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  1. IMHO It's a cultural thing above anything else It could be quite appropriate in @peter_spy's society to commit a personal attack like that, or for @Kurshok to call for genocide by religion, or for @stgatilov to be blunt or for @kingsal or @roygato to stipulate their cultural rules must be followed by everyone else on the Internet You can't really expect other nationals to follow your cultural code just because you invented the Internet You kinda assume that @MirceaKitsune gets deeply offended and psychologically traumatized but in fact in his culture he may get that a lot every day and he simply chooses to not respond like this because he's a nice guy
  2. @MirceaKitsune Sorry, are you messing with @peter_spy on purpose? I sure appreciate your calm tone, but you need to understand that what you're doing here is positive reinforcement of his negativity
  3. I only see this working in the context of regular maps
  4. We can probably draw the player circle on a map GUI Anyone up for experimenting in that direction? When I think about it, we can have highlighted zones as well, why not
  5. I just realized that hide_distance is actually nothing more than the last LOD distance It was supposed to virtualize the logic so that the user does not need to remember which lod_X_distance was the last one
  6. @stgatilovI'd like a second opinion on hide_distance CPU usage Suppose we have 1000 entities in a large fairly optimized map that use LOD All set to hide_distance 0.5 Is it a valid assumption that all these 1000 entities will calculate their LOD on the same game tick twice a second? Wouldn't it cause micro-stutter?
  7. You can use any font if you replace the font texture file
  8. New key shortcut Ctrl+Shift+~ opens console at 80% height Two new cvars r_smallCharSpacing - font spacing con_fontColor - index or rgb
  9. You're kinda answering your own question If you want the AI to still have collisions then use a visportal closed by distance
  10. It accepts all font sizes now 8 is default 7 is on the screenshot abover Never went beyond 6 which already feels too small I kinda like cyan. Will need more votes for that.
  11. I still think thread pool would be a nice to have as a part of the STL/libstdc++
  12. At revision: 9531 Before [url=https://ibb.co/NpGS84Q][img]https://i.ibb.co/P4VQ7S3/image.png[/img][/url] https://ibb.co/NpGS84Q After [url=https://ibb.co/Yt2PKbc][img]https://i.ibb.co/MRnZj9c/image.png[/img][/url] https://ibb.co/Yt2PKbc You can see that the left margin is gone - is it ok? @stgatilovI think some of the new code might be unsafe - I got an AV at some point but couldn't reproduce ever since I also understand that we generally don't want to use std::wstring? I'm just not sure what should be a better alternative - idList<short>?
  13. I was not aware of std::async and it looks exciting The only concern I have is how the threads are managed under the hood I.e. if I start an async Load for a thousand texture files, will it launch a thousand threads or queue execution on a %PHYSICAL_CPU_CORES% thread pool?
  14. Now is a great time to disengage
  15. It's a double-ended stick for sure Arguably it makes more sense\more useful to hide the light entity while retaining the interactions for everyday mapping (with a special spawnarg to override) With enough mapper votes I might revert that commit so that _all_ lights remain ON even when their entities are hidden But at any rate the standalone and team lights should behave similarly
  16. I did not know hiding AI makes them freeze? Sounds like a bug maybe?
  17. Could be build package/local file issue Seems to work for me with SVN
  18. Completed: At revision: 9528 I hope it's not too breaking a change? @stgatilov @Springheel
  19. I'll have to learn some DR first for this it seems I think it's been mentioned a number of times in this thread now
  20. Not sure if we need the signed format at all IIRC it's useful for object-space normal maps only that we don't have/use
  21. Noble intentions, even though AMD has never shown any interest in user bug reports
  22. I think ATM you need to manually set the image normal compression cvar for this to work
  23. You can just use this particle now and create a bug tracker for this It will eventually get fixed, maybe before your mission is released
  24. I did not follow that change but from the name of it unlikely I meant merging lights on the DR level
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