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  1. I also tried to deactivate the inherited water S/R (right-click on it to select that option), but that didn't have any effect. For a workaround, I guess you could apply the S/R to the whole torch and then add a third response to spawn an unlit torch model in it's place.
  2. OK, if I put the response on just a torch flame, it doesn't work (the script doesn't run). Maybe the inherited water response is overriding it.
  3. It's working for me. (edit) oh, wait. I put the Response on the torch itself and the whole torch obviously disappeared. Let me try on just the flame.
  4. Thanks chakkman. I would like to do another - I think something in the city.
  5. Interesting. It would be fun to take some time and play around with it.
  6. Well, this has been quite the ride! Great map layouts and I loved the obfuscated clues in the cathedral. It was a huge gauntlet-run getting to where I must be close to the end of the mission. But now I'm stuck What did I miss?
  7. Mission has been updated to version 3. Fixed a bug where the optional loot option objective was not actually optional. Updated the animations for Astrid Added a hallway door so the guards are less likely to be aggroed en masse.
  8. Good use of the closet. I considered putting no KO and no kills in the objectives, but decided to leave it unlimited for a change.
  9. Scripting help How do I query whether an objective has been completed? The wiki shows: but this is just gibberish to me. How do I actually write it as a script? I want to use it in an if statement, for example: if (Obj1 = 0 && Obj2 = 0){ sys.trigger( $thing1 ); } else {sys.trigger( $thing2 );}
  10. I just finished part 1. That was excellent - A non-mission-breaking bug I ran into with the blackjack: Cheers, I'm off to tackle Part 2
  11. That's a real head-scratcher! Is it possible for the menu-installer to not have the same version as the direct download link? If you check the read-me file it will show the version#.
  12. I think your problem is not the water patch itself. I just tested this and a coin is frobable by default though a patch with a water texture (even if you made it a func_static). My guess is your fountain has a clip box that is covering the coin. What JackFarmer or datiswous suggested would likely work. (edit) Also, make sure the coins are actual loot items and not just a func_static, otherwise they are not frobable! [Use Create Entity to add loot items to the map, don't use the coins found in Create Model as they are not frobable].
  13. Stim/Response confuses the heck out of me.
  14. @MirceaKitsune Is that v1.1.10 of the fm and what version of TDM are you running? Your screenshot does not look like what I see in the game. I just re-downloaded it to be sure. It appears as though your stove has been displaced to the right, which is damn peculiar.
  15. Excellent, congrats on the release - I'm really looking forward to playing it!
  16. Thanks Mircea. I've noticed a number of prefabs and assets that have issues. It's funny, that drawer sound has always bugged me in other missions I've heard it in, but I didn't even notice it in my own.
  17. Thanks. Outside the mansion is the slowest area for me too, although my crappy old laptop still manages >30 fps. I haven't tried Linux though.
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