_pure\__crc_info.txt
Initiating Download from http://darkmod-alt.taaaki.za.net/release/crc_info.txt
Download successful: http://darkmod-alt.taaaki.za.net/release/crc_info.txt
Downloaded file passed the integrity checks.
Moved G:\Pelit\Darkmod_pure\__crc_info.txt to G:\Pelit\Darkmod_pure\crc_info.txt


-The mapper's best friend.

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Try to delete the old updater and download it again from www.thedarkmod.com

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No, that doesn't help.

As i posted in my status update on 8 august, to get an quick reaction.
Instead of creating a topic.

Could somebody take a look at tdm-downloadmirror yourvserver.net?
its down, and the updater chooses this mirror always first.
But If you wait some seconds, the updater chooses another mirror.
But the updater stucks at updating and this is very annoying

The only reaction from other tdmforummembers was from AluminumHaste that he noticed last night this also.
But I didn't got any other reactions or internal solutions.
So i hope that with this topic, the team notice this problem and solve this internally
Two Work-arounds are

  • to comment the lines for yourvserver.net in tdm_mirrors.txt and set in the updater, so the updater doesnt search for other mirrors.
  • Or to change the weight value of that mirror in in tdm_mirrors.txt.

But the real sollution is really on the side of the team:

  • Notice the admin of that server, to solve this.
  • Or by changing the tdm_mirrors.txt:
    Comment out the lines of yourvserver.net
    or change the weight of that mirror.
Edited by freyk

Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
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For future reference, status reports are not the best way to report problems.

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