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  1. Just finished. What a brilliant mission! I'll hide comments just in case they spoil things for people. A sincere Thank You!
  2. Congrats on the release! I'm looking forward to playing this.
  3. lol, but I can always open up the map in DR as a last resort!
  4. Amazing mission! Just finished it on easy. Really nice use of 'special effects' of various kinds (don't want spoil things). Great design, very attractive. Fun to play. I didn't get many secrets, so I know I missed some things. Questions: Thanks again for an outstanding mission!
  5. I did a quick check of Now and Then on beta05, it looks fine. It doesn't use security cameras. I did see one light-leakage issue, but it's a bug in my mission, that for some reason didn't show up in 2.09 but shows up in 2.10. I'll fix it soon.
  6. I'll test mine (Now and Then).
  7. A question about volumetric lights. If I specify volumetric_light=1 on a light, and take the defaults for the other values, then the dust is visible only if the Shadows Implementation is set to Maps. If it is set to Stencil, the dust doesn't show up. This has been discussed in this and other threads. However, if I add volumetric_noshadows=-1 (or 1), the dust is visible in both Maps and Stencil mode. And, the light still casts shadows (as least, as far as my limited testing has shown). It looks like if I set volumetric_noshadows=-1, I can get volumetric dust in my lights for both Maps and Stencil. If that's the case, is there a downside? What am I not understanding?
  8. I think you just target the trigger_hurt from the bonfire. Edit: I guess I finished third. At least my answer was correct.
  9. Brilliant mission, one of my favorites ever. Great design, art, layout, sound, everything. The item balance was perfect - I had what I needed, when I needed it. And Played on Easy - that's my style (in other words, I'm not very good). Didn't find any secrets, so there's plenty of reasons to go back and try again (also, I was using the 1.1 version not 1.2).
  10. Nice mission! Great atmosphere, and an amazing quantity of stuff to do and discover, given how compact it is. I got to the end without finding any secrets, and thanks to the Statistics screen I was reminded that there were some. So I went back and looked - found two, and then had to cheat to find the rest. Some of the obscure areas were fiendishly difficult to find - that's a good thing! The way the various areas are connected was well done - I just love that feeling when you're exploring zone A and you realize, hey, here's zone D! Thanks!
  11. Just got around to playing this - it was great fun! Nice design and especially liked the lighting - made it just hard enough.
  12. Yes I do. I just deleted it, and now it works fine. Thanks! My apologies, I should have thought of that.
  13. Looks great. I can create a very simple test case the works in beta04 but not in beta05 (at least, on my machine).
  14. Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz 32.0 GB RAM GeForce RTX 3070
  15. Sorry, I keep going back and forth between beta04 and beta05. So this last time I ended up with the default cfg (r_shadows "1"). That's the file I attached first. I realized this mistake and set Shadow Maps ( r_shadows "2"), and it still doesn't work (current attached file).
  16. I increased dust to 0.2 and all the way to 1.0 - still not visible. Here's my darkmode.cfg: Here's the correct darkmod.cfg, with r_shadows "2". Dust is still not visible Darkmod.cfg
  17. Yep, on the light I have: volumetric_light=1 volumetric_dust=.002 volumetric_noshadows=-1 Worked fine in beta04, but not in beta05.
  18. Looks like something has happened to volumetric lighting in beta05. It was working fine in beta04 but after I upgraded to 05, it stopped working. I went back to 04 just to verify it was working, and it was. I verified I'm using Map shadows (r_shadows "2") and my r_volumetricSamples is "8". Did something break in beta05? Anybody else seeing this?
  19. I'm using the new Secrets mechanism for my WIP. It works fine for frobbing objects with "secrets" "1" spawnarg. But I have a button that targets a atdm:secret. Every time I click the button it increments the secret count. The wiki says "By default, each of these atdm:secret entities can only be triggered once" but that doesn't seem to be the case. Unless I'm doing something wrong?
  20. In my current work-in-progress I use a fog light for a cellar/basement type room. If I position the light correctly I can avoid the seam - I think I had to make the light extend into the walls a little bit.
  21. @JackFarmerI've used this call to calm down AIs: $guard_1.setAlertLevel(0);
  22. Nice mission! Good work - looking forward to the next one!
  23. Excellent mission! Lot's of fun exploring the mansion and figuring things out. Good use of conversations. City area was good; yeah it was there to get you from A -> B, but felt right. Twist at the end was unexpected yet it fit right in. Thank you for an enjoyable mission!
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