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1 hour ago, wesp5 said:

"TDM cannot use the Deadly Shadows resource pack." There is a Deadly Shadows resource pack for TDM?

There is an asset rip hosted on the contest page for people to pull TDS assets like textures and sounds into TDP/T2 specifically that we are not eligible to use. 

Honestly the same “thorny copyright issues” apply when you’re taking any copyrighted assets from a game and repurposing them - there is no exception I am aware that applies simply because TDS and TDP are part of the same series of games.

I am not so sure this makes them more “ok” to use in a T2 vs a TDM mission in the strictest sense of the word - neither of these would have been permitted by the copyright holder.

Practice is pretty common in thief to reuse assets from older games, redistribute assets acquired under licenses which don't technically permit this, etc where as yeah I don't think anything is going to get hosted on the TDM mission database that knowingly uses these types of assets without permission.

This isn't a criticism of the broader fm community btw - it is just different in this regard.

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On 5/30/2023 at 6:12 PM, demagogue said:

Then all of those problems just got compounded with the editor version for people making FMs. It wasn't even out that long before a group of editors and fans started looking for an alternative engine they could make a total conversion just for making FMs the way the game was meant to be, and the Doom3 engine fell right at that time... And that ultimately led to Darkmod.

What I understood is that the idea of TDM was born from that it was unclear if T3 would get a level editor at the time.


New Horizon: Initially our goal was to provide a Thief inspired editor for the Thief community. The original word when Thief 3 came out was that there would be no editor for Thief 3. We, as members of the community, cared about this and came together to create our own toolset. While we couldn't make any references to the original material, we could make our version in a similar style that would allow fans to create their own missions. Although an editor has been announced, it hasn't altered our primary goal too much since the style of our mod tools will more closely resemble T1 and 2.

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20050218173856/http://evilavatar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268

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11 hours ago, peter_spy said:

I've been working on a small moodboard as I go through the missions. A lot of stuff still holds up IMO, especially the outside lighting.


I always liked the visual style of TDS. And, the soundtrack is the best of all Thief's.

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