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Readable editor - no WYSIWYG anymore?

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Which gui defenition did you use? Is it book_hand_jd_hand.gui ?


Edit, yeah that seems to cut of width and height.


Testcase: fm Mandrosella

Start mission

In console type notarget and teleport atdm_readable_mobile_book01_01

Book is locked away though, so maybe not the best testcase.


Is this bugged in Darkradiant or TDM though?

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2 hours ago, JackFarmer said:




in game:



Word or entires lines are cut out...or did I mess up something?

Yes I've noticed this as well - there is definitely a bug somewhere.  It happened to me several times on my last FM and I had to keep fixing it.

TDM Community Github: https://github.com/thedarkmodcommunity

My fan missions: The Hare in the Snare, Part 1

The Lieutenant Series: In Plain Sight  High Expectations Foreign Affairs

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I can confirm that book_hand_jd_hand.gui is not represented correctly in the Readable Editor. There were a handful of fonts I tried that had very small discrepancies between the editor and in-game version, but jd_hand gave me the most trouble when adding readables to my FM.

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I don't know if it's related, but, I noticed since a few TDM versions that some text in readables in some missions is cut off. IIRC, also in the Training Mission.

Also, the two books in JackFarmer's screenshots aren't the same height. The lower one is way shorter than the upper one.

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