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13 hours ago, STiFU said:

On my 3060 Ti at 1440p, I had to switch to DLSS performance mode and reduce the light bounces a little, to make it half acceptable. Control and Cyberpunk had a lot better raytracing performance.

I have the same card, and only could get to about 40 to 60 FPS at full HD by switching a couple of options of or lower. I'll stick with the normal Portal. :)

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I'm usually not one to complain about free stuff, but, Epic Games definitely set the bar very high, for themselves and others. ;) So far, the freebies were a big disappointment, unless you didn't already own Wolfenstein New Order. Which, frankly though, is a braindead shooter.

Really expected something better from them. But, it's probably unjustified to complain. After all, I know that they spent a lot of money for their past freebies, and that they only were so good because they want to promote their store, and give Steam a run for its money. Which is pretty unrealistic in the first place, of course.

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14 hours ago, STiFU said:

I am just not that active at the moment around here, that's all. It'll come back eventually, 'though.

If you don't mind spending a few €, I'm sure it'll be on sale on any platform eventuall as well. It's definitely worth it, cool game.

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Here's Death Stranding 100% off at Epic.


Their website seems to be having problems. The page still doesn't reflect that I have it in my library even after a few minutes. However, you should have it listed in your purchase history immediately after you get it:


There will be another giveaway tomorrow after ~20 hours.

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Mortal Shell is free on epic right now. I rated this game 7/10. Here is my review:


Although this Soulslike does not have deep RPG-mechanics, I found it surprisingly hard to get into at first. That is due to three things: 1) The "Rogue-like"-DLC is confusingly integrated into the main game via an NPC; 2) Because of that NPC, I did furthermore not understand the bonfire-mechanic in this game; 3) Many of the control schemes are not properly explained (but there is an ingame manual you can refer to). Fighting is quite tough at first, especially because healing is VERY limited. You can heal yourself using one of your Magical abilities, but those can only be performed after a successful parry. I was really excited that this is supposed to be a parry-based game (much like Sekiro), but I soon found out that the timing of the parry is not reliable at all (more like Dark Souls, bummer!). This is because you have to time two processes simultaneously: the incoming attack and the extremely slow “shield-raising-animation”. The game would’ve been a lot better if the parry was instant! That being said, fighting is still quite fun! The strongest aspects of the game are the mind-boggingly beautiful graphics and sound effects, ‘though. Story is almost non-existent. 7/10


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