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Yup, the medieval city of Deventer. I will be creating a thread with best shots and gallery links of the visit. Plenty of mapping, modeling and texture inspiration. Already have a number of new cobble stone textures to make when I get home ?

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...the medieval city of Deventer.


The city celebrates this year its 1250 years if existence. So it is older than medieval.

only the city-center has many old buildings.


Bikerdude kept on going making photographs.

And was very good finding specific details in objects.

He found also a very nice tdm-themed street, i never seen before. :blink:

The TDM community are going down a treat, when Bikerdudes uploads his pictures and new textures from this trip. :laugh:


Information about the picture:

Picture is made on top of the Lebuinus church-tower. view north-west direction.

You can see the following thing on the picture:

  • In the background you see the river the ijssel.
  • left down corner, near the trees. A city wall tower,
  • Right downcorner, a part of the new market-square, with some old houses (with brown wall ons the frontside).
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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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