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16 hours ago, nbohr1more said:

See here:

for a reason why we might "not" want to bump the VRAM budget for all texture assets...


Thanks for the reference nbohr1more. I just want to add that although probably not related, we have more of a problem on the post processing optimizations than maybe a texture size one. I give you an example. On the current version of TDM, turning anti aliasing ON will put my machine on hits knees. I actually have to disable the game AA and use Reshade to add SMAA. No performance loss with this method. My machine is capable on running Witcher 3 with almost everything on maximum, Deus Ex MD with some things on max and other on medium and Dishonored 1 and 2 on max. 



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New version 2021.01.08

* Around 170Mb of textures processed

  • Some tree barks enhanced
  • Stucco change
  • more enhancements on doors, paint paper, fire places, ground textures, curtains
  •  .. and much more
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