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  1. Since the disrupting of #Twitter by a crazy ego-distopic-manic-dangerous-billionaire and meta-shit by Zuck is not an option (because it's *exactly* the same thing), are any of you or the TDMproject in some free and open #Mastondon or #fediverse server ?

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    2. JackFarmer


      Wicked -  I will pm you my instance contact. I hope to see you as a follower! :)

    3. Shadow


      How do you guys find the ease and functionality of Mastodon in comparison to Twitter? How is a different?

    4. Ladro


      It's complicated like any new thing 🙂 But it's, IMHO, far far better 😉

  2. Incredible update for V. 2.09, thanks to all involved!

  3. It works perfectly! Really thank you, you saved my day: it's a perfect workaround to have the main menu in game!
  4. Ok, thanks, I understand. Just for now to play: it's possibile to recall the menu from some command by \ console in game? It's there a command, or I have to bind some key as mandatory to launch the main menu in the game? Thank you in advance!
  5. Very very happy for the release of the 2.08! Thanks a lot to all involved!

  6. I have exactly the same problem. It's darker, and even if I adjust the gamma, then all the light in the game it's unbalanced. Never seen this problem with the 2.07. System Info: Kubuntu 18.04 64bit (I don't think it's an HW problem)
  7. Old topic, but same issue (after updating @2.08). I tried inserting: bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu" in the darkmod.cfg but nothing. Tried too on the console of the game when playing, also with other keys rather then "escape", but it's a fail. I cannot resume the "main menu" when I'm in the game, I can exit only via console but typing "exit". The first main menu appears normally, it's the bind with the escape key that it's broken. Any suggestion to make working this bind for togglemenu in the game? Thanks a lot in advance
  8. Very good mission! Just finished and I think it's insane that it's your first mission, it's all so good, my congratulation! I cannot wait to see more FMs from you
  9. Just played: congratulation Geep! It's a tiny mission, but very original, I really like when something happens on the game that change direction and objectives (It reminded me a lot Glenam Tower by Sotha, another beautiful mission). , the beginning was really a gem. The rest of the mission, not at the same level, IMHO, but I ejoyed Thanks!
  10. Played just now 2 hours... Simply a piece of art! Not finished yet but this level it's so dense and cool. Thanks a lot!!
  11. Thanks, for your suggestion ? Maybe, I don't use Windows, I don't know. (anyway I changed a little bit the topic) Ok, maybe it's a problem with Linux.
  12. I found that the link with tdm_mirros.txt it's dead.
  13. With the newer (and updated) version of TDM (2.07) the esc key, it's not working anymore. It seems that the key it's not recognized. I already tried on renaming my Darkmod.cfg, but the newer *.cfg created on start has the same problem. The first lines are: unbindall bind "0x00" "_impulse48" bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu" bind "SPACE" "_moveup" ... Any idea/suggestion/faq to solve this? [I'm with Linux, Kubuntu 18.04, TDM has always worked lovely on Linux for me] [UPDATE] Maybe it's this bug on bugtracker? https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4963 But I have problems only with the ESCAPE key. Any suggestion will be appreciated ?
  14. Just finished: a splendid mission! I liked a lot how the mission was "linear" and clear. And the beauty of design :-) Thanks another time for your effort :-)
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