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Work In Progress FM. Request for testers to give feedback.

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Performance was one of my concerns before even starting to make the map. However the performance is better than what I was expecting but I do have a 3700X and GTX 1080Ti . Performance is one of the things I'm wanting feedback on, particularly those with low-mid range cards.

Most of the outdoor light sources are noshadows 1

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Very talented work! Though I'd suggest editing the screenshots to be somewhat brighter. My preferred tool is to increase the intensity of intermediate tones in Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

As for beta testing, it's always highly recommended to perform a beta test, either closed (i.e. via Discord or private messages) or semi-public (in the Betatesting section of this forum), depending on preference. In fact, going forward it's a requirement for missions that should get uploaded to the official servers.

I could probably take a look at the performance side of things, though I don't think I'll be a full betatester.

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