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[2.11] New Blackjack System (available via dev build)


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2 hours ago, Goldwell said:

@nbohr1moreif you could please do the same for my missions I would appreciate that :)

  • Noble Affairs (tdm_weapon_blackjack.def)
  • Snowed Inn (tdm_weapon_blackjack.def)
  • Shadows of Northdale ACT I (tdm_weapon_blackjack.def)
  • Shadows of Northdale ACT II (tdm_weapon_blackjack.def)

These are all fixed now. Thank you!

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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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14 hours ago, Moonbo said:

For A House of Locked Secrets, I'm fine if someone wants to update the implementation - if I remember correctly the current implementation is changed to allow the switching of inventories between the two worlds so the mission will break if it's simply nuked.

Find attached the tdm_weapon_blackjack.script for A House of Locked Secrets updated to 2.11/2.11a standards.

To test it, place the *.pk4 in the mission folder, like this:


I have tested it myself and didn't find any issues.


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TDM Modpack

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