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Custom resolution: Ultra wide


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Looks like scaling ought to be able to fixed using the monitor's setup menu:

Nope, already looked into that. User 2560x1440 and the the monitor scaling just stretch everything horizontally.


The fact that the engine can already do the above resolution means that 3440x1440 is just a code fix, so am going to raise a tracker.


I have untill the 14th of January to test this monitor, atm Curry have a very generous returns policy -


At Christmas time for added peace of mind, you can return your product until 14th January 2019 if purchased between 31st October and 24th December 2018.

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Is anyone up to the task to add 21:9 option to the GUI?

So went through the wiki article -

- http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Resolutions

And I applied the following settings -

seta r_customHeight "1440"
seta r_customWidth "3440"
seta r_fullscreen "1"
seta r_mode "-1"
seta r_fovRatio "21:9"
But the game isn't like the above setting and falls back to 1280*720, can someone tell me what Im doing wrong or point me in the right direction?


The important thing: when you have r_useFBO 1 then TDM will use your Windows desktop resolution when fullscreen
So make sure that cvar is set up, run TDM and make a screenshot for us (don't upload here as they get resized by the forum)

If that does not work, manually set r_customWidth and Height from game console, switch to windowed, restart TDM and create another screenshot.


Good luck

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Well, it's unfortunately not that simple.

21:9 is mostly a marketing term:


Name Aspect ratio Decimal value Resolutions
"21:9" 64:27 2.370 2560×1080, 5120×2160, 8192×3456
"21:9" 43:18 2.38 3440×1440
"21:9" 12:5 2.4 1920×800, 3840×1600, 7680×3200
Super Ultrawide 32:9 3.5 3840×1080, 5120×1440
Ultra-widescreen 3.6 18:5 3.6 4320×1200, 5760×1600

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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With very recent code changes, all the resolutions are handled uniformly.


In order to add a new one, you have to add its resolution and "aspect ratio" code into VideoModes array.

Note that "aspect ratio" is just a way to group modes, it does not matter if the resolution has correct ratio mathematically.

Of course, you also have to update string for GUI settings so that you could set the new resolution there.


If you add new aspect ratio, then you have to add a new choiceDef for it, like Screensize21to9.

Simple copy/pasting and fixing everything carefully should be enough.


The only thing that should be kept in mind: try to avoid adding too many different aspect ratios!

If you ask me, I would definitely merge 16:9 with 16:9 TV.

If 21:9 is only a marketing term, probably merge it with 21:10 too.


UPDATE: While looking at 4913, I found that actual view params calculation are still based on r_aspectRatio (see idGameLocal::CalcFov).

So aspect ratio is not only grouping yet. But this code definitely won't survive long :D

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I found a bit of a weird work-around for this, that's a bit of a pain to set up but appears to do something.

Run TDM from one machine through Steam, stream it to the machine you want to play it on that has a weird aspect - Steam resizes everything to fit the screen of the machine to which TDM is being streamed.

I've plugged in an old 4:3 monitor to an old machine and then Steam-streamed it to another machine that is running a monitor at 16:9 and there's no letterboxing as, eg, watching an old TV show from the 80's on a widescreen.

There's a little clipping where it's stretched, compared to how the game looks on the other screen (sides cut off a little) but that can probably be fixed through FOV (which will tax the other machine further).

GUI's look dodgy and stretched - but the game itself fits the monitor and doesn't look so bad, even if it is struggling because the other machine isn't really powerful enough to run the game.

Quality is ok, takes ages to load. Don't notice any input lag but the game is almost unplayable due to the machine not being up to the task - it's basically playing it on a Gateway that is usually used for DOS 6.2 and Win 3.1, that can just about run XP, instead of on the powerhouse or streamed from one of my craptops (that have other aspects also, but I know I can stream 1920x1080 to them and use this machine for its power and play Total War Atilla on a computer that can't run it - Steam handles the resizing to fit).

Not a very good work-around but it's a work-around.

// doing it the other way - from the big machine at 16:9 to the gateway at 4:3 - it fits the screen and runs like a dream.

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I'm running The Dark Mod on a "32:9" super wide monitor and that works fine. The menus are stretched, but usable. In-game graphics look normal. It would be nice if these settings would be included in the supported resolutions, so I don't have to manually edit a cfg file. ?

I'm using these settings in Darkmod.cfg:

seta r_customHeight "1440"
seta r_customWidth "5120"
seta r_fovRatio "3.56"


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