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[2.11] OBJ model format


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I've opened a ticket to ask for .obj model render support to be added to DR so this can catch on better. Support for a universal model format is very significant when obtaining models from online repositories.

On 10/23/2022 at 8:39 PM, stgatilov said:

Should we support referencing part of OBJ file as model in TDM map? Is it common to export several LODs into one OBJ?

I'm not sure - the ideal would be if models automatically switched to LOD versions if any are available, and if the stages are in the same file this would be easier to achieve. But I think it's still going to require entityDefs with hand-calibrated distance values.

Could still be convenient, the same way how having the shadowmesh and collisionmesh in the same model file is more convenient than having a _cm file somewhere nearby.

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OBJ does not have anything like LOD info in the format.
It only allows aplitting geometry into groups/objects of different names.
Putting all the LOD settings into OBJ is barely possible.

Maybe it is possible to use defaults in such case, but wouldn't it be better to implement some Blender export or DarkRadiant import for such case (i.e. that would create entityDef automatically) ?

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