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  1. I was joking on the DarkRadiant thread about using the HPL1 engine for the dark Mod but it made me think of one thing, all the functionality for a stealth based FPS game is there! Manteling is there, object interaction is there, reading papers is there, opening doors and drawers is there and is much more realistic, Dynamic light and shadows ala idtech 4 is there, more importantly all the stealth based gameplay (hiding in the shadows and behind obstacles, etc) and stealth based enemies AI is already there, weapon manipulation is there and other extra things like a inventory system is also there. If the development tools were better, HPL1 would make for a very nice engine to make a TDM like game. I always found it a bit sad how this engine now open sourced has been so neglected, there's no mapping tool like Dark Radiant for it (they used Maya for the maps and objects, but any collada tool works) and the rest of the tools are also basic that is perhaps why, but TDM used their own tools and id tech 4 tools aren't noob friendly either, so the lack of tools don't seem to be the principal cause, perhaps the bigger cause is the saturation with now free AAA game engines out there that don't give any chance to "small" ones like HPL1.
  2. Is the idtech 4 physics engine even capable of something like that? Penumbra and Amnesia use the Newton physics engine that's why they were able to make something like that so stable. A crazy idea perhaps some day in the future you guys could translate TDM to the open source HPL1 engine, that way you guys wouldn't need to code this functionality.!!! just joking i know it will never happen
  3. You guys will never please everyone if you make it much harder new players will just be frustrated fast and leave the game, remember guys this is a game not a simulation, fun above all just my two cents.
  4. Sorry but that card is garbage (any intel card is garbage imo ) so don't expect miracles, id tech 4 engine (the doom 3 engine) is a full dynamic shadows and light engine so it will push your GPU to the limit, and from the pic you showed i think i see 6 or more dynamic lights visible at the same time (not good imo) and that will certainly cause major problems on a old (and bad) card like that one. Be prepared like others said to missions that are not well optimized, others that are, but not to run well on very slow GPU's, and some will be so well optimized that if you disable some of the extra effects they will run well, this is because the missions are made by different people with different skill levels and knowledge about the engine. But you should really think about upgrading your machine you will thank us later i'm sure.
  5. Sotha fantastic job, the secret for a good animation i learned is to act the animation ourselves on a mirror or even record ourselves on camera acting. Another thing i learned when trying animation was that you should start with the principal broad movements or key movements, and then make refinements on the between keys, i hope this makes sense.
  6. HMart

    L.A. Noire

    Rockstar was only the publisher the game was developed by Team Bondi that went bust right after the game came out, there's some interesting controversies about why Team Bondi went bust. http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Team_Bondi
  7. Kim will continue trying to make his dream come alive if it will be alone that is to be seen, and if the kickstarter fails not all is lost even if they lose the kickstarter money they won the support of a bunch new people, that potentially can transit the available monetary support to the official site. Sorry for the wall of text, i hope you like to read. Ok the idea for IM is older then that but they only started full steam on IM only on 2008 with a team of 20 developers that was how the UE3 demo came about, they went bankrupt some time after that because of failed publishers talks, and so add to disband the team, file bankruptcy and stopped development, Kim revived the game some time later and the core team (5 guys) but lost the ability to publish the UE3 demo and use the UE3 engine, so they decided to turn to Unity after the coder pitched to the team, Unity also announced the free version on this time, UDK was still some months away, ZPS started working with Unity and needed some months to climate to it and find a good work flow, for that they decided to make the Vault demo, it toke some months but after it was made they add a better understand of this new engine, the holly days came and they made some small Christmas based IM levels with funny music and snow falling and some basic puzzles for the community to find especial presents, , remember this was all being made by only a artist a coder a concept artist and a musician, with this bare bones team progress was painfully slow, but they where able to release the Bullseye demo after some months, the demo was well received and brought a much need monetary support for the team (spearheads like my self), a new artist was also included in the team by this time, with this artist they were able to release some months later a much more ambitious demo the running Man demo but by this time people were supporting less and less the game and so money was dangerously low, Kim announced to the community that they add to stop development some time to find some alternating means of funding, after some time searching for funds they were unsuccessful and not able to gain some significant support, so they decided to sell some of the, rich uncle ZPS shares, to the existing community members in essence make them shareholders, with that money they announced a even more ambitious demo and that was the Multiplayer demo Deadlock, they also said to the community they would fully open the doors to the development and let paying supporters play the demos from a very very early alpha stage, this decision was a blessing but also a very bad blow to ZPS, when the first 0.1 alpha version of the multiplayer demo came, it was really badly received by some people of the community, some didn't realized what alpha 0.1 and very early really mean, the demo was a very simple but nice looking small outdoor level and you could navigate on it but you couldn't do anything less more complex then that, not even shoot or turn the flash light on etc etc, so some started saying ZPS ripped them of and that this demo add no quality at all and this made a very bad splash in the community, but on the other side some realized what the demo was and loved the idea of seeing the baby steeps of a game being made (like me), this add the benefit of making the number of support medals going up, alpha 0.2, alpha 0.3 come fast enough all with totally different levels to play with but this time ZPS decided to upgrade their site and servers and so the only coder on the team add to stop working on the demo, that add the problem that art was evolving on the Deadlock demo but gameplay was seriously going behind this also made some people on the community question their priorities, but the site and servers add to be prepared for the multiplayer demo and to a more appealing look to try to gain more peaple, so there was no way around it, this made them lose some supporters (they were on their right of course) alpha 0.4 came and some basic gameplay finally came to light but this was not enough to up the support for the game and so they run out of money, this was how the idea for the kickstarter came about from the community and also ZPS that was open to suggestions, and the rest you already know. Has i said to Diego the Multiplayer demo is a unfinished and very early alpha 0.4 version, the character control is still to be fully implemented.
  8. That's why playing all the demos is very important to really feel the premise of this game, and what you found was the tip of the iceberg so to speak. About the demo you played Deadlock it is still very very early alpha software, ZPS went out of funds before even including the full character controller that you can experience on the second demo Running Man, because of that the multiplayer demo should not be taken as the inability for the developers to do better and base our ones opinion only on this demo, the full comprehension of the IM potential is incorporated in all available information you have but not all on a single one.
  9. Thanks for the support Psychomorph i hope your opinion changes the more you know about IM. ZPS Intersteller Marines secrets from the past, videos from the first concepts that culminated on the first IM demo the UE3 2008 publisher demo. To see the full info about this videos go to the kickstarter page. Secret 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAybHoZ0-i4 Secret 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCsU8qc6amY Secret 3 (about the IM story some spoilers were cut)
  10. Looks very good indeed, i'm not a fan with the way the characters fighting is based on physics thou, that makes the animation very strange, but all the rest did managed to catch my attention thanks for the video.
  11. IM prologue will be if made, a single player and a co-op game, and sorry but saying that co-op is a bastard child of multiplayer and single player just shows you lack the knowledge of what a good co-op game really means. Co-op if made right makes for a fantastic gameplay experience, on IM prologue you will be able to play single player with a team of AI companions, think of the Rainbow Six or Swat games but on the co-op that same companions will be controlled by your friends, you will be able to make real tactics by talking with them instead of pushing orders buttons to your AI team mates, and if the especial ingame voip that ZPS showed on the 2008 UE3 demo gets to be on Prologue then your friends will be really inside the game with you, your voice and theirs being occluded and changed dynamically by the level geometry, and even having a impact on the game AI, for example making a enemy ear you and attack on your direction, that will make for a much more realistic and imersive gameplay experience then what any single player game can provide. Also many people seams to think that ZPS is promising a game with things that you never saw before, i don't know where that comes from, that is not what they are saying, please read with attention the game features, what they are promising is a game with a syfy cinematic military history to the likes of Aliens and Starship Troopers where the human race makes the first contact with a alien Race, they are also taking inspiration from Raybow Six, HL2 and System Shook 2, if you played this games before you know that ZPS is talking about, what they are also promising is a realistic weapon handling and weapon and marine upgrading system, just like a RPG you will be able to upgrade your marine and your weapons to be better and stronger, is nothing new of course but neither Mass Effect was new on this expect and that didn't made it less good, they said also that will not have any laser based weapons (on the human side at lest) not because they can't do them but because they think projectile based weapons make for a more realistic and imersive shooting experience, and i totally concur with them. I could go on and on and on about the game features and ZPS intentions for the games, but that will only continue making you not try to find the info for your self's, that is VERY important, because only doing so will you guys see what IM is really all about. I never saw a game like IM before, not even the star wars republic commando cames close, i say that because i have on my mind the real picture of what IM is all about, no one can take a game on the market right now and say this one has all what ZPS is promising for their game, you can of course take sections from different games and say "see someone made this before on this game and on this game and this other thing on this game, etc etc" but you can say that for any game in existence but a game where all does things are brought together on a single package is still to be made and that game is Interstellar Marines.
  12. Didn't saw that error before .
  13. Another fan made trailer. The quotes on the video are just a joke don't take them to seriously. This is not a official ZPS trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T_rZYRNIjY&feature=youtu.be
  14. Please don't take this wrong but all the info you want is on kickstarter, is better for you to see it there then to me to try to samurize it here and get wrong, i hope you comprehend.
  15. ZPS have reached 100K on kickstarter but are still 500K away from their goal so guys if supporting promising ideas is your mote in life then "don't let this indie die". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O69Ye2t35os&feature=youtu.be COMMUNITY VIDEO NOT OFFICIAL.
  16. Update from ZPS Here is how you can help this guys even if you don't want to give any money, more or less at the hours said on the quote come and join the multiplayer demo is free for everyone, your presence there will be a very important help. For the love of the game.
  17. Guys i'm posting to get to your notice a indie game on kickstarter called Interstellar Marines that i really believe deserves your guys attention, please see the kickstarter video and the one bellow before writing this off and if you like what you see consider giving a small pledge, the minimum is 1 dollar, if money is a problem you can also help by spreading the news. See this video also to see what they are trying to do. update 27/10/2012 ZPS has confirmed the support for the Oculus Rift if the kickstarter campaign is successful, good news to the early supporters of the tech.
  18. Hey guys i have a strange problem with the mod more precisely SaintLucia mission, when i piked upped some empty Parchment on the small writing room with the priest next the elevator and clicked enter, my keyboard commands stopped working, well not all of them, i can use move, look and lean but neither of the other actions work including the mouse buttons, what can i do to solve this without starting the mission from scratch?
  19. Then you will need to shot humus the engine developer of the game Just Cause 2 because it was him that made that optimizations when he was working for ATI, btw the optimization does helped immensely ATI users on Doom3 back then, the problem is that the fix does not apply to modern ATI GPU's anymore and AMD has not bothered to remove it from the drivers ever since, people have asked humus for a fix but he said that ball belongs to AMD now.
  20. I don't care what laptop you have, they all follow the same principles, you are mad with ATI (AMD) we get that, but IMO what you can't do is generalize, it is known that AMD OpenGL drivers are not so good, but they aren't so bad that you will have bad performance ONLY because of them, if that was the case then ALL AMD GPU's would suffer the same fate including my card. Once again i must say i have no performance problems with my single HD5770 in doom 3 (i play with the sikkmod even) including TDM (crossfire is bad and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone) and neither on The Chronicles of Riddick, in your case crossfire can indeed be the cause of the all the problems or maybe your GPU's (or one of them) is defective either option is a valid one.
  21. My card is a ATI HD5770 and i have no performance problems with doom3 BUT i must say that i concur with you that crossfire is hit and miss and that the OpenGL drivers are far from perfect. IMO the problem with your GPU is not only the lower clockspeed (it has a important impact sure) the laptop by design controls dynamically the amount of "juice" that goes to the card, depending of course if is on charge or not, and because of the small package of the laptop body and to prevent overheating their power supplies are are also very restricted. Yes you can map on "the road" but for that you will need a more expensive laptop then a similar performance desktop PC, and you will have problems with the difference of performance when the laptop is plugged to when it is not and overheating will also eventually creep up, i know i have passed for this. But of course anyone is free to do what they like i'm just giving my opinion.
  22. Can you post what ATI video card is on your laptop? And btw desktop GPU's will always be more faster then a laptop GPU. I'm a ATI user my self and i have no other problem with doom3 or TDM unless the normal catalyst AI one. And please don't take this bad but imo mapping or making anything graphically intensive on a laptop is not a very good idea.
  23. You do know that physics can be disabled on decals? Don't you? Physical objects will not even know they are there, they will just go trough them. About the height on the game, that is not a cause of concern on modern games anymore, decals are just like alpha mapped blades of grass (they are just a image on a plane), overdraw was indeed a problem in the past, and can be now if you are not careful and go nuts on the grass amount for example, they were a problem because of the alpha testing, but has i said, now games support much more decal geometry , this of course if you don't make all of them very shader heavy with many texture stages and POM. Btw Fallout is a game where the usage of decals is above the norm, almost all tear and wear is made with decals.
  24. Now that we are in a " I wish" mode i also would ask for the ability to "paint" decals of arbitrarily size and rotation on surfaces, (maybe using this system http://blog.wolfire....project-decals/ )the decal system that we have now is nice to have but is really very slow and cumbersome, i believe that's the reason that i don't see a more massification of the usage of decal's on fan missions, they can make a very boring looking place look much more realistic, and normal mapped decals can do wonders has can POM (parallax occlusion mapping) enabled ones .
  25. HMart

    Modern TDM

    IMO don't change the menu, it is fine how it is now is simple and to the point.
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