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Fan Mission: The Heart of Saint Mattis by joebarnin (2019/09/10)

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Another excellent mission. Thanks for creating it!

I found the puzzles rewarding, and the story very well-written and enjoyable, just like in all of your missions. The ambient music/atmosphere is perfect, and the interior of the cathedral truly breathtaking.

I hope you make more missions in the future! :)

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There are rumors that a legendary ruby, the Heart of Saint Mattis, actually exists. Break into the the Northgate Cathedral, find it, and steal it.  

Another excellent mission. Thanks for creating it! I found the puzzles rewarding, and the story very well-written and enjoyable, just like in all of your missions. The ambient music/atmosphere is

Done. I was enjoying this mission. I hope this isn't a new thing with the Linux version of Dark Mod. Sound has been problematic for some time now. Linux Mint and Manjaro are the only distros that give

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What a nice FM! Very happy to have gotten around to playing this. Easy in terms of enemies, hard in terms of figuring out what you need to do (I needed the instructions for half of things). I can't believe this is only your second FM... should make sure I checked out the first one in that case: I see lots of talented creators who get everything right from their earliest try!

In terms of bugs I can't find much to report. It's mainly a few doors clipping through world geometry, very minor and nothing serious enough to be worth noting. I only found one issue that's worth bringing up...



The priest will often get stuck in front of this door, repeatedly opening and closing it only to go back and forth through it. I only caught him become unstuck once, beyond that he's been standing in that spot for the entirety of the FM. Toward the end he moved to the door in the opposite direction, where he didn't even go through any more just sit in front of the open door shaking. Perhaps an outdated dmap... if not maybe the engine doesn't like a little collision in the door.



Otherwise I really...


Loved the unexpected creepiness when you steal the heart and everything goes red and everyone becomes a skeleton. Must have taken a lot of work to script every single light and AI like that, even making the process reversible! That's the sort of thing I love to be surprised by in a FM :D

At that stage I expected something else to happen. It would have been really cool if it did, though it seems not:


I thought Neimath was going to come back to life. That's because one of the readables said something about "after you cleanse the heart all souls will return to how they were at dawn". He looks like he was freshly killed however, possibly in the same day... I thus imagined the player revived him by stealing then cleansing the heart. That would have been EPIC when you think about it, plus another joyful thing the player could have been given the option of doing.

At some point I thought I was right, when I saw an acolyte walk in an area I haven't seen him before. But when I went back to the underground crypt I could still see his dead body between the skeletons, so it was probably someone else.


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@MirceaKitsuneThanks for your comments - I'm glad you liked the mission.  Next time I load it I'll take a look and see if I can see what's wrong with the Priest. As for


Neimath, I think he's a goner. He's been dead a day or two; long enough to be noticed missing. Nice idea though - it would have been nice to be able to save him. Oh well...


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