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cap cycle ( CycleCapTexturePatch ) removed?? why?

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Just don't understand the advantage of removing a texturing function from DM. Cap cycle and it's key shortcut have been omitted. Would love to stop having to face this issue when texturing an end cap. Any hope in putting this back as it's kind of a vanilla standard in the editor since Doom 3.

Anyone ?

- DeeP

Yer the nicest func_mover I've ever met.

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Seems to be talking about, Cycle Cap Texture Patch  -  This cycles the cap texturing type on the currently selected patch.   Shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N.

No idea what version of Dark Radiant it was last available in and I don't see it in 2.11.0, but it was a GTK Radiant function apparently.  Wonder if it was omitted accidentally very early on or if the version of GTK Radiant DR is based on didn't have it?

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Oh, I can see that now. It has been removed in version 2.1.0, sometime in 2016. It has been removed since "Natural" is doing a similar job, or pasting projected from adjacent brushes.

What's the exact use case of Cycle Cap that cannot be achieved with the other functions?

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Example here In dr radiant if you want to texture end cap curve you have to create a brush and press MMB to copy shader

then CTRL+MMB to past the shader on the curve "to simulate" the cap cycle, in other radiant tools you have the cycle cap that "New Horizon" said above and yes it's a very good option when you working with patch.

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The "cap" texturing selection differs from CTRL+MMB pasting because of the warping effect ( texture constrained by tessellation of the cap patch causing deformation of the texture) BUT "cap" ( which was in surface inspector..?) has always been textured as if it was a brush ie: (6 or 7 sided fi ) seemingly unconstrained by the vertices - no warping / pie shapes etc.  Thanks for looking into this gentlemen

Yer the nicest func_mover I've ever met.

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I assume Shift-MMB (PasteTextureProjected) might give you better results, if a brush happens to be nearby. It will do the same projection as Cap texture, but using the given plane of the brush face. The Cap Cycle Texture command is using the fixed X, Y and Z planes for the projection, without the need to read it from a brush face.

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